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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do Business Owners Really Need A Website

Business owners often believe that creating website is the next most important thing they need to work on next to opening the doors to their businesses Edmonton business consultant. Unfortunately, thatís not necessarily strategy that will help generate business for them. Business owners need to know that despite creating website does not mean potential customers will see that website. One of the ways that customers see websites, is through Google searches. And if website is not on the first page of a Google search, a customer will not find that website. Customers really looked past page 1 ever when theyíre conducting a search.

Therefore, business owners need to understand that there are many other things that they should do first before creating website, that will help them generate the interest in their business and help them lay the groundwork for when they are ready to create that website. Edmonton business consultant says that the first thing that business owners should do instead of creating a website is to create a Google my business page. This takes much less time and money and often can ensure businesses show up on page 1 of Google searches. Not only is that very important for business owners to show up in searches, but it can also help them generate Google reviews for their business. Itís extremely important and this economy that businesses have Google reviews as soon as possible. The reason for this is because 80% of likely buyers will look at a businesses Google reviews as part of making their purchasing decision. Businesses without any with out any reviews, or very few Google reviews, will be negatively impacted.

Another way that business owners can be prepared for when they are ready to create a website, is by writing contact. One of the ways that Google ranks websites, is by whichever websites have the most HTML content. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs start with 6000 words before they watch their website. Only should business owners have a minimum of 6000 words, they should continue to add content. An easy way for business owners to do this, is to speak the words. By creating a YouTube channel and starting in videos that are 10 minutes each about their business, business owners can then transcribe those 10 minute videos which will give a business about a thousand words per video. The more videos a business creates, the more content they will have for their website, and the higher Google will be able to rank them in the search results.

Once business owners see that there online strategy needs to be multifaceted says Edmontons business consultant, they can start developing a strategy that will help them generate business. By generating Google reviews and content, they will be able to rank higher in search engine results, meaning that when they are ready to create that website, the money that they spend will truly be worth it as they are able to reach more customers.

Business owners in Canada are faced with a large task of trying to find new customers as soon as their business opens says Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is because having a lack of customers is the number one reason why businesses fail in Canada today. Business owners need to start selling products in their business right away, in order to find their market and grow their business. One of the ways that businesses can market their business is online. However they think that just by creating a website, business owners will be able to grow their business. Unfortunately, itís not that easy because despite having website doesnít mean that anyone will be able to see it. In order for potential customers to see their website, entrepreneurs need to market it probably online.

When the most effective ways to ensure that their website is seen online says Edmonton business consultant, is to make sure that there website appears on the first page of the Google search engine results. Some business owners think that this is all look, however it is something that business owners can actually affect. The first thing that business owners can do when they are creating their website is by having a lot of HTML content. Google ranks websites that have more content on them as more relevant and closer to the top of the search results. Therefore, business owners can increase the chances of their website being ranked closer to the top by creating a lot of content for the page. Many business owners feel theyíre too busy to be able to write content, which is not a problem if they speak their words instead of right to them. A great way to generate content is to make videos, then transcribe them. Posting there videos and the transcriptions on their website cannot allow business owners to create content quite easily. For every 10 minutes of the video, a business owner can expect to generate about thousand words.

Once a business owner has enough content on their website, theyíre going to want to ensure that they can get enough Google reviews to rank their websites high up. Edmontons business consultant recommends that business aims to get a minimum of 40 Google reviews for their business. The reason for this, is because 40 is the number that inspires confidence and potential customers. In fact, a business with 40 Google reviews and no website will outperform a business that only has a website every single time. Many business owners often believe that they wonít need Google reviews, because they will be able to purchase Google ads in order to rank them higher up the search engine results page. While this can help businesses appear closer to the top, it wonít help them land a sale says Edmonton business consultant, because in the potential customer reviews the companyís website and see that they have no or few Google reviews, they will decide to make their purchase elsewhere.