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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do Entrepreneurs Really Need A Website

One of the most significant problems that entrepreneurs face in business today is having a lack of customers says Edmonton business consultant. Statistics say that half of all businesses in Canada will close the doors to their business within their first five years, and that 42% of them will say a lack of customers as the reason for their failure. Business owners everywhere are doing everything they can to ensure that they can avoid this problem, and generate new customers for their business. In order to achieve this goal, many business owners believe that creating a website is all they need to do in order to generate new customers online. Unfortunately this is not the case, because just by creating websites, wonít ensure that potential customers will see that website. In order to do that, business owners need to get on page 1 of the Google search results to ensure that there can potential customers will see them.

The reason why business owners may not be seen by their customers, is because in order to land on page 1 of Google search results, there is a series of analytics that Google uses to rank websites. Without maximizing this potential, business owners websites are less likely to rank higher up, and will be missed. For these reasons, it is not always in a entrepreneurs best interest to spend significant amounts of time and money when they first opened to create a website. A great option is creating a Google places page says Edmontons business consultant. This will allow businesses to have an online presence, start getting included in Google searches, as well as be able to start receiving Google reviews.

Google reviews are so important to businesses nowadays, because 88% of potential customers will consider Google reviews while making decision on where to purchase. By having no Google reviews are very few Google reviews will negatively impact that decision says Edmonton business consultant. Rather than pouring their time and money into a website, business owners can impact their business more greatly by ensuring that they are able to generate as many Google reviews upon opening as possible.

Many business owners believe that if they have no Google reviews, purchasing Google ads will be the next best thing. And while businesses can get to the front page of Google and receive clicks says Edmontons business consultant, that does not mean that those potential customers that are clicking on their ads are going to buy. The reason is because they are more likely to click on the add and check out the Google reviews. If the business doesnít have the Google reviews theyíre looking for, they will go elsewhere. This means a business has spent money to attract that click only to have them leave.

While websites can be very powerful tools for business in order to drive traffic, itís not necessarily the first step that businesses should take to have an online presence. Edmonton business consultant recommends a brand-new businesses creates a Google places page for their company, and generate as many Google reviews as possible in the short amount of time that theyíve been open.

Many entrepreneurs that open their business they believe they need to have a website in order to be relevant to consumers online, Edmonton business consultant says. and while an online presence is important, it is not necessary for that to be through a website, at least not in the beginning. The reason for that is because just by having a website doesnít ensure that businesses can get onto the first page of Google search engine results. If websites donít end up on the first page of Google, they may as well not even exist, because potential customers will not look past the first page even if they donít find what theyíre looking for. Google uses many algorithms in order to rank websites, and business owner should be aware of what those are in order to maximize their effects when they do decide to create a website.

One of the ways that Google ranks webpages in order to keep them to the top of their search listings, is through the most HTML content. Edmonton business consultant says website pages with most content appear more relevant, so there often the ones closest to the top. Before business owners create a website, they should have 6000 words written. Most websites have the homepage, the contact page, the page dedicated to their team for example. If each of these pages has a thousand words, business owners are off to a good start for having content for the website. Another way that business owners can generate content for their websites is Edmontons business consultant is by speaking them. Itís far easier to speak words then to write them, so if business owners are able to make short 10 minute videos about topics in their business, or topics they are passionate about, and then transcribe those videos, that effectively creates the words that they need to have more HTML content. 10 minutes of talking should equal about a thousand words. This can also help business owners effectively communicate who they are and what they do.

Before business owners should think about their websites, they should also generate Google reviews for their business. The reason for this, is that 88% of businesses ideal buyerís will consider a businesses Google reviews before they decide where they are buying from. If the business doesnít have any Google reviews or if they have fewer Google reviews, that will negatively impact that consumers decision. The more good movies a business has in the beginning, can help them generate a business and new consumers, but also when they are ready to create a website says Edmonton business consultant, having more Google reviews will help their website rank higher and can help them watch their website by being on page 1 of Googleís search engine results.