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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do Businesses Need Websites

Many entrepreneurs believe that simply spending money our website will help them generate new business says Edmonton business consultant. Unfortunately thatís not going to work that easy. Just by creating website does not mean businesses are all of a sudden going to rank high on Google in order to get clicks. And website does not appear on page 1 of a Google results page, nobodyís going to take the time to find them. Thereís more important and cost-effective ways for businesses to start generating their online presence without having to immediately pay for a website.

Even before businesses create websites, Edmonton businesses consultant says the first thing that businesses should do is create a Google my business page. The reason for this is because it is extremely fast to create and much more cost effective. Once a business has a Google my business page, they can start generating online reviews for their business as well as start by Google and see if they choose. The reason is important to have reviews on their Google my business page says Edmonton business consultant, is because 88% of businesses ideal buyers will look at the businesses Google reviews before making their purchasing decision. not only do the likely buyers look at the reviews before they make their purchasing decision, the generally will not use a business that has under 40 reviews. The reason for this is because business is seen as not professional, or not serious about what they do. itís easy for a business to get under 40 reviews, friends and family can easily bump that number two a dozen or so, thereís not enough weight behind the reviews until they reach 40. Once a business has reached 40 or more Google reviews, consumers will start paying attention to that business online.

Edmonton best business consultant says itís actually more important to have three five-star reviews a website. The reason for that is Google is going to rank a business higher that has 40 five-star reviews then it will a website that happens have no reviews. Itís extremely important that businesses generate reviews for the business quickly and continually throughout the life of their business in order to keep that number growing.

The business owner may think that if they have no reviews, they will be able to get many clicks by buying Google ads. Unfortunately Edmonton business consultant says that this will not help a business sell their products. People may click on their ads, but decides not to purchase based on the lack of reviews. Instead, the consumer may even see your competition if they have 40 reviews, you were Google and will help your competitor get business.

Creating website can be very powerful tool for businesses, but businesses need to ensure that they have Google reviews in place before they launch their website. By focusing on generating reviews for their business, and holding off on building that websites, business owners can generate an online presence for their business without having to spend the money immediately on a website.

Business owners have often believes the myth that in order to be seen as relevant in business they need to have a website says Edmonton business consultant. While website developers may want business owners to believe this, itís actually not as important to generating an online presence as many people have been led to believe. Before business owners create a website, the should have a minimum of 40 Google reviews. Businesses can start generating Google reviews very simply and easily by creating a Google my business page.

The reason why itís so important to have a Google my business page, is not only because that will give businesses and online presences and into digital marketing. But it will also allow businesses to start generating reviews for their business. Statistics say that 88% of ideal and likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making a purchasing decision. Itís also important to note that if a business has under 40 five-star reviews, it will get fewer clicks than businesses that have more than 40 reviews. It should be seen as one of the most important things that a business can do online is generating online reviews.

Edmonton business consultant says having many reviews is actually so important that it will outperform the business that has a great website but no business reviews. Because of this, business owners should be less concerned about creating a website immediately in their business, and creating systems to help them generate reviews for their business.

When a business believes that they are ready to create a website, says Edmonton business consultant there is several things that they should do in preparation for that website. By understanding the the four main ways that Google ranks websites, can help business owners build their websites keeping those in mind in order to maximize their capability of drinking high on the Google search. The two most important and easiest to control ways is the website that has the most Google reviews is ranked higher, as well as how many words of websites has. The most HTML content will always get a higher ranking. Therefore, if the business has many Google reviews and a lot of content on their websites, they increase their chances of being ranked higher by Google.

The minimum amount of content business owners should have on their website is 6000 words. The reason for this is the more pages the website has with over a thousand words per page ranks higher. Business owners can break their website down into this: the homepage, team page, services page, why us page, content page, and a contact page. If each of these six pages has over a thousand words per page, that is the minimum amount of content a business owner should have before they create their website. However more content is always better. 1 Effective Way that they can increase content on their websites easily is by making videos, transcribing those videos and posting them online. Itís much easier to speak thousand words then to write them, and the more videos business owners can create and then post on their website, the more content they will have and the higher they can rank.