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Edmonton Business Consultant |Do You Know The Importance of a Reliable Brand?

Edmonton business consultant | creating a reliable brand

Having a brand that customers trust is an important part of creating business according our Edmonton business consultant. Brands is the business’ identity and it’s important to create a positive brand in order to motivate current clients to stay and attract newer ones. It’s also important to note that creating a brand is not overnight project. Big companies have been around for decades and they have built this brand for years and years. Customers have learned to trust have these companies in the state keep coming back if they ever need your product or services again. Trust can only be built over time and the same goes for branding.

This however made it difficult for small businesses to compete with larger brands. The trust that big companies have garnered over the years made it harder for small businesses to gain clients. Customers tend to stick to what they know and avoid unfamiliar brands. This makes it difficult for small businesses to generate clients. An excellent example for this is using the food industry. If you see a small diner beside the golden arches that is McDonalds, where would you rather eat if you need a quick fill up? You would never know what you’d get when you use the services small business, they provide you the best service quite the opposite. An established brand on the other hand will often give you a consistent experience that you are familiar with even if the product or service is average.

It is our job as the Edmonton business consultant to help business owners with their branding. We offer business coaching, proven marketing strategies and professional consultation. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants has a team of like-minded people to achieve our goal of helping small businesses. However the odds are against them as 50% of small Canadian businesses fail within the first five years. The most common reason for his failure is the inability to attract clients. Our goal has led us to create a one month free consultation program for businesses. If you are a new business will receive our professional consultation services in a free copy of the best-selling business book “e-myth” by Michael Gerber. Register now at or call us at 780-665-4949.

In order to create a solid brand, our Edmonton business consultant realize that customers prefer a company that they can relate to. In order to do this, businesses need to have a face for your company. This is an effective strategy to that even established brands still use. Big companies will hire famous actors and celebrities to market their products and services. In turn, these products can be associated with status and wealth. As a small business owner, you most likely do not have the resources or this kind of branding. However you can use to CEO as the phase of the company. This brings a genuine vibe to the company and a person for customers to relate to.

Edmonton business consultant | importance of a reliable brand

Growing your business should be there business owner’s main priority and as the Edmonton business consultant we will discuss how branding can affect the growth of your business. Creating an effective branding strategies should be part of your marketing initiative. These to go hand in hand especially in today’s day and age. In this article will focus on branding and how are reliable brand can help you generate clients. Branding is an important part of owning a business. It’s the identity that your company is known for. It’s important to create a brand around trust, reliability and consistency. These traits will help you retain the current clients and attract new ones.

Creating an effective and solid brand is not an overnight project. Not even a week or a few months. An effective branding strategy will take years to even decades to pull off. Look at companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Apple. These companies have been around for a while; they are at least a few decades old. Today, they are one of the biggest companies in their respective industry. There brand never start out this big. As for all businesses they started from the bottom and then worked their way up. In fact we will use Microsoft as an example. Microsoft started out in a garage. Bill Gates worked on the windows operating system. Slowly, this operating system becomes the most used in popular in the 90s. The operating system is easy to use and reliable but hard to master. This is associated with Microsoft’s brand and then as they were known to to be reliable. Fast forward to the modern day, Windows is still the most popular operating system out there. However using their customer trust, Microsoft was able to expand two different projects such have the gaming industry and the computer manufacturing industry of Edmonton business consultant.

However it’s important to note that it’s challenging for small business owners to compete with bigger corporations. While you have just started building your brand, they have been most likely around for years and has a solid brand to work with. Customers tend to stay to what they know and avoid unknown brands. It’s only human nature to fear the unknown. A good example for this is the food industry. Picture this, you are trip and you are hungry. On the side of the road you see the big golden arches of McDonalds and decided as a small mom-and-pop diner. Would you rather go to the consistent and familiar experience of McDonalds? Or would you go to the small business diner? With an established fast food chain, you know what you’re getting into. Branches will have the same experience and food. The small diner on the other hand, you will have to risk whether you’d have an amazing experience or the opposite.

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