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Edmonton Business Consultant | Company Values and Interests

Edmonton business consultant | recruiting the right employee

At Spurrell and Associates charter professional accountants, our Edmonton business consultant strive to provide the best marketing strategies, business coaching, and consultation. New clients have a chance to experience our consultation for free. We also give away a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. Feel free to contact at or if you prefer help my phone number is 780-665-4949. If you find this article useful there are more business tips and tricks in our website.

According to the Canadian business statistics 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. A number of business owners, in fact 23% of them attributed their failure to having an underwhelming team. As your Edmonton business consultant, we are here to discuss how to recruit the right employee. Having a successful full business means you need the right staff. However keeping employees forever is an impossible task. We will show you ways to improve employee longevity.

Business owner do not realize the cost of losing an employee. Once an employee is lost, it is natural to restart the hiring process. New hires can often be expensive. The recruiting process contain it time and energy away from growing the business. They need to go through training, which could take as little as a few days or as long as a few months. There is also transition period for the new hire which could take as long as the training. Employers also need to realize when to let go of a subpar employee. A bad employee can cost just as much if not more than a new hire. He said employees practices bad work ethics and underwhelming work performance. Over time this can be more expensive and use hiring a new person for the job.

How can you solve this problem? If losing an employees expensive and keeping employees forever is impossible then how do you deal with this? As the Edmonton business consultant we suggest to constantly be hiring. If you are constantly hiring, you are more likely to find the right fit for the role. This greatly reduces the time spent in the recruiting process. Employers should also assign two employees in one role. If by any chance the other is sick or leaving, the other can take their place.

Our Edmonton business consultant firmly believe in having a clear, precise and polarizing corporate mission and values. However we are also against corporate values that are trying to appeal to everyone. If a business has a clear, precise, and polarizing company mission and values, they are more likely to find the right employee. Polarizing company mission and values can often deter the wrong people from applying. These people most likely do not agree with the corporate mission and values, thus making them a bad fit for your business. On the other hand it could also attract the right people for the job. People who would last longer and is more motivated due to your company objective.

Edmonton business consultant | company values and interests

A number of studies, the Edmonton business consultant have learned, shows that small businesses have 50% failure rate during their first five years. In the third most common reason, which comprises of 23%, is having the wrong team. We would like to go through and discuss how company value and interests can affect your hiring process. Knowing this there is no such thing as employees for life. But there are ways to improve employee retention.

At Spurrell an Associates charter professional accountants, we believe in the mission of helping small businesses beat the odds. Our Edmonton business consultant offers top-notch services such as business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation. Speaking of consultation, our first-time clients can enjoy it for free. They can also receive a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. You can find us at for more information and educational articles like this. You can get a hold of us at or if you prefer to talk our phone number is 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

New hires are expensive. Employers often underestimate the cost of losing an employee. The recruiting process can be a long process. Taking away precious time, energy, and resources away from the company. New hires need to go through training. The training process can take up as long as a few months, or as short as a few days. There is also on inevitable transition period in which it could take just as long as the training process. Making sure the new hireis familiar to the role it is imperative for your business. On the other side of the spectrum, business owners often do not realize how expensive it is to keep a bad employee. Over time said employees can accumulate unforeseen cost. Make every practising suboptimal workflow, bad work ethics which in turn makes them have worse work performance. Often times business owners do not realize how expensive this entire ordeal is.

Let’s ask our Edmonton business consultant if there are ways to solve this issue. If losing an employee is expensive but it’s also impossible to keep them forever, then what are ways to solve this problem? There are a few ways to lessen the impact of an employee leaving. Employers need to be vigilant about hiring. In fact they need to be constantly doing so. This way the business has always Friday you have an employee leaves. They are also more likely to find the right fit for certain roles. Business owners should also assign one role for two employees. The benefits of having multiple employees doing one role can play a big factor to a stable business. If one employee is sick or leaving, the role can still have one more person keeping things stable

An important factor to the hiring process is having a polarizing company values and interests. This will deter potential candidates without the right values and interests from applying. On the other hand it will attract people it practices the same values and asked the same interests. This will attribute to employee loyalty thus they are more likely to stay longer.