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Edmonton Business Consultant | Company Values Should Align with Employee Interest

Edmonton Business Consultant | Aligning Employee Interest with Company Values

At Spurrell and Associates Chartered Professional Accountants, we offer professional business consultant to our clients. We have a team of talented Edmonton Business Consultants that will offer your business free consultation on our first meeting. We will also give you a copy of the best selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. You can contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949. You can also visit our website to learn more information.

Statistics shows that 50% of all businesses fail during their first five years. The third most common reason for these failures is not finding the right staff. 23% of business owners often attribute their failure to this reason. Employers are unaware about their employees’ personal stuggles. However there is also the other end of the spectrum where business owners spend too much time being an employee’s “professional counselor” which in turn takes time away to the business.

We often found, as your Edmonton business consultants, that employers failed to see the conflicting interest between employees and the business. Business owners are usually busy growing your business. While their employees are more often focused on their personal life. Few examples of these are marriage, or going on vacations. They could also mean going through a tough situation, breakup or something worse. Often times these situations take time and energy from the employee which are not dedicated, and often times destructive to the business.

Career aspirations can affect an employee’s performance greatly. While some employees try their hardest to progress in a career path, such as climbing the company ladder. There are also employees whose progression might lead them out of the company. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I would be best to understand and accept these aspirations. Apart from these two types of employees, there are also those who have no aspirations at all. This can be potentially problematic to your business because their work performance is directly tied to your success outside of work. Understanding these aspirations can help you understand and align their interest with yours.

One big factor that we, the Edmonton business consultants would like to discuss, that are affecting your employee’s performance is health and comfort. It is obvious that if employees are seeing or is having some discomfort, there performance will drop drastically. This could take time and energy away from work. Employers should work closely with your employees to understand and help with these health problems.

The most important thing that we found is trying to convince employees to buy into the company’s mission and values. While there are employees who come in for work just for the paycheck and benefits, there performance is directly tied to their mood. However every employees will run to some challenges sooner or later and said employees performance will drop. However if you can sell your mission and values to your employees. Whenever life gets tough day can always find aspiration in their company’s mission and values.

Edmonton business consultant | Company Values should align with Employee Interest

We offer free consultation for first-time clients, as the Edmonton business consultant. We also offer Michael Gerber errors best-selling business book “E-Myth” to our new clients. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we strive to help small businesses to beat the odds. Get in touch to know more about our amazing services, our email is and if you prefer to talk to us our phone number is 780-665-4949. w more information can be found in our website at

Running a business is tough as we experience it as the Edmonton business consultant. Businesses fail 50% time during their first five years has backed by Canadian business statistics. Business owners attribute 23% of his failure as having the wrong team. Employers often struggle to fix this issue because they do not know their own employees interests. There are also those business owners who involve themselves too much and ends up becoming their personal counsellor which in turn decreases their time dedicated to their company.

At Spurrell and Associates CPA, we often found business owners fail to realize the conflicting interest between their employees and the company. Business owners are usually busy when growing your business, making marketing initiatives, or chasing leads. Employees on the other hand are more focused on their personal interest. The these can either be positive, such as getting married, expecting a newborn, or taking a vacation. Even worse when it’s negative such as getting over a breakup or more. Situations like these often times take considerable time and energy from the employees that is affecting their work performance.

We, as the Edmonton business consultant, found that career aspirations can affect an employee’s performance. While a few employees try to climb the company ladder. There are also progression that may lead employee out of the company. They are also potentially problematic employees that do not have an aspiration. Their work performance are closely tied to their mood. Understanding these career aspirations can help business owners align their interest with their employees.

Health is also a major factor affecting employee performance. Having sick employees will often take time off from work. This will decrease productivity and as a business owner you should try to understand and with said health problems.

One of the most, if not the most important thing is aligning your business mission and values with your employees interest. While some employees come in for work just for the money and benefits. These types of employees’ work performance is tied to who how good their life is at the moment. However it’s inevitable to avoid difficulties. These challenges often times reduces employees mood and often times work performance takes a hit. Knowing this, if you can sell your business values to your employees. They can find satisfaction would work rather than solely relying on personal life success. Employees are more likely to persevere through hardships if day agree with your corporate values.