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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Have Loyalty to the Brand?

Edmonton business consultant | brand loyalty

Almost all businesses desire to be as big as the giant corporations like Microsoft and Apple according to our Edmonton business consultant. Everyone respects and trust Microsoft and Apple as their technological go to company. Will focus on Microsoft for now though. The technological joint Microsoft is the go to for their operating system. It’s reliable and easy to use but hard to master. In recent years, they have dabbled in creating console and their actual computers. Due to the trust they have acquired, it was easy for them to transition and now they are one of the biggest gaming console manufacturers and computer distributor while also having the most popular operating system. This type of brand trust did not happen overnight. This spanned over a great deal of time. Microsoft started in a garage and as a customer you are probably not gonna buy anything from someone in a garage. However over time Microsoft proved themselves as the most reliable and trusted technology company.

Small businesses struggled to compete with big brands according to our Edmonton business consultant. Small businesses do not have a trusted and established which gives them huge disadvantage when competing with bigger businesses. Would you rather go to McDonalds or a small local diner if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat? In McDonalds, you know what you’re getting into. You are guaranteed to have a consistent experience from franchise to franchise. You will be getting the same big Mac from all of its establishment. The small diner on the other hand requires you to gamble whether you’re getting a good experience or not. You can look at Google reviews but you still have doubts whether it will provide you a good experience or a bad one. These are one of the few struggles that small businesses face versus big companies.

As a small business owner our Edmonton business consultant is dedicated to help you succeed in business. Our team is dedicated to our mission and goal. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is dedicated to helping out small business owners to beat the odds. Statistics have shown that half of small Canadian businesses do not last more than five years. The most common reason for this failure is the lack of client generation. This makes up our 42% of business failure according to entrepreneurs. Our team was created a free consult program for new businesses. First time clients will get free consultation in a copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. If you should know more please contact us at 708-665-4949 or

One of the few ways that small business starter create a brand identity is through giving the company a face. Big corporations have always done this even if there brands are well established. A hire famous celebrities to be to face of their products and associate them with their brand. However small businesses do not have the resources to hire celebrities but it’s necessary to put a human element for customers to relate to. CEO often take up this mental asked that face of the company. Though not as effective as hiring celebrities, this gives a human element to the company and those making potential customers do business with you.

Edmonton business consultant | loyalty to the brand.

Big corporations have created a strong and trusted brand that customers trust according to our Edmonton business consultant. Trusted brands became the go to for customers in case they need a certain product or service. Forging brand trust takes a considerable amount of time. Take Microsoft for example. They are technological giant in today’s day and age. You go to them if you need an operating system, gaming console and even have their own lines of computer. Microsoft first started in a garage. If you are looking for technology back in the day, you probably won’t go in someone’s garage and buy from them. They created the operating system called Windows. Today it’s the most reliable and popular operating system. It’s flexible and easy to use but hard to master. It slowly became the most popular operating system in the go to for most computers. In the present day, Microsoft has built hardware for computers and gaming consoles. Customers were willing to give them a chance due to in the company.

It’s difficult for people to trust small brands. People leaned towards the things they know and stay away from the unknown. Picture this, you are on a trip and you need something to eat. Along the way you see the McDonalds golden arches in the cited is a small mom-and-pop diner. Will you eat at McDonalds or go to the small diner? With McDonalds, customers know what they’re getting. The food is consistent from restaurant to restaurant. However with the small diner, you never know if you’re getting a good service or not. People tend to go do what they know.

In this article we will talk about the importance of brand loyalty and how small businesses can achieve this. As the Edmonton business consultant we are dedicated to helping out small business. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants has a goal and mission drives our work. To help small business, our team has developed a free professional consultation program for new businesses. They will receive our top-notch consultation and a free copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more about this program please contact us at 780-665-1849 or

As the Edmonton business consultant, we know it’s important to have a face associated to your business. Even big corporations with established brands still hire celebrities to advertise and be to face off certain products. However as a small business owner, it’s difficult to find the resources to allocate to hiring celebrities. Instead CEOs opt into becoming the company’s human element. This is important because customers look for the human side of a business to relate to. Small businesses with a human element are more trusted and thus are more likely to get clients.