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Edmonton business consultant | Easier client intake process

The most common reason to business failure, according to who our Edmonton business consultant is the lack of clients. There is shocking statistic shows 50% of small Canadian businesses fail during their first five years. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are dedicated to helping out small business owners. We have developed ways to which we can help small business owners one of which is offering our new clients free consultation services. First time clients can also enjoy a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e- myth”. If you want to get in touch please contact us at [email protected] or 780-665-4949.

The client intake process needs to be efficient and simple. The average small business owner however prefers on-the-fly client intake process instead of standardized process. This method is often extremely inefficient because often times employees don’t get to participate and the client intake process. This article is business owners who prefer on-the-fly client intake instead of standardized ones. We hope you show you the importance of having standardized client intake process and how checklist and templates can help. If you find this article helpful visit our website at to know more.

In order to create checklist and templates business owner should observe questions from new clients. Over time to realize that the question starts to repeat themselves. Business owners should compile these questions and make them into checklist. This will help you make standardized client intake process. An effective client intake system can drastically improve workflow and efficiency. There are a few ways to make this checklist into a template.

One of those ways is making the checklist into the phone questionnaires. As the Edmonton business consultant, we found that the most efficient way to talk to clients is through the phone. Checklist phone questionnaires can help you gain the necessary information from clients fast and easy. Although clients often find ways to derail the conversation. We found a few ways to deal with this issue. The most effective line to say is “absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me ask you…” This line is almost guaranteed to work.

We can’t always assume that clients are available for a phone call. It’s also important to make alternative ways to communicate clients. Emails can be a great alternative however usually take longer. Business owners should create multiple different email templates for different situations. One of these templates should be an email version of the phone questionnaires. A few more templates should be about email driven business appointments and confirmations..

It’s possible to use email to book appointments but that requires business owners to confirm at least a couple of times. To make use more effective, they should set at least 10 different meeting times for schedule flexibility. After the appointment, confirmation must be sent immediately. This must contain all the information that was just mentioned in the appointment. Lastly it’s important to remind clients about meeting day. If template is be sent to confirm the meeting the day before it happened.

Edmonton business consultant | simple client intake process

A number of studies by our Edmonton business consultant show that within five years, 50% of all Canadian small businesses will fail. According to 42% of business owners, the reason for this failure is the inability to attract customers. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants our goal is to provide services to small businesses. Our team is passionate and driven to help small businesses succeed. We offer professional business coaching, effective marketing strategies that consultation services. For newer clients, we also have a free consultation program. They will enjoy our consultation service for free and receive free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e- myth.” If you if you know more about this program please contact us at 780654949 or if you prefer to write you email can find us at [email protected]

It’s not uncommon to find small Canadian businesses to lack standard processes for their client intake. Business without standardized client intake processes are very inefficient. They do not utilize employees in their fullest potential. Can also make for inconsistencies and information clients. In this article we will point out the importance of having standard business practices for client intake and how templates and checklist help.

Our Edmonton business consultant observed that the questions asked by new clients tend to repeat themselves. Business owners however can use this to their advantage. If they compile these questions they can make checklist and templates. These can be used as an FAQ, questionnaires and more.

Most common ways that these checklist are used to convert them to phone questionnaires. We found, as the Edmonton business consultant that clients are more focused and pay more to turn during phone calls. Take advantage of this fact to create effective phone questionnaires through the checklist.An excellent phone questionnaire can help employees in business owners to learn and will relay necessary information is to clients. Although some clients tend to get off-topic, we have ways to deal with that to. If you say the time “absolutely I can help you that, but first let me ask you…” This line is almost guaranteed to work and get conversation back on track.

However there are more ways to use the checklist to your advantage. Email templates are also important for client and business owners communication. Although emails are less efficient than phone calls, it’s important to have an alternative way to communicate with clients. There are a few important email templates that business owners need to create. Examples are templates for business appointments, questionnaires and confirmations to name a few.

If clients are available for phone call, email questionnaires are your next best bet. It’s important to create an email version of the phone questionnaires. Another important template is email based business meeting appointments. Important tip is to have at least 10 different meeting times for flexible schedule. After the appointment is set, confirmation email should be immediately sent to the client. They should contain all the necessary information about the appointment. Lastly to boost client retention rate, send a reminder email before the meeting day.