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Edmonton Business Consultant | Business Plan Pipeline Marketing Initiatives

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Normally every business that you’re in needs to engage in those things. Those are, you know, what we view is as foundational. Whether you’re a dentist or a plumber, that plan doesn’t change very much. Even if you’re trying to sell things online. And people will say, well why do I need a local Google my business listing? Well call us now for all the top Edmonton Business Consultant because we want our online store to rank and having Google, having Google reviews helps you do that. Yeah, I can see why I can be and ah, cause it’s not, hi, thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask Sperl CPA today as the EBITDA business consultant, we’re talking about business plan, pipeline marketing initiatives. Denise, how are you doing today? I’m good. Yeah. We learned a lot about marketing initiatives in which one? The which ones don’t. Yep. Have we seen a lot of money spent on ones that don’t work? We have, oh, so the quote that we have here today, Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the best marketers on the planet, and he says, your number one job is to tell your story to the customer wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they’re deciding to make a purchase. And the statistic that we have is that 50% of all Canadian businesses will go out of business in the first five years. And 42% of these failed business owners will list the inability to attract enough customers as one of the primary reasons for their business.

Failing, making the inability to attract enough customers as the primary reasons for business failure. It’s the number one reason that businesses fail. Um, so the story that we have here, they’re most business plans. We see the either have, you know, no sales or marketing plan or they have very vague, you know, sales and marketing initiatives. Um, so Denise, what are the questions that these business owners and in establishing, if they have enough detail in their sales and marketing plan, what should they be asking? So I think first they want to ask what examples of marketing initiatives that you believe are foundational? So yeah, so these are kind of the opposite of the pipeline marketing initiatives. These are absolutely foundational. You know, some of those examples are, you know, have a Google my business listing set up and start gathering reviews. You know, it’s gonna help your website rank.

It’s going to give you that social proof that makes sure people can actually decide if they want to use you or not. Um, you know, youtube, youtube is just so easy and so cost effective and there’s so many things you can do with youtube. So having youtube, you know, understanding your problem, vision, mission and values, having your differentiate your set up so you understand where you sit as opposed to your other, uh, customers. Making sure your branding is on point. Does your logo communicate what you want it to communicate? Are you getting it on everywhere you need to on your sign, on your uniforms, on your vehicles and your, are we getting that branding out where we need to get it? Um, do we have a no brainer offer something that our customers can’t resist because you know, we’re a small business on an established brands if you need Edmonton Business Consultant then call us now!

We need that no brainer to bring them in. And do we have a website that actually rakes, um, you know, because that website is, is, is going to, you know, determine no matter how we get it, they’re probably going to Google us and see what we are. And then finally, do we have any sales training that we can actually convert people? Do you have a strategy to convert them once we, you know, have them on the line so to speak. Those are the foundational type marketing initiatives. So are these types of initiatives normally necessary for every business? Normally every business that you’re in needs to engage in those things. Those are what we view is as foundational. Whether you’re a dentist or a plumber, that plan doesn’t change very much. Even if you’re trying to sell things online. And people will say, well, why do I need a local Google my business listing? Well, because we want our online store to rank and having Google, uh, having Google reviews helps you do that. So, um, those are normally foundational and you know, they’re almost necessary for every business. So if you ignore these marketing initiatives or other initiatives, initiatives, normally less effective. They are. So a lot of people are like, well I can, I’ll do something else. But they don’t realize a lot of those foundational marketing initiatives. A lot of the pipeline in the marketing initiative that we’re going to cover in a bit here don’t work as well. You know, we run that Facebook ad, but we’re ignoring the fact that once they see the Facebook ad, they’re probably going to Google us before they buy from us. Use these guys now if you are ready for the most epic Edmonton Business Consultant ! So they’re just reducing the effectiveness of a lot of the pipeline and other initiatives. Are there other initiatives that will work in some businesses but not others?

Yeah. Then there’s other initiatives that you can look at that you know, might be useful for some businesses. Um, but they, you know, equally might not be as useful for other businesses. These are more specific to the industry that you’re in, your current circumstances, the vision that you have to the company. So they’re not as, as you know, generic in one size fits all and so good that you can ignore that. The foundational ones are, um, these are, are, are, you know, industry specific a lot of times. Be sure Yeah. Um, so what do you classify them? Um, the non foundational marketing initiatives. I like to refer to them as, as pipeline marketing initiatives. And they refer to those foundational marketing initiatives is almost as if there’s a conveyor belt or an escalator. And those pipeline initials are simply dropping onto the conveyor belt. For the greatest help go to or just call us now at 780-665-4949 as soon as you can! But if, you know, uh, you know, if you, uh, if, if though that conveyor belt is broken, those pipeline initiatives, you know, generally won’t work, they won’t, uh, you know, result in a sale.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Needing Help Now?

We see that a lot, don’t we that um, clients kinda liked those pipeline initiatives. Yeah. See more used to them. I don’t know what it is. And so they, they were con knows before getting the conveyor belt going. I think they’re quick. They can write a check and you can spend some money and get them up and running. Um, but the foundation of marketing issues takes time. It takes time to, uh, you know, get some reviews on Google. It takes time to do enough content on Google. It takes time to be really precise about your differentiation factors. Research as a competition, make sure you set yourself apart. Uh, those things take time. Make sure you call us now if you want top Edmonton Business Consultant! So people generally, you know, they default into the easiest solution even though the easiest is rarely the best in terms of marketing. Um, our online ads, an example of a pipeline initiative.

Yeah, online ads are definitely an example of pipeline initiative. You know, you can go on and set your Google ad words and by your Google ad words in your industry, uh, and, and they’ll, they’ll, you know, theoretically they’ll work. But again, you’d think about it dropping it. If I am buying as Google ad words and I have a terrible website that you know, doesn’t coerce me into, you know, starting well the, the, that pipeline initiative is not gonna work. And a lot of times people will say, well Google ads don’t work. Cause like there was nothing wrong with the Google ads is just you didn’t have enough reviews for anyone to trust you once they got interested in you and your, your website made everyone think that you are a crappy brand. So that will happen. Yeah. So what about social media? Is it an example of a pipeline initiative with a Edmonton Business Consultant? It is. Social media is a pipeline initiative. Again, you can get someone interested in, in a, in a a Facebook ad and you can run a Facebook ad and we’ll link it to an event or your site or something you going. But it is an essence, I believe, a pipeline initiative that might work in sub businesses and might not work in other businesses. I think for example, of, uh, you know, pretend you’re a plumber, you know, when someone is up to their waist in water in their basement, they are searching Google, not Facebook. I’m sorry to tell you that if you’ve run this, you know, if you’re, if you’re spending all your money in Facebook right now, but you got to remember what type of business, if you’re in a needs based business, a lot of times it’s a, you know, at that, that moment that they’re buying, they’re searching Google a lot of times.

Right? And it’s different than other businesses where, you know, people are thinking about it. If you’re in the fitness industry or something like that, Facebook has worked really well because they’re in a social state of mind. So try to, you know, encourage them to come to a class with other participants. That works really, really well. That sort of, you know, ad on Facebook. So are most businesses confusing social media as a foundational initiative? They do. They think they can get their Instagram and their Facebook running and they forget that the buying cycle that what happens is they’re going to get interested you on Facebook or Instagram and a lot of times before they purchase from you, they are going to search you on Google. So if you’ve ignore that foundational marketing initiative you’ve ignored getting the, the reviews you’ve ignored, putting a good offer on your website, you’ve ignore getting your branding on point and you simply run that Facebook ad, they’re going to check you, you do a credibility search if you will, on Google before they buy from you and then it will work. So a lot of people think that the Facebook, you’re getting that click is the goal. Getting the click isn’t the goal. Getting the conversion is the goal, right? Getting that client to actually convert. And that’s why I view that, you know, social media, just because of most small businesses, they’re going to eventually Google you or look for another source or look for a source of reviews. Um, you know, if Facebook is more of a pipeline initiative, um, most social media platforms are that they can be an extremely effective pipeline initiative. But if you ignore the foundational initiative, a lot of times you’ll think that it doesn’t work and you’ll think, hey, my Facebook ads in my Instagram ads are useless. I was like, no, they’d probably work really well for you. It’s just that you haven’t laid that foundation and got those other, uh, you know, initiatives going.

I think we’ve even talked about how even in fact I really trusted friend gives you a referral to add business or something. You still, most people will still look it up on hundred percent look for reviews on Google, right? Even if it’s like your best friend or you know, a family member that you trust. Yes. Still gonna look on Google a hundred percent 88% isn’t on this. 88% of them. And that doesn’t change if it’s a one-to-one referral, they’re stoned and look you up on Google afterwards, isn’t networking a pipeline initiative? It’s the same thing. Networking a pipeline. It’s just you’re going to these networking events and you’re thinking, well I can’t, I’m going to get someone a, I’m going to get someone interested and they’re going to buy from me. They’re going to Google you, they’re going to Google you first. They’re going to want to see other customer views, objective reviews from other cuffs, and they’re saying that you’re happy, right? Um, they want to see a website that’s on point. So, uh, that’s why it networking is a pipeline initiative. Whereas if, if those foundational initiatives aren’t in place, that networking is less likely to result in an actual sale. It’ll get you interest but not a sale. And should you have specific amounts and costs for all pop pipeline initiatives? Here’s the Edmonton Business Consultant one where I see where, okay, they have, let’s say they have their foundational marketing initiatives and that’s not the problem. But now they’re starting to identify these pipeline initiatives. So we’re going to run Facebook ads. Okay, great. How many are we going to run? You know, how many ads are we gonna run? How much are we going to spend on sponsoring all of these ads? Say we’re going to drop flyers, okay, how many flyers are we going to drop? How much is it going to cost?

Are we going to go to networking events? So let’s not just say we’re going to go to networking events. How many networking events per month are we going to go to? Because once we start getting those numbers, we can translate those numbers into reasonable projections. You know, is it reasonable that we can generate a 10 new clients from five networking events? Probably not, but maybe we could generate 10 new clients from a hundred networking events or 200 narrower he events. Right? Be sure to call us now at 780-665-4949 or go to as you need! So it’s important to have, you know, a specific numbers, you know, amounts number of times, and how much it’s gonna cost and your pipeline marketing initiatives, and then can make reasonable projections and make sure we have enough money to actually pay for these initiatives too. Um, so I think that’s what we have here today on the business plan, pipeline marketing initiatives. And you know, as always, please hit that like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds at business. And if you have any questions, you’ll feel free to write them below. We’ll do our best to answered back and even use your input for future videos. Thanks very much.