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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Have Solid Branding?

Edmonton business consultant | forging a solid brand

The brand needs to be trusted and strong according to our Edmonton business consultant. Trusted brands such as Microsoft and Apple are to go to if people ever need an operating system or a computer. However these brands aren’t made overnight. It takes time to creates a trusted brand take Microsoft for example. Microsoft today is that technological behemoth. They owned a majority of the operating system space and now they also have a gaming console division and computer hardware. However Microsoft didn’t start big. Microsoft was started in a garage. If you were shopping for computers and technology back in the day he wouldn’t go to someone’s garage to buy technology. Over time Microsoft has developed an operating system called Windows where they started to create a positive brand loyalty. Windows became the staple operating system today. It is reliable and easy to use but hard to master. They created a brand around windows and thus created opportunities to expand to the gaming industry and computer manufacturing. This took decades to achieve in the same goes for any big corporations out there.

Small business will struggle to compete with big brand names according to our Edmonton business consultant. Small businesses usually do not have the goodwill and trust of consumers. It’s very difficult to create a brand from scratch. One of the most effective ways to do so is having a face to represent the company. This brings a level of human element business and a way for customers to relate. Big corporations, even with solid brand hire famous celebrities to advertise certain products and services. This is to have a face for particular products and services. However small businesses do not have the resources to hire celebrities to become the face of the company. The CEO usually takes this burden. Though not as effective as famous celebrities, the presence of the CEO is a certain human element to the company.

Our goal as the Edmonton business consultant is to help out struggling small business owners. Our firm employs like-minded people who are passionate about our mission. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is driven and inspired by our goal to help out small business owners to beat the odds. The odds have shown that half of small business owners fail within the first five years. The most common reason for this failure is the inability to attract customers. It is our job to help business owners with their marketing needs and those we have created a free consultation program for new businesses. They will get our professional consultation advice and a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-myth” by Michael Gerber. If you are for know more about this program please contact us at or if you are the call please use the number 780-665-4949.

If you found this article useful and informative you can find more that our website We offer more informative articles like this one dedicated to helping out small businesses.

Edmonton business consultant | solid branding

Almost all business owners aspired to create a big corporation with a solid brand, as the Edmonton business consultant it is our job to help small business owners to achieve this. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have a mission to help business owners to beat the odds. Our team is dedicated and passionate about our goal and will help small business owners to the best of our abilities. Free consultation is available for our first time clients. It will also receive of her favourite business book “e-myth” written by Michael Gerber. To know more about our services please call us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

The solid branding is required to create a successful business recording our Edmonton business consultant. All business owners aspire to create loyal fan base for their brand. Business owners of big corporations know that it takes a considerable amount of time to create a positive and strong brand. Take Microsoft for example. Microsoft is technological giant in the present day. They provide the most popular operating system and has dabbled in the gaming industry as well as creating computer hardware. However the Microsoft brand took decades to establish. The company was started in a garage and if you were looking to conduct business, you probably would stay away from the man in a garage. Once they launched Windows, the brand started to become more trusted and mainstream. Most computers use this operating system for decades now. It is the go to operating system for almost everyone. With customer goodwill they created and branched out into gaming and hardware. They have been fairly successful in their recent endeavours.

It’s difficult to create a solid brand. It’s even more difficult to compete with big corporations as a small business. Customers tend to stay away from the unknown and stick with what’s familiar. If you ever need to get a quick bite, would you rather go to a small diner or established fast food chain. Most people would not gamble with the unknown small diner. With an established fast food chain, customers know what they are getting even if it’s a fairly average. They would rather go to an average faster chain than a potentially amazing diner. If you need the best Edmonton Business Consultant be sure to call now!

An effective way to start creating a brand according our Edmonton business coach, is to attach a face to the company. Having a human element the company adds trust and relatability. Even established brands such use famous celebrities to advertise and be the face of certain products or service. However as a small business owner it’s difficult and expensive to hire famous celebrities to be to face of your company. Instead, the CEO usually becomes the face the company. This provides a genuine and feel to the company, a friendly and are relatable face to associate with. Even big businesses struggle to keep customers if key people leave the company. It’s important to have a passionate and loyal face for your company. Call these guys now at 780-665-4949 or go to as soon as yuou can!