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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Have Branding and Marketing?

Edmonton business consultant | marketing and branding

Marketing and branding is an essential skill for all business owners to learn according to our Edmonton business consultant. These are two ways to generate clients and a go hand-in-hand. However both have extremely different meaning. While marketing is the act of advertising yourself in order to generate clients. Branding is the identity of the company. To generate clients using branding, it is important to create a sense of trust and reliability in your products or services. This article we will talk about how branding is an important part of marketing.

Some business owners think that branding is just the logo and the colour theme of the company. While this is the physical aspect of the brand there are more to branding than just the colour and the logo. As the Edmonton business consultant, we know that branding is the identity at the company has. It’s important for business owners to create a positive and reliable identity. This will motivate existing customers to stay with your company and attract new clients.

Marketing initiatives can also solidify your brand using social media marketing. People look for relatable content nowadays. They prefer doing business with companies they can relate to. Social media marketing can help boost your brand identity by engaging with potential consumers. This can be done by holding a conversation or simply posting relatable and funny content. Engaging with customers is a solid way to creating a positive energy around your brand.

If you look at the industry leading companies, they have been around for decades at least. This is a good indication that branding takes a great deal of time. These companies, like all businesses, started from the bottom and worked their way up. We can make an example out of Microsoft. Microsoft is an industry leader in technology, gaming and computer manufacturing. As big as they are today, Microsoft never started out anywhere close to this scale. In fact Bill Gates started out Microsoft in his garage. He started working on the world-famous Windows operating system and his garage. Imagine shopping for an operating system in someone’s garage. It slowly became mainstream and now it is the most popular operating system in the world.

In order to create this type of brand identity, our Edmonton business consultant suggest okay giving consumers something to identify with. One of the few ways that this can be done through social media marketing. The second way to do this is attaching a phase to your company. This is one of the few most effectively build your brand. People look for companies that can relate with nowadays. Even well-established brands do things type of brand. They do this by hiring famous people to advertise their product. This allow the product to be associated with wealth and status. However as a small business owner and it is impossible to due all to the lack of resources.

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Edmonton business consultant | branding and marketing

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Branding and marketing is closely tied together but have entirely different meanings. This are strategies to generate clients. Marketing is the act of advertising through different means. This can be done traditionally using TV commercials, radio ads or classic print marketing materials. Or through digital marketing like social media marketing or search engine optimization. Branding on the other hand is the identity of the company. This is important for businesses to have so customer can relate to them. Try to create a brand around trust and reliability.

As the Edmonton business consultant, we have reason to believe that small businesses underestimate the time and effort required to create a solid brand. Look at big companies for inspiration. These companies have been around for years or even decades. They have created a brand that customers trust and rely on. These companies have popular brands that keep existing customers coming back and attract new clients easily.

Let us take Microsoft for example. Our Edmonton business consultant would like to talk about the success of Microsoft. This company, along with Apple, is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Just like any other business, Microsoft started small. So small that it started in a garage. Bill Gates created the famed Windows operating system here. Today Windows is the most popular operating system. The work paid of and customer associate them as reliable and easy to use.

Create your brand that customers can relate with, business owners need to face to be associated with the company. As the Edmonton business consultant we realize that even established brands continue to do this. Big companies with well-established identities hire famous people to advertise their products. This creates products that relate to fame and status. As a small business owner business difficult to do due to limited resources. However the can use to CEO as the face of the company. Knowing the leader of the company is a certain human element to the business. This is a genuine way to let customers know that even the leader of this company cares.

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