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Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Look At A Businesses Reviews

When new business owners are looking for the best ways to market their business as economically as possible when the thing that they should not overlook is a Google my business page says Edmonton business consultant. This is important for all businesses, but especially important for new entrepreneurs, because this can help them appear in Google search results, and will allow them to start getting Google reviews for their business. Since industry, Canada says that half of all entrepreneurs fail within five years, and 42% of those businesses say the reason why they fail is because they are unable to find customers, this is the one thing that businesses can do that can directly impact the ability to succeed because they are able to find customers for their products.

The best thing about getting a Google my business page is that it is absolutely free, so it has an infinite return on investment for entrepreneurs that set one up in their business. It is free, and it takes a single afternoon to set up and start being able to be found in Google searches and getting reviews. The reason why this is so important is that 88% of consumers are looking at a businesses Google reviews prior to visiting that business, and factor those reviews into whether they are going to purchase from that business or not. Therefore, the sooner a business can get Google reviews, the sooner they can start turning those consumers who are shopping into their customer.

Not only is it important for businesses to get Google reviews, but there is actually a minimum number that they should aim for as their first goal says Edmonton business consultant. That number is forty as a minimum. One of the reasons for this is because once a business has forty or more reviews, they customers that are looking at those Google reviews will take the reviews more seriously when there is a minimum of forty. To view reviews on a Google places site, and that can easily be the entrepreneur’s friends and family. Forty or more, those reviews are more likely to be taken as real and will allow the customer to look more favourably upon the business.

The second reason why businesses should aim for forty reviews in their business first is that once a business has reached forty, they start appearing higher up in the Googleís search engine results. The more reviews an entrepreneur has, the more favourably the Google algorithms will favour that business. Therefore, the more Google reviews a customer gets, the more leads will see their business. The more leads that see their business, the more customers they will get that they can then ask for more Google reviews.

Once an entrepreneur learns how important Google reviews can be for their business, they will be able to set up their Google places site for free and start getting search results, and reviews. Not only can this strategy help entrepreneurs find the customers that they are looking for, but turn those customers into their purchasers, and businesses may be able to avoid that high failure rate due to being unable to find customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Look At A Businesses Reviews

Getting Google reviews and having a Google my business page is considered the modern equivalent to a Yellow Pages ad twenty years ago says Edmonton business consultant. Businesses who wanted to be taken seriously had to have an ad in the Yellow Pages in order to be relevant. Nowadays, that has changed into Google my business page with Google reviews. The more reviews a business has, and the more they are able to convert purchasers into their customers. However, many entrepreneurs do not understand how important this is, and think that they can either buy their way to getting customers to find them online, or that they do not need Google reviews because they do business by word-of-mouth, or they have other reviews. However, entrepreneurs take into consideration that there is no substitute for a Google review based on its effectiveness.

Since 88% of all customers look at Google reviews prior to making their purchase, and actually use those reviews to guide their purchasing decision, businesses should realize that there is no substitute for that says Edmonton business consultant. In fact, many businesses say that they have a lot of reviews on Facebook or yelp for example and they do not need to solicit Google reviews in addition to that. While getting these reviews is not bad at all, it is also not a substitute for how effective Google reviews are. In fact, they looked at how effective Facebook and yelp reviews or in guiding customer decisions, and they were not nearly as effective as Google reviews. Not only do more people see Google reviews, but they carry more weight. A business would have to have an extremely large amount of Facebook or yelp reviews in order to make up for not having any Google reviews.

Another reason why people do not think they need Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant is because they only do business by word-of-mouth referrals. The one thing that these business owners need to understand, is that those word-of-mouth referrals are still looking at that businesses Google reviews, and using those reviews to guide their purchasing decision. Therefore, even businesses that only generate leads by word-of-mouth referrals will close more sales if they have more reviews. Regardless of how any customer gets their leads, they will be closing more the more Google reviews they have.

Even entrepreneurs that believe they can buy Google ads and bypass the necessity of Google reviews should understand says Edmonton business consultant that while it can get them to the top of Google search engine results, that is not going to help them turn those leads that they get into customers if they do not have enough reviews. Therefore, an entrepreneur will spend a ton of money turning leads into their competitor’s customers.

It is very important that entrepreneurs understand how important this is, and not only is it free, so there is no reason why entrepreneurs should not do this. But because it is so effective, it can literally help entrepreneurs avoid the high failure rate in business for not being able to find the right customers. Doing this, businesses will be able to turn more leads into customers and continue to grow their business.