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Edmonton business consultant | Client intake and how to streamline it

As the Edmonton business consultant we are tasked to monitor the state of the business industry. Studies have shown that 50% of Canadian small businesses struggle to survive for more than five years. According to 42% of business owners, the reason they fail and the inability to have enough customers. In this article we will help you streamline your client intake and your workflow.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we employee like-minded people who have a passion for helping small businesses. We believe that small businesses are the pillar to the economy stability. Our firm offers small business mostly, new clients, free consultation services. This also includes have free copy of Michael Gerber’s “E- Myth”, our favourite best-selling business book. If you find this article informative please visit our website at You can get all of us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

Clients, both new and old, usually ask similar questions. You will start to find a pattern. Differently worded, usually have the same meaning. As the business owner, you should try to realize this patterns and create FAQ. Once you create an FAQ, then start either preplanned questionnaire checklist for clients over the phone. A preplanned checklist can help you avoid stumbling while over the phone. It will also make it more efficient and easier for your employees. It’s usually inefficient create questionnaires on-the-fly. This might create inconsistencies between your employees and clients. However it’s impossible to know all of the client’s questions. It’s important to have a strategy to get your client back on track during the questionnaire.

One of the few ways, our Edmonton business consultant have found is to have an effective line to get your clients back on topic. The most effective way to get your client attention is to say “absolutely I can help with that, but first let me just ask you a few more questions…” It is almost 100% guarantee to work. Your finishing your questionnaires first will help you avoid some distractions and focus on the task at hand. After that important to answer said questions.

The best way to discuss projects with clients is to meet up. The next best thing however is over the phone. Phone calls are the most common and proven effective way to discuss potential projects with clients. However you can’t always expect them to be ready to answer the phone call. You is the business owner should also prepare a template to ask questions. While our Edmonton business consultant find it suboptimal to discuss projects over email, it’s unavoidable sometimes.

Email discussion can be missed and got and easily. That’s why we at Spurrell and Associates CPA believe that most effective way to talk your client is over the phone. However it’s possible for email appointments for business meeting to be effective. Giving clients flexibility over their schedules will increase client turnover. Offer at least 10 potential meeting times to your client. Once appointments are set confirmed and immediately with all the information. This will allow the client to see if the information are right. It is also important to send another confirmation email before meeting day. This will reduce the chances of clients are showing up.

Edmonton business consultant | efficient and effective client intake

We believe, as the Edmonton business consultant at small businesses are the pillar of our economy. They comprise of 50% of all jobs. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we strive to help small businesses succeed. Proven statistics have shown 50% of small businesses fail during the first five years. And 42% of entrepreneurs attributes failure to the inability to attract enough customers. We strive to help small businesses beat these odds. This article is written by passionate Edmonton business consultant to help business owners to create effective client intake checklist and templates. If you want to know more please contact us at or call as over the phone at 780-665-4949. We offer our new clients one of our free services. First time clients will enjoy free consultations and free copy of “E – Myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. We look forward to serving you.

There are a few ways to streamlining client intake. Today we will discuss about creating checklist and templates for your clients and employees. It is a good idea to preplanned your checklist avoid employees from stumbling when asking questions. It’s generally ill-advised to create questions on-the-fly. This might create consistency issues from your employees and confusion from your clients. Business owners should pay attention to questions from both their new and old clients. They should notice a pattern that most of these questions repeat themselves. This will be important for creating your employee checklist for a phone questionnaire.

It’s common for clients to object during phone questionnaire. It will ask questions directly off-topic or might create random conversations with your employees. While this will provide an excellent user experience, it will derail from the conversation. Our Edmonton business consultant has a few ways to solve this issue and get client back on track. The most effective line that we found his “absolutely I can help you with that, but first let me just ask you the rest of this questionnaire…” This is almost 100% guarantee to work and get your client back on topic.

What if phone interviews and questionnaires don’t work? While it is proven effective and efficient to schedule meetings not ask questionnaires over the phone. Sometimes it’s inevitable that clients are unavailable for phone conversations. Business owners need to be ready for the situation and preplan template emails. This will allow you to create both efficient phone and email workflow. Emails are a viable way to create business meeting appointments. However it is harder to gain their attention. It’s important for you, the business owner, to give your clients flexibility. We believe that you should give them at least 10 potential meeting times for best possible schedule. Having said that you should also immediately confirm said email conversation. The templates need to contain all the information previously discussed. This will allow the client to see if there are any errors in the information and can correct them right away. As for client retention, it’s important to create a follow-up template email to confirm the appointment the day before it happens.