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Edmonton Business Consultant | Do All Businesses Need Websites

Attracting customers is one of the biggest problems that Canadian businesses face says Edmonton business consultant. 50% of all businesses going out of business within their first five years of operation, and 42% of those failed businesses say that a lack of customers was the reason for their business failure. Business owners do everything in their power in order to attract customers, and believe that simply by having a website will be enough to attract new business and a new clients. Unfortunately, websites are not a failsafe way of increasing business. Business owners must do a lot of work in order to ensure that that website works for them. And itís not necessarily the first step they need to take.

Any business owners believe that they can appear on page 1 of Google simply by having a website. Itís unfortunately not that easy, and if businesses donít end up on the first page of Google, itís not going to generate the traffic that they are hoping. Thereís many factors that go into how Google ranks websites and have them appear on page 1 of the search engine results. Edmonton business consultant says new businesses should think about setting up a Google my business page as their first online page. Not only is it much simpler and quicker, itís also way that businesses can start getting searched by Google. Businesses who set up their page properly can often land on page 1 of Google results.

Much more importantly the websites, at least in the beginning says Edmonton business consultant, having a Google my business page will allow entrepreneurs to start getting Google reviews. The reason why Google reviews are so important is because 80% of customers will look at Google reviews before they make their purchasing decision. By not having a Google my business page, or by having no reviews, will factor into that customers decision. A business should aim for getting as many reviews as quickly as possible, and then not stopping. A good member to him for in the beginning is 40 – 5 star reviews. Businesses with 40 Google reviews will always perform better on Google search results then a business that has a great website but no reviews at all.

Itís extremely important that business owners generate reviews even before they start their website processes Edmonton business consultant. The reason for this, is in order to get ranked higher by Google, websites should have Google reviews. To launch a website but a business has no Google reviews it yet, well ensure that they are ranks much lower on the list says Edmontons business consultant.

While websites are very great tool for many businesses, ensuring that businesses have an online presence and are able to receive Google reviews is the first step they should take. Once business owners have been in business long enough in order to have Google reviews, then they stand a better chance at getting ranks higher by Google once they do have their website, ensuring that the money they spent a website has a better chance of being seen by their customers.

The focus of most businesses especially when they first opened is to gain customers says Edmontons business consultant. In fact, getting customers is one of the top business problems entrepreneurs face. 42% of all businesses that close the doors to their business in five years said that lack of customers was the reason for their business failure. Often, entrepreneurs believe that just by creating website will help them attract new customers.

Unfortunately, simply by having a website will ensure new customers for businesses. The reason for that is people will need to be able to find that websites in order to generate traffic towards it. And if the website does not end up on the first page of Googleís search results, then it might as well not exist. People do not look past the first page when they are doing a Google search. So simply by having a website will not ensure that people will see it and start doing business.

There are several things that the Google search engine takes into consideration when working websites and one of them is businesses that have the most Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant recommends that businesses should start first with generating Google reviews for their business before they can websites. The way businesses can do that, is by creating a Google places page. In the day, they will be able to set up their page and start being searched by Google and start allowing customers to rate them. The reason so important for businesses to be able to be rated by the customers on Google, is because 88% of their potential customers will look at their Google reviews before making deciding to buy from that business. By not having a Google places page, or by not having any Google reviews, can negatively impact that businesses ability to turn potential customers into buyers. Generating reviews should be the first step for businesses to increase their online traffic.

Should take into consideration before they create a website, is another way that Google ranks webpages. Websites that have the most HTML content will get higher Google rankings then businesses without much content. How much content is needed and asks Edmonton business consultant. A good rule of thumb for businesses is to start with 6000 words. Businesses should have 6000 words at a minimum prepared before they start working on their webpage. That means simple website with six pages with over a thousand words per page, can be a great place to start.

Until business owners have 40 Google reviews and 6000 words written about their business, they shouldnít worry yet about spending the time and the money creating a website. By doing these steps first, they will ensure that once they are ready for a website that it will be able to get higher rankings in Google and jumpstart generating traffic for them much sooner.