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Edmonton Business Consultant | Compromise to Succeed

Edmonton Business Consultant | Staff and Owner Compromise

At Spurrell and Associates Chartered Professional Accountants, we employ a number of talented Edmonton business consultant. If your business needs top notch marketing strategies, business coaching and consultation. We are dedicated to help small business succeed. Small businesses can enjoy free consultation to first time clients. We also give away free copies of the best selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. We are looking forward to meeting you. You can find more educational articles like this one in our website You can get in touch info via email at or if you prefer to talk or phone number is 780-665-4949.

Half of small businesses fail during the first five years and 23% of employers blame having an underperforming staff. This is the third most common reason why businesses fail. A lot of underperforming staff is simply failing to compromise the owners interes with the team. Some employers outright failed to see their teams interests. On the other end of the spectrum, some business owners dedicate themselves to much on becoming the team’s “professional counsellor” taking time and resources away from growing the business.

A business owner’s top priority is almost always improving and growing their company. This could be as simple as following up on leads, cold calling clients and more. Big initiatives such as revamping marketing strategies and hosting marketing events also play a part in growing your company. However such strategies often leaves their employees in the dark. Employers often forget to compromise their own interest with the staff. Employees could have personal stuff to take care of. However they can’t invest the time to take care of these personal interest because of work. Business owners that fail to realize their employee interest may cause friction in their relationship.

Our work lead us to believe so the Edmonton business consultant, that there are a number of factors that affect employee interest in performance. An employee’s career aspiration and progression can play a big part on their performance. Employees with linear aspiration and progression path is is easier to deal with than others. A linear progression path can be as simple as a pay raise or it could also be rising through the company ladder aspiring to be an executive of a company. Some employee progression might lead them away from the company. They could have found a better career path or a better job offer. They could even start her own company. However as the business owner you should understand and help your employees to succeed in whatever progression path they take. However there is one problematic employee that might often come up.

Employees without aspirations and a blatant disregard to progression could be very problematic. They are only working to get money and maybe enjoy the benefits package. However these types of employees curb to difficult situations. Their work performance are simple to understand. It directly correlates to how good they feel. Often in business you will face challenges. Employees like this starts to drag you down when difficulty arises. However if you can sell your company values and mission to your employees. They can draw inspiration from your mission and values instead of purely relying on their own personal success and mood.

Edmonton business consultant | compromise to succeed

We we employ a number of passionate Edmonton business consultant at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountant. We offer quality marketing strategies, business coaching and consultation. We are keen to help small businesses beat the odds and success. First time clients can enjoy free consultation and a free copy of the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber called “E-Myth”. If you find this article informative and educational please leave us a Google review. You can find more articles like this one on our website at You may contact us via email at or if you prefer to talk over the phone you call us on 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing from you.

Business owners underestimate the difficulty of running a startup. Our work as the Edmonton business consultant has led us to find out that 50% of small businesses do not survive after five years. The third most common reason that his failure is having a bad team. However bad teams are often created because employers failed to compromise their interest with their employees. Often business owners either completely failing to acknowledge their employees interests and personal endeavours or investing too much time and ending up becoming their professional counsellor thus taking away time, resources and energy to run the business itself.

Business owners should constantly strive to grow their business. They should push new marketing strategies, find more leads, following up on clients and more. Employees on the other hand are often more personally invested. There can be marriage coming up, a newborn child or even just a vacation. Employers need to realize their employee’s interest in compromise. Launching new marketing strategies while someone’s marriage is coming up could cause resentment and friction between the employer and employee. It’s a good idea to balance the employer interest to the employee.

One of the reasons employees strive to work for a company as there career aspiration and progression rate. As the Edmonton business consultant, we found that an employee’s rate of progression and career aspirations can greatly impact their performance. There are simple ones to deal with like linear progressions such as a simple pay raise to more complicated one like aspiring to rank up to an executive in the company. Some employees might even progress outside of the company. This could take up form as better job offering, or changing careers. They can also attempt to start their own business. However employers need to understand and help set employees to their chosen progression path to avoid resentment and friction.

There are employees who only work to get a paycheck or enjoy a great group benefit plans. These types of employees can be problematic. Their work performance are directly tied to how good they are feeling. However business often comes with challenges. Once they hit difficulty curb, their performance is dropped drastically. There is a way to remedy this. Business owners need to have employees by engineer corporate mission and values. This can forge loyal and tenacious employees. Since business often comes of it there sets of challenges. Employees can often draw inspiration from the company’s mission and values instead of relying solely on their personal success.