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Edmonton Business Consultant | Client Intake Checklists & Templates

They continue, want to get you off track and they say, absolutely, I can help you with that. But let me just ask you,

yeah, I can see why I can be, cause it’s mad.

Hi. Thanks for joining us for another episode of Aspirus Burl CPA. Today we’re talking about client intake checklists and templates. I got Matt Hamon from Sunnyside is financial Audi. So Matt, why don’t you tell us about the, the financial picture looks like for most people and number two in 2019? Well, a lot of change for your Edmonton Business Consultant,

uh, it’s going to depend on if we can deliver some promises as a, as a provincial government. And then, uh, I think the bigger, the bigger things going to be national, uh, you have to have changes at the national level, Edmonton Business Consultant, and support, which I think is growing yeah. Your Edmonton Business Consultant is going To Alberta. We can’t, we can’t have one buyer and a, we’ve gotta be able to enjoy and develop our energy industry and that’s going to take a national change.

Yeah. Right on. So look forward to that. So the quote that we have here today, uh, concerning declined to take checklist, the templates as the Michael Gerber quote alter the e myth and it says, if your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job and it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for Linda, tick tick is you. So, uh, the cystic is 50% of the game business will fail within five years and 42% of those entrepreneurs who fail will state that the primary reason for their failure was they were able to acquire enough customers. And that makes it the number one reasons for businesses failing is the can acquire enough customers. And the story is that business owners and we run into it over and over again as busy, as long as they don’t have a standardized client intake process. You know, what makes it inefficient and it prevents a business owner from utilizing their team during the intake. So Matt, what are, what do you think are the questions that these business owners should be asking?

I think first thing is what’s your first checklist? Why should, why should a list of questions to ask a new client be that first one.

It’s the number one thing I made is the reason why you’re probably not going to succeed or, or you will succeed in businesses, your ability to, to onboard new clients. Uh, any want that process to be efficient and seamless and pleasant for the client. Uh, you know, you don’t want to, you know, forget that I was supposed to ask this. You know, did I ask, you know, where they heard about us? Did I ask how big the project is? Did I ask how many people are involved that I asked your mailing address that I not get your phone number today, not get your email? All of these things that can go wrong in the client intake process. When we’re busy as entrepreneurs and we’re worried about, we know what we’re trying to juggle all the balls in the air, let’s make the most important one.

So standardized, let’s put it on one piece of paper. Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, on our front we even have it laminated just in case the go down. It’s like the only piece of paper that I will tolerate is that you know, the client intake process, we have to know exactly what we need to ask people on the phone when they call it and they want to do business with us. How do you handle common objections during the phone questionnaire? You plan them. So you’re going to start to get really common objections. You’re going to start saying, oh, can I just get a price? Um, you know, uh, are these guys going to do a good job or not? If you get those common objectives, objections, you want to write them down and you want to have a set responses that you can deploy against them. And sometimes it’s not mechanical robotic.

It’s think of it as your set responses are tools. Edmonton Business Consultant, you know, tools is, you know, we might have, you know, people call into our firm, we just want a price. And you know, our first line is out is you know, rules of professional conduct with CPA and he’ll say that we can’t quote a price until we fully understand the clients. So we do a free consult to get you an accurate quote, which were right and then that might be enough. And then we tell them, you know, we have packages starting for me for all a mouth, but we got to do a concept that, you know, give you an accurate price some, but we have those pre plant, we’re not stumbling for them on the phone. Uh, you know what? We know what they are. You’re going to find that. Then most of the objections that you get, they’re going to come over and over again.

And if you just plan on those, you know, three to five objections over the phone, you have planned responses, you’re just going to handle them seamlessly. And not only that, your team can handle them seamlessly without you even having to intervene. And what’s the best land? Get a prospect back on track with the questionnaire. So there’s the, the one Ninja line that I call it the client calls in and, and you know, you have to get to this questionnaire and you know, as a professional, whatever you do, you’re an accountant or an electrician or your dentists, you know, you’ve got to get this questionnaire and you’ve got to book the appointment. Edmonton Business Consultant, or else nothing happens anyways. So they continue wanting to get you off track and you say, absolutely, I can help you with that, but let me just ask you so let’s just get it again.

So they asked back something and they say something crazy about, oh, you know, Matt’s calling you. And they say, well, what about my quickbooks file? Can I book this as an asset? This is a liability. I just say, absolutely, we can help you with that. But let me just ask you, can I get your email? And you just get them right back on track at the same script. And I don’t know why it works. I just know that it does work. So if you just remember that one in July and absolutely. Let me just ask you, it’ll just refocus them back to the questionnaire. So do you also have a template email, uh, to ask questions? Yeah. So sometimes you’re, you’re going to get a lead or a prospect that comes in. You won’t have a phone number, you know, I’d prefer to do it by phone.

I think it’s a quicker, usually the back and forth or some people just will never pick up their phone these days. So you should also have a templated email that you can reach out and get the answers to these questions as well. So if your business is appointment driven, can you email, can you, can the email also set the appointment at that time? Yeah. There’s no point at all of trying to email out to get the answers to the questions and then create another email chain all together, uh, to set the appointment. Let’s just, you know, make as few points of contact as possible to get that, make that experience as seamless and as easy for that person as possible and to eliminate all that back and forth. How many times do you give out when you send potential times? I send 10 potential meeting times every time I send a new request their clients.

So I mean, how many times has someone emailed you back and said, oh, can you meet on Thursday at 5:00 PM? Well, no. And then they email back. Can you meet on Friday? We’ll know. And then this email chain, it’s just like never ending. And we have to remember that every time we get an email and check her email blocks in over for the next 23 minutes where we’re no longer as smart as they were before. So you know, let’s give them 10. Give them your next 10 available times eight. It’ll show the client that you know, you have a, Edmonton Business Consultant, a, a viable business and you’re kind of busy. Um, so they’ll know that, you know, these are the times that they can meet. These are the times of the cancer. It’ll set that expectations of Byo. Give them the convenience to pick one that’s actually gonna work for them without creating this unnecessary evil chain.

Because how many of these prospects just fall off when they can’t get an email and they can’t get a time worked out in two or three emails. And so once that appointment is said, do immediately email them right after that. Yeah. Now I’m going to prepare them for what that appointment is going to look like. You know, my business, I’m saying, you know, if you, if possible, can you bring the prior tax returns, prior financial statements, any business plans that you have worked out. But you know, if you’re an electrician, you’re gonna email them back and say, hey, we’re gonna meet around this time. You know, uh, this is going to show up. The appointment’s going to take around this time. We’re going to want to look at this and this, and you’re going to start preparing them for that initial appointment, uh, which is extremely, uh, important.

So you want to set the stage for what that initial appointments going to be like. Him Make It as, as, uh, as unintimidating as possible, as comfortable as possible. And so why is it important to get also confirm that appointment the day before? Because the show up rate for appointments is just dramatically going to decrease if you do not confirm. So, unless as a business owner, you like having time blocked out in your schedule for people not to show up on you, Edmonton Business Consultant, you’re going to want to confirm people that are going to no show, no matter if you confirm or not. But those no show rates are going to dramatically decrease if you’re able to confirm the appointment. Not only that, there’s a lot of evidence to support that, the number of, uh, touches for context in between that first point of contact and actually asking for their business.

If we can increase those number of contacts, you know, we’re increasing our chances of success rate. Uh, so, you know, we had that person come in, you know, they, they called in the first time they book their appointment or you know, we did it through the email questionnaire and then we immediately sent out another, a form of correspondence, you know, preparing them for that initial appointment. And now we’ve confirmed that appointment as well. Uh, now that meeting, now we have four points of contact. Uh, plus they’ve probably, you know, um, been subjected to a little bit of, there are advertising a few points as well too. So the more points of contact that you can put in there, Edmonton Business Consultant, you know,

the better really. So after the appointment, do you also have a template for that? Do you need one for that?

Yeah. So after, you know, what’s the follow up on that? Um, you know, a lot of times if they’re not going to sign on right away, if you’re going to deliver them a quote after they say they need to think about that, you know, why do we have to come up with that on the fly? Let’s just, you know, we can have a really good one ready to go. We can get it out. Read away. You don’t want to be waiting. So I don’t know. I have to think about it. And they don’t even get the contract or proposal from you for three or four more days. Why can’t you have that templated, that s, you know, as they’re walking out of that appointment, um, they’re already getting that email before they even get home, right? Edmonton Business Consultant, so they have it right there. They can review it, they can go over it. I’m just going to increase your chances.

Success. So why, why have a, a template for all of these emails? What aims compose these on the fly and make them make personal each client,

you just will never be able to compose it at, at the highest level. So when, you know, things like our client intake email, we’ve wordsmith these and based on every time we get a response back, you know, and it creates an email chain, what could we put in that initial email that we could’ve just hammered it down the first time? You know, we literally spent probably hundreds of hours on these emails and it would not be possible to wordsmith each and every email like that, uh, efficiently or you know, right down to where the exclamation points go and where the periods go. You know, if you think that every one of your employees are going to do that every single time, um, a they won’t. And B, even if they do, you don’t want to pay them to do that every single time. You know, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

Um, miss emails. Yeah, exactly. You can, you can template these emails every time, right? And you can get them out to incredible quality. There’s a lot of things in your business that you’re going to have to customize, but you know, what are the things that we can execute it at a high level that we can template. Uh, what are the things that we can put on a checklist that we never forget that are going to save us time? Edmonton Business Consultant, I think those are the key. Absolutely. So I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks again for joining us. As always, please hit the like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds at business. And we look forward to reading your comments below so we can respond and use your feedback for content and future videos. Thanks very much.