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Edmonton Business Consultant | Creating a Solid Identity is Hard?

Edmonton business consultant | the importance of branding

Business cannot survive without client intake and as the Edmonton business consultant we will talk about how branding affects client generation. Branding is the general identity of your company. However building a solid identity is not an overnight project. Branding takes time to build and if you look at biggest corporations, they took decades to create. Take Microsoft for example. This technological giant took a few decades to establish a solid brand identity. It started in a garage with just Bill Gates working on a project. This project is the Windows operating system. Over time it became the most popular operating system 90s and thus creating trust to the brand. It is still the most popular operating system today and now the technological behemoth that is Microsoft is branching out to different industries including gaming and computer manufacturing. Customers are still loyal to Microsoft it is day even today are current projects.

People fear the unknown. We prefer to stick to what they know and what’s familiar. As the Edmonton business consultant, this goes the same way with customers. It’s unfair to let small business compete with big corporations. Smaller companies usually do not have an established brand yet. While bigger corporations have a trusted and solid identity. This will capitalize the small business’ potential clients. Take a little fast food industry example. Do potential customers choose an established fast food chain over a small mom-and-pop diner? Fast foods are known for their consistent food quality. This can be average but customers still flock to them due to her the consistent and familiar nature of a franchise’s. Customers do not know what to expect from a small diner. They could either give them the most amazing service or a bad one. Chances are if people choosing a franchise over a small business is huge.

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we are dedicated to helping small businesses. Our team is composed of like-minded individuals who are inspired by our goal to help small businesses. According to statistics 50% of small businesses fail during the first five years and the most common reason for this failure is inability to attract customers. Our firm has developed a one month free consultation program for new clients. They will receive professional consultation and a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “e-myth.” Contact us at or 708-665-4949 know more.

Creating a trusted brand starts with having a connection with potential customers. This can be done by putting a face to your products and services. Often times may corporations get famous people to become the face of specific products and services. This gives a level of status to the products and services. However this is too expensive for small business owners. Instead they opt for using the Seo as the phase of the company. This can be a powerful because it’s genuine and produces a human element to the business.

Edmonton business consultant | creating a solid identity

Marketing is important for any business and as the Edmonton business consultant we know that branding and identity is one of the most important factor of marketing. In order to create a fan base, a business must have a solid branding strategy. Branding is the general identity of a business and it’s important to create a positive and strong brand. Creating a strong brand can span a few years to a few decades. It requires a great deal of commitment, resources and focus. Companies need to know what they want to be and focus on it. Big corporations usually took a few decades to garner a loyal fan base. These brands took years and years to solidify. Take Microsoft for example. The technological giant loan is the most popular operating system in the world. They have recently delved in the gaming industry and making computer devices.

Microsoft is best known for their operating system. It has been the go to operating system for computers since the early 90s. The company never started out big, in fact it was formed in a garage. A garage isn’t your typical house for technology but due to the persistence and effort they were able to expand and become mainstream. Slowly the Windows operating system became the most used in the market. And even today it is the most popular one. Now day have gained the trust of customers and was able to branch off to other industries. They created a gaming division called Xbox and computer device line called surface. Microsoft fans gave them continued support even after branching off.

It is difficult for customers to use unknown products and services as the Edmonton business consultant we realize that they use what’s familiar and stick to it. Small businesses cannot compete with big companies. It’s common to find large corporations with well-established brands. Small businesses usually do not have a solid fan base yet. Take this example into consideration. There is a home depot right beside the local hardware store. You need supplies, which store will you go to? Franchises usually gives consistent experiences to customers and small businesses usually are gamble. People usually go to their brands of choice rather than getting an unknown experience from small business.

Starting a branding strategy is important for any businesses according to our Edmonton business consultant. Small businesses can start by giving a face to their company. This means either getting someone famous to be the face of the product or get the CEO to meet a human element of the business. If you look at large corporations, even if they have a solid branding identity, they still employ famous celebrities to advertise their products and services. However small businesses usually do not have the resources to do this. Instead it’s common to find as CEOs as the face of the company. This gives potential customers someone to relate to and gives them clarity to whomever they are dealing business with.