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Edmonton Business Consultant | Don’t Switch Business Strategies Too Early

Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Want Premium Business Services?

We are more than 50% of the businesses that we’re ever sell have been around for more than 10 years. So I believe that 65% have been around for more than five years. And you know, 50% have been around for more than 10 years. Yeah, I can see why with the [inaudible] cause it’s not. Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask. The spurtle CPA today is the EBITDA business consultant. We’re talking about how you shouldn’t switch business strategies too early. Again, as the having a business consultant talking about how you shouldn’t switch business strategies to early high of May here with me again from our firm May. How are you doing with Edmonton Business Consultant?

Ah, pretty good. Just came from that awesome vacation to clear off my mind. So yeah, I’m back to work. I’m more focused than ever. So where’d you go? I went to Care Kuvan. Okay. That’s a far away from amputation. Yes. Uh, the quote that we have here today is a tool Gawande author. We don’t, one of our favorite the checklist manifesto. And he says, we always hope for the easy fix. The one simple change that will erase a problem in a stroke. But few things in life work this way. Instead, success requires making a hundred small steps go right one after the other, no slip ups, no goofs everyone pitching in. And the statistic that we have here, we’re talking about switching strategies too early. It’s one from and it says the average person needs to see your ad an average of 4.3 times before they take any action. So that ad that you figured out didn’t work at first time on, they need to see an average of 4.3 times before it has any hope of working out. And the story that we have here are business owners. They’re constantly switching strategies over and over thinking there’s one magical change that will produce immediate results and may what are the questions that these business owners should, right? Yeah. Ask me. They should ask that. Is it true that most businesses that ever sell have been around for years? Yeah if you want Edmonton Business Consultant then call now. So most businesses that are ever going to sell, so we’re talking, we were more than 50% of the businesses that we’re [inaudible] have been around for more than 10 years. So I believe that 65% have been around for more than five years and you know, 50% have been around for more than 10 years. So before they ever could even get a hope of, of, you know, building enough value to be sold, they’ve likely been around for more than 10 years. Does this mean effective business strategy takes a long time to production product results?

Yeah, so I mean, that would, that would suggest there’s a lot of business owners they want to catch up. They want that reward. They want that, you know, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But really that pot of gold, it’s, it’s like 10 years out. So even the people who are successful, who are, know what they’re doing, it’s good to take them like 10 years to get their 10 years of executing that strategy over and over and over again. Um, so yeah, 100%. I believe there’s a direct correlation between, you know, how long it takes to build a saleable business and that suggests, you know, how long it actually takes to, to execute effective business strategy. And do you often hear business owners tell you that online advertising does not work? Almost all the time. Almost all the time they tell us that, you know, I tried online advertising, I launched a Facebook ad, I launched a Google ad. Um, you know, and, and I didn’t get any results. Nothing happened. Um, so you know, they immediately, you know, they um, no, they, they start to blame, you know that it’s not working right. They blame the advertising. It’s definitely not work. They’ve just made this definitive judgment, um, that it’s not working.

How long do they usually try the ads before they give up? I think they usually tried them for like a month or less, you know, laid back. They set that monthly budget or the weekly budget or they sponsor one ad and they just don’t run at once. And, and clearly it didn’t work. You know, it’s like going to the gym. I went to the gym once, I didn’t come back with a six pack the first day. So clearly the gym is broken obviously. Right as Edmonton Business Consultant these guys are ready to help now!

And do they often fail to consider that their ad is bad and not the advertising strategy? A lot of times that’s what it is. You know, I’ve launched bad ads and I’ve seen clients launch bad ads and you keep working at them and you keep tweaking them and you reword them and you make them simpler. You make your your no brainer more powerful and then it starts to work. But a lot of people, you know, they never get to that level of analysis because they’re immediately looking for something to blame. They want to blame the platform. Well, Google doesn’t work because I make them uses Google, right? No one uses Google for anything. How can Google possibly get a lead to my business? So normally they’re blaming the strategy when really it’s the content. You’ve got to face the brutal facts sometimes that you know, you simply wrote a bad ad, which a lot of times it happens. The first and the first go around then you need to call us 780-665-4949 or go to!

Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Require Business Help?

And how long does it generally take businesses to start getting significant online leads? One Minute in order to get, you know, significant online leads. This is like a six to 12 month process. You know, it really starts with, you know, there’s a whole bunch of moving components. There’s no one thing that you can do overnight and the phone is going to start ringing off the hook. You know, it comes down to it. Now the first thing you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to start gathering some reviews. 88% of all the people who are going to do business with you. You’re going to look at those online reviews and then you’re gonna have to start to develop some content. And then you’re gonna have to find out. You know, once you have some content in your, who you really are, what’s your problem, vision, mission, and values. And then you’re gonna have to differentiate yourself. Reach out if you need Edmonton Business Consultant.

And then you’re going to have to, you know, establish if your branding is correct. You know, what does that brand really communicating? You know who we are, right? Um, and you know, then you’re gonna start launching a, an actual website that that might work, right? And now you’re at the point where you’re actually doing a website that work and you know, putting a thousand pages of contents in every page of that website and getting a no brainer offer at the top of that website and perfecting that no brainer offer and spending hours and hours on above the fold on that website. And then maybe then once you’re done, all of that, you have, you know, 20,000 words of content on a webpage and you got more than 40 Google reviews and you’re going to a no brainer offer that’s tight. Maybe now you can actually start launching some ads and perfecting the text and the copy in those ads. Um, so, you know, it’s like a six to 12 month process really to, for most businesses to get that, that advertising wheel turning.

So if they are an expert in online advertising, will it still take a long time to get traction? Yeah, I mean, yeah, I’d been studying the area for years. Uh, I know I, I certainly don’t know the most, but I certainly, you know, far from knowing the least either. I, we have a pretty good handle on it and were able to generate significant online leads here. And you know, for a lot of our customers who’ve implemented, they can generate the leads. Um, but even with that knowledge, you can’t really accelerate the timeline. Uh, and that’s, that’s kind of a good thing because you can think about it. Well, none of your competitors can copy you once you get it rolling. Please call now if you need Edmonton Business Consultant! They can’t copy you unless you know, they start. So there’s that barrier to entry. It’s not like everybody, if everybody could just flip the switch, it wouldn’t even be that much of an advantage because everyone would just copy it. But because it takes work, that’s why people don’t copy it.

And how often do you change your repeatable calendar when starting at, yeah. So, you know, a, another item would be like your repeatable calorie. Are we talking about like the advertising? It takes a while to get going, but you know, one of the other components of running a successful business is having that repeatable calendar. What do you have to do each day of the week? What am I doing on Mondays from this time to that time? What am I doing, you know, on Tuesdays from in the morning, what am I doing in Tuesdays in the afternoon? What am I doing on Wednesdays in the morning? And that repeatable monthly calendar, um, it, when you first implement that, what normally happens is you get it wrong. You implement this calendar and it completely blows up. I mean, I’ve experimented with the length of time. I block out for appointments and we would block out, you know, an hour for appointments and we would always just be like scratching the surface of what the customer wanted.

And we would never have any time to actually implement the changes that we wanted until we, you know, moved to those two hour time blocks that we had. Um, we had to try it over and over and we had to try it, you know, doing appointments in the morning versus doing appointments in the afternoon. You know, we found out we weren’t, we didn’t have that time to actually prepare for the appointment. Uh, if it was in the morning, you had to prepare the day before, whereas if it’s in the afternoon, you have some time to brush up on it before the actual meeting time and get everybody on the same page, you know, so you’re going to end up no matter what you do and you’re going to end up changing that calendar. A a whole bunch. Yeah. The first time out in the first while we were trying to perfect it. Check out with us now if you need the most amazing Edmonton Business Consultant!

And do most entrepreneurs give up on creating a repeatable calendar too early? Yes. They launched that calendar. You know, they put their efforts into launching it and then it blows up and, and then they assume that the problem is the process of developing a readable, repeatable calendar. They don’t realize the problem was that that’s kind of what’s supposed to happen in version 1.0 it’s not supposed to work. I mean, if it, if it was really, again, if it was really easy, everyone would do it. You know, the purposes you do it, you find out what works, what didn’t work and you make it a little better. You know, version 2.0 is a little bit better than version 1.0 uh, but they simply give up on it because of the pain points. They, they encourage the first time they never able to scale it out where, you know, the idea is you get that repeatable calendar that you can just execute that calendar over and over again and you keep getting successful results. Um, you know, but they give up on it because, you know, version 1.0 isn’t version 10.0 yeah. Do most business owners give up on a longterm HR strategies too early?

Yeah. HR is one of the biggest ones. We always see business owners. It’s not a strategy. It’s a put out fire. Uh, ignore it. Repeat six months later. It’s always the same thing. If they got a fire, uh, they, you know, they try to put it out and they repeat. So they’re never continuing looking for talent. They don’t have any strategy to actually, you know, train the staff and you make it more likely that they’re going to stay on or you don’t increase the, the, the value in the productivity of the staff. It’s simply, you know, have this big need, uh, you know, try to fill it from the outside and probably fill it with someone who’s not consistent with the culture and then that person doesn’t get along with the next person and then it becomes, you know, toxic or really quickly. So, um, I would think, you know, just like the calendar, those HR strategies, um, most business owners, they give up on them too early. Call us now at 780-665-4949 as soon as you can or go to!There’s a lot more that they could do if they are consistently executing and nothing is going to be perfect. Um, but you know, having a strategy that that stops and starts in HR is like the kiss of death most of the times. So I think that’s what we have for you today. Thanks so much for tuning in. As always, you’ll please hit the like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver your tips on how to beat the odds at business. And as always, we look forward to any comments that you have so we can respond back and use your ideas for future videos. Thanks very much.