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Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating Effective Websites

Creating an amazing website isnít the only task thatís required in order to have an amazing online presence says online digital marketing. Thereís many steps that business owners need to take in order to have an effective website in order to generate results to their online marketing. They can have the most amazing website, but without able to be ranked by Google on the first page of their search engine results, itís money thatís simply being wasted.

A far more effective and cost-conscious strategy says Edmonton business consultant, is by setting up their Google my business page. This is extremely fast to do, and once a business owner has a Google my business page, they can start receiving Google reviews. These are so very important to businesses because 88% of potential customers will look at a businesses Google reviews before making a purchasing decision. If the number of reviews that the business has is less than 40, consumers may make the decision not to use that business and will search around until he find a business that has more than 40 reviews.

The reason why itís important to have at least 40, Edmonton business consultant says less than 40 five-star Google reviews makes a business seem like theyíre not serious at what they do, or they are not very good because they donít have reviews. By ensuring that businesses have a Google my business page, they can immediately start generating reviews that can help them get customers. Another reason why itís so important for businesses to have many Google reviews, is that when they are ready to create a website, the way that website will get ranked higher in Google search engine results, is by having more Google reviews. The business that has the most will tend to be ranked higher than the businesses who donít.

Another way that businesses get ranked high up on Google search results, is by having a lot of contact. The more content website has, they more they are seen as an authority on their business, and the higher they are ranked. Business owners should and to have a minimum of 6000 words to start their website. Rather than creating a website right away without having Google reviews and without having content, business owners should spend this time in their business generating reviews and creating content.

Business owners may be extremely concerned at trying to generate enough content on their website to be at least 6000 words. However says Edmonton business consultant, getting enough content for their website can be quite easy. Instead of trying to write a thousand words per page, business owners can much more easily speak them. The way they would do this, is by creating videos on topics that pertain to their business and then transcribe them. Since business owners are we talking about topics that interest them as well as topics that they are specialists in, creating these videos can be fairly easy. For every 10 minutes, that usually translates into a thousand words.

Many business owners believe that they need to create a great website in order to generate business says Edmontons business consultant. Unfortunately, without knowing what their website should do or how it should do it, but some business owners at a disadvantage when theyíre figuring out how to create this website.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind when they are thinking about creating a website, is they can create a wonderful website, but if they are not generating traffic for that website, they are paying that beautiful website to not work for them. Business owners may wonder how they can create traffic for that website. The most important thing that helps generate traffic for a website says Edmonton business consultant, is by searching high on Google searches. The higher up a business ranks, the higher likelihood is that the consumer is going to click on their link and go to their webpage. Without being ranked high enough on Google, itís less likely that anyone is going to see the webpage.

If business owners learn what they need to do in order to get ranked higher on Google search engine, they will be able to create their websites with that in mind. Edmonton business consultant says one of the first things that they should know Google search engines work, is that they rank the websites that have the most Google reviews hire. This means if a business has not been generating Google reviews for their business before they get a website, it will be less likely that they are going to rank higher in the searches and few people will see them. Business owner can start right away with generating Google reviews for their business simply by creating a Google my business page. This is owners donít need to have a website in order to be searchable by Google. By using this time before they create their website to start generating Google reviews for their business, business owners can be prepared for when they are ready to create the website, will already be starting out with more Google reviews than they would have before.

Next thing that business owners should know before they create their website is that they need to have a lot of content to be ranked higher in Google searches. A starting point can be 6000 words on the website. Trying to write a thousand words may be a test thatís quite daunting to a lot of business owners not to mention time-consuming. Quick and easy way that business owners can create that thousand words very easily is a set of taping them Edmonton business consultant says business owners can talk them. By creating videos and then transcribing them, business owners can generate a lot of content for their business quite quickly.

However this is just a, the more words that exists, the higher the ranking can be. By learning how to create content and generating the content before they have website, can help business owners hit the ground running with an effective website that has the ability to generate high search results as soon as itís created.