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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do Not Keep Employees Forever

When entrepreneurs allow the wrong people in their business to hang around, it becomes unfair to all according to Edmonton business consultant. The average millennial employee only stays 2.3 years with their employer. When entrepreneurs lose staff, they should not end up doubting themselves, or doubting their business or even doubting their vision. The fact of the matter is that businesses are going to lose people not or how great the relationship is between employee and employer, and business owners should get used to the fact that transition is going to be a way of life no matter what. A business owner should work to ensure that they do what they can to keep great employees, but not to worry about losing employees that were not working out.

Entrepreneurs generally understand that losing employees is expensive. Edmonton business consultant says the factors that make losing employees expensive is recruiting them, training them and the transition period it is usually more cost-effective to keep employees then losing them. The only time this is not true, is when business owners keep the wrong employee. They need to understand that keeping the wrong one is far more expensive then losing one because the wrong employee continually delivers subpar performance, for as long as they are employed. This is far more expensive because while they are delivering subpar work, they are also continuing to drive away great staff in addition to doing their job poorly.

Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs should understand that it is not realistic to keep an employee for life, because as great as the relationship may be, employees leaving is a way of life for businesses. Reasons, why employees leave, can include becoming very ill, a spouse getting a promotion out of city, and retiring. When entrepreneurs realize that losing staff is not indicative of their business doing anything bad, they can then work towards doing what they can to keep great employees, while doing what can to ensure the poor ones leave on their own.

A great way that entrepreneurs can ensure that they are attracting the right people to their business, is by communicating their corporate values during the interview process. That allows companies to clearly state who they are and what they stand for. And in addition to stating those values, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that it is okay that there corporate values do not appeal to everyone. The reason is, they can weed out the wrong candidates early by having corporate values that are only going to appeal to a certain number of employees.

For these reasons, entrepreneurs should be okay with losing employees, because it is not indicative of how well the business is doing, and a business owner should work towards ensuring that they can carry on in case of an employee leaving, and ensuring that they are doing what they can to help keep the strong ones. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be able to smooth the transition between losing one employee and gaining another.

An unrealistic expectation that many entrepreneurs have in their business according to Edmonton business consultant, is that they should be aiming to keep all of their employees forever. The reason why this is not realistic is best said by best-selling author Jim Collins, who said ìletting the wrong people hang around is unfair to all the right people, as they inevitably find themselves compensating for the inadequacies of the wrong people. Works, it can drive away the best people. Strong performers are intrinsically motivated by performance, and when they see their efforts impeded by carrying extra weight they eventually become frustrated.î Business owners should understand that their goal and business should be to attract great employees, but they should always be recruiting, because losing employees is a way of life for entrepreneurs.

There are certain things that business owners should keep in mind when they are attracting staff in their business. The first one is why should entrepreneurs always be recruiting? The reason for that is because staff members typically leave a business when the timing is right for them. No matter how good the relationship is between employer and employee, there may be many reasons why staff leave. Including becoming ill, moving, or even becoming pregnant. Even more, those employees typically leave whenever it is best for them not whenever it is best for the employer. By being prepared by always recruiting, entrepreneurs can be ready with great people in the event that one of their staff leave.

Another thing that an entrepreneur should keep in mind when they are recruiting staff, is that they should always have two people trained up on any task that needs to happen in the business. The reason for this according to Edmonton business consultant, is for the same reason entrepreneurs should always be recruiting. In case they have a staff member leave for any reason, they need to ensure that there is a seamless transition between that staff leaving and continuing to get that task done.

Business owners should also understand that it is unrealistic to keep a staff member for the life of the business. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs do whatever they can to ensure that they increase the attention rates of employees whenever possible, but also ensuring they are not doing things to encourage the wrong people to stay. However as certain amount of employee transition is necessary in a business.

By understanding that staff members are going to leave says Edmonton business consultant, and business owners are going to have to replace them and that is a way of life for entrepreneurs, business owners can avoid doubting themselves, their business or their vision and continue operating their business without too much transition down time. By doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that they have the right people, and that is the keep their business operating as smoothly as possible.