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Edmonton Business Consultant | Effective Online Strategies

There are many things that business owners can do in order to generate interest for their business online says Edmonton business consultant. However, creating website may not be the most important thing that a business should focus on immediately. Business owners that creates websites, need to either spend money ensuring that they are at the top of Google search engine, but business owners can work now to lay the groundwork in order to create websites that will naturally rank high on Googleís search engines in order to generate the most results.

Unfortunately many businesses that create websites believe that just by having a website will ensure that they reach the top of Googleís search engine results. Edmonton business consultant says unfortunately it doesnít work that the fast and that easy. Creating websites is not going to guarantee that a business ranks high up in Google search. There are several things that a business can do in order to increase the likelihood that Google will rank them higher, and they should start working on these things before they start creating website.

One of the most important things that a business can do before they create a website, is to generate as many Google reviews as they can. Digital marketing says itís very easy for a business to create a Google my business page. Once they have that page, they can start immediately being ranked by Google and search results as well as receiving Google reviews. Itís extremely important that businesses start generating Google reviews, because so many consumers make their purchasing decisions based around how many reviews a business has, and how many of those reviews are five-star. Itís important that businesses not only have several five-star reviews, but itís important they have a high amount. Edmonton top business consultant suggests that the optimum number a business should have before you start seeing results is 40. When a business has a minimum 40 five-star reviews, they are seen favourably by potential customers. Less than 40 and potential customers often end up going to other businesses. Since it is so important and so difficult to get 40 five-star reviews, businesses should focus on this before pouring time and money into a website.

Many business owners believe that they can bypass needing Google reviews by purchasing Google ads. Edmonton business consultant says this strategy is great for business already has many five-star reviews, are great website. However it businesses that donít have any reviews. The reason for this is because potential customers will click on the add, see the Google reviews that they have, and make the decision to go with another business. It doesnít make sense for businesses to pay for advertising when there Google reviews have not been optimized.

Once a businesses Google reviews have been optimized and they are at or past 40, then they can start thinking about the content they need to create for their website. unfortunately before they reach 40 reviews, they should focus their energy on that is it will have the most impact on their business.

Creating an online marketing strategy is extremely important to businesses says Edmonton business consultant, business owners should go about their strategy carefully in order to not waste any money, or lose any customers in the process. The first things that business owners should do in order to understand how they should market online, is understand help Google will rank their website in online searches.

This four main ways that Google ranks a website when it comes to search engine results. The first one is Google canonical compliance, which web designer will be able to help the business owner figure out. The next important aspect is if the website is mobile compliant. The business owner needs to make sure that there website can be seen on a computer as well as on handheld device, in order to be ranked higher in Google reviews. The next way that Google ranks webpages is by choosing webpages that have the most Google reviews. And the last way that Google ranks webpages is the webpages with the most HTML content. The first two ways that Google ranks webpages is hard for business owner to affect, however the last two are extremely important for business owner to know.

One of the most important things that a business owner can do in order to ensure that there webpage is ranks high on Google is by ensuring that their webís page has significant content. A minimum starting point for websites is 6000 words. Edmontons business consultant says the reason to have 6000 words, is because the average website has six pages. If the business owner can create a thousand words or more per page, you will be able to increase their Google ranking says Edmonton business consultant.

Simply by having 6000 words on their website is a start to but it is by no means a maximum. The more content that a business has on their webpage, the more Google assumes they are an authority in their business, and the higher they rank them on the webpage search results. Before a business owner creates a webpage, they need to know that they have enough content in order to get optimized search engine results from Google. How business owner can create more content for the website can be fairly simple says Edmontons business consultant. Since itís much easier to speak a thousand words then to type them, business owners can make videos. Edmonton business consultant says that by creating these videos and then transcribing them and posting them on their website, business owners can easily get to a thousand words for every 10 minutes of talking that they do. The more videos they create, the more content they have on their websites. Not only is this effective for website optimization, but it also helps a business effectively communicate who they are and what they do.