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Edmonton Business Consultant | Business Boot Camp Q&A Part 4

Is that on once upon a time told me I had to get 40 reviews and I thought they were crazy cause I hadn’t for Google reviews so I thought how am I ever going to get it right now? This is our arch enemy, not CPA out of Ontario. And they think they do go to the stock, the highest rate of burn and they went home on Friday evening. They were still the highest rated Kirby Canada to copy it on Monday morning. And we do realize that little group of Alberta


Yeah. I can see the whole wide world with the two. I can be [inaudible]

all of us who don’t know. We’ve been working towards this a long time.

You want a time told me I had to given 40 reviews and I thought they were crazy cause I hadn’t for Google reviews so I thought how am I ever gonna get, and right now this is our arch enemy. Nah, that’s an EPA out of Ontario. And they think they do go to stop [inaudible] the highest rating and they went home on Friday taking feel the high end radial nerve in Canada. I know you’re going to copy it on Monday morning and then we do realize that Albert up


yes. [inaudible]

for as long as they buy teams. And my team has been on the old chasing this goal down, we are weddings last year it seemed like an absolute impossible. Um, but for those of you who are sitting there, you have no Google reviews or you don’t have to Google reviews I had for a year ago and one of them was from some guy who wasn’t even a client. And you ripped me cause I thought it was too expensive. I actually came to me the says burn with more Google’s or visa. Yes, yes, yes. Um, okay, let’s get into the next one here guys. So now you just crushed me.


Right. We’ll send Matt enough like gift basket or something. Yes. Oh, we got lots of questions. Okay. Let’s see what we can do. Whatever you should be looking at. We’re gonna get to that one on the next section. Do you help people who do not have a definite idea? Um, I guess it kind of depends. Like if they have no idea on what business idea they have, I would encourage them to watch the youtube channel to subscribe to the Youtube channel up for me. The best way I’ll get you thinking about the material comes back to the boot are we’re going to do so many questions anyway, but if you’re like, like let’s say you’ve got an idea and it’s just like, yeah, I’m thinking about this. What do you think? Yeah. That’s no problem. I might tell you, no, don’t do it sucks. But, uh, that happens sometimes that’s better, right?

Because you’ll be just further along long before us. So, um, yeah, the meeting when we’re, we’re good. Um, how do I avoid quoting my home address on Google my business or home based service. Okay. Do you don’t kind of like with my Italian, but I think you should put your home address on it. Uh, nothing says I stand by my product or service. Like, I’m willing to put my home address on it. So if you’re absolutely dead set against it, you can go to Mr Ted Wong over there, the ups store and he gets you a mailbox. Um, they get to your mailbox and you can use it to get your Google polls part. Also remember when you put your app, when you’re doing your Google my business and you do put your home address on, there is still a selection that tells you, hey, I don’t want people to know this is my address so you will, it hurts your back, hurts your search results in the map area.

But if you’re really dead set like hey, no and like, cause I don’t, I don’t want people, clients showing a house. You can still do that. Google wants to know where you are, but they won’t necessarily talk. Yeah, you don’t. Yeah, I don’t do that to me. I would two zero nine zero four 96 have anyone want to come to my house, you know, and you got to just thinking about your business like that. You just want me to do whatever it takes to be really good at what you’re doing and you, you might start worrying about that sort of thing. Um, you know, how much should you bid for keywords? A. Okay. And then I separate question. So how much did you get for yours? I just used the Google, the Google Algorithm, like use their suggested a price I wouldn’t get too, we get too overly precise about that.

That’s kind of majoring in the minor a little bit. Um, we’re just using the Google suggested is probably more important to determine your ad span. So you know, what’s that reasonable ad spin? And one we want to tell you my hurt in the pocket book, believe it or telling you what the minimum is. Probably a quote for your ads been with you’re doing online. You probably want to look at spending about $250. We’d get thousand dollars a month. Um, that’s something evil. Um, because that’s going to give you data to really know what you’re doing is working or not. And if you were like a really small sample size, it could look really good or really bad, but just the sample size is too small. So usually Google a suggested price. Could you do better? Probably. But there’s so many other better things that program.

MMM. You know, if you have a huge ad spent on, you know, maybe you’re spending $10,000 a month on your ad spend, let’s talk about something different, right? But for most of you, I think that aspect is more to be less than $10,000. So it’s probably not the most efficient use of, uh, of your time. Um, how do you become relevant on youtube? So there’s, um, I’m going to tell you everything that we do is for local Seo to generate will means we’re not doing anything on youtube. The Jews are, in fact, some of the things that we’re doing are actually not what you should do. If you want to get views on youtube, the way we’re titling those videos don’t work that well. So don’t think about being relevant. I, I have some ideas on how to be relevant on Youtube. How do we figure on Youtube? But I’d be pontificating on things that I haven’t done yet and some things that I plan to do rather than things that I have already done, which is the things that I’d rather speak on her. You know, I’m not headline reader. Tell me about things that, that uh, you know, we’ve done the worst thing you’ve done. The worst thing I’ve done a new tube, not start six years ago.

I’ll start right at the beginning. Like hundred percent. Right? I should’ve just be more like, we started doing weekly, we saw like results. So I’m like results. And then we started doing an alien thing. I just got kind of crazy right when we’re talking about like 2019 2019 numbers. It is not very good. Sorry. Yeah, you don’t have to necessarily about it. Like you get like three views on youtube. Those were three people. If you’re titling the way we’re doing it, those are three people looking for an allergy. Harrison lot. Okay. But that’s like you’re going to a networking event and any three people method. Right. So that’s what we’re doing. We talked to uh, a pilot yesterday. I talked about pilot in, uh, in, in Vancouver, right. And he’s, you know, buying uh, uh, airplanes and he’s basically, he’s like a pilot coach. That’s, that’s, I didn’t know this existed yesterday with the pilot in my yesterday and I could hear it on the background and, and he was getting his wife to get on the call cause it was a teleconference call. The representations like is like, I forget her name, Susan. It’s the accountant from Youtube.

[inaudible] another

thing to think about, you make a youtube video. Okay, we’re not going for the county awards but putting, like I said before, in that quality, putting relative relevant content and relevant places. If you’ve not choosing that and you don’t exist when you have a video, it doesn’t need to just live on youtube. You can take that video, take clips of that video and put it across your Edmonton Business Consultant other social media channels and repurpose that content. We are also focusing on using the transcripts from those videos or our websites. Anymore value from that. So don’t think of it as, you know, it’s going to youtube to die if we don’t record it. You just get your art, your spoken word. You can do that. There’s programs out there that where you can just talk into a machine and it will transcribe your words, but you’re gonna wish in two years time that you had the video because what is the hottest, the biggest thing that people are doing on across all social channels watching over a billion, a billion minutes of video was being downloaded monthly on Facebook and on the different channels on youtube.

Kids use lecture. It’s insane. You’re going to wish that you do. Okay. So I mean this is a great question. We poorly miss this. How often do you have to add relevant content? I would suggest that in order to be relevant as a local business, you are going to need to have weekly long boring content weekly long first. So that needs to be an update on that website every single week. One of those videos, I’m trying to do it every single day. I want seven videos per week, uh, everyday, which is a, you get a ridiculous schedule like that. But, uh, one video per week would be, you know, you’d be very strong in any local field and that is a fact who has that question? It’s like a fantastic question one per week. So it doesn’t have to be too, okay. So I’m speaking a little bit out of the things that I’ve done, things I declined to do.

Okay. Look at the guys who can, like the people who do social media really well, they’re tricking you into thinking like if you watch like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Grant are known and they have like all these content and it looks like they’re doing an Instagram post and the Facebook close to the youtube post. They’re not, they’re doing one long form video and they’re chopping it up into bits and pieces and putting it out on all the various channels. So this kind of, you know, you don’t have highs in then how much time you dedicate to Facebook? Instagram, really for me right now, virtually nothing. I do Facebook ads for this event and this event only. I don’t do anything else on Facebook. Um, most of you have a a business where it’s not social. If your business is social, Facebook, a couple of you have is social one console. You can just now where we recommended the office. But if you’re a plumber, when your, you know, if there’s a leak in your house, you’re going to go to Google and search the plumber. There’s a leak in your house and you’re at that point, Google, you’re looking for something cool to do what you’re going to look at Facebook. Um,

her question back, it’s been a little different though. Like Google’s going to find you because Google looking for, they won’t necessarily like Instagram or Facebook. You’ll find youtube. Okay, so you want to make sure that’s that youtube content transcribed on Nazi relevant content for your work.

Google loves Google. No Facebook and it’s vice versa. Yeah. So this is like the big question. This is probably one of the weekly, like your goal in life should be weekly long form content and the people who are doing well. Thank you guys. Could even do a Google search for Gary Vaynerchuk pillar content strategy that won’t both. You want one of the biggest, largest, the largest marketing firms in the world. And they shoot longterm video, long form video and chop it up and push it on Instagram, push it on Facebook if the long form on youtube. That’s just how they do it. They’re not, they create blocks. Yeah. Yeah. They’re just doing long form video content and then having people on their team chop it up and push it out on the various channels that as how to do it. So, uh, even I, I’m not doing anything there right now. If I had more, more time than a longer, I don’t think I would do anything different. I would just pay someone on trauma, those long form videos and blast them everywhere. And it just makes it look like you’re posting all the time that you’re not like guys only doing like, you know, half hour video a day. Right. And you guys at team often, you know, so

probably the best at or like social media channels. Definitely can every day. Wonderful. Yep. Not, you need to be consistent like overbearing. I am an artist in his youtube how to video, which we’ll revisit this question is the earth, what do you, can you describe it to me a little more? Yeah, I actually that with me.

Julian business. So you want to sell jewelry? Okay. Oh, uh, oh I retail location or just on the side at home for now. Yeah. Um, I would do a hundred. I wouldn’t do, uh, you could do Julie how to like how they’re built. You could do anything on that video. The more the better. I would do some just showcasing it, you know, what are the materials involved where you sourced them. You could even do your process. We have one who use, uh, doing, uh, uh, street wear clothing right now. And he’s actually a former sprawling associate client or an employee who came back and hired us after, uh, after he left and telling me he just document. The whole thing is setting up the store. You just need so much more content. Almost just don’t think about what you’re going to struggle is finding the idea.

So anything that comes to your idea, like if a, how to came to your head. Let’s do how to you get another one about where he starts the products you’re going. Another one of all of the customer experience is like when they buy it. Another one about what it was like when you set up your website, one of you setting up your, your table at the like just any possible thing. You’re almost just documenting that process and get that 10 minute clip on it. Yeah, and I actually think this would, I, I’ve had some local artists, you know, the starving artists tell me, you know, they come in and they want to make it big. They want to be the next big singer or something. And I was like, well, I don’t know how to make you the next big singer, but I could make you a working artist in Edmonton.

I can make it that everyone would know. I could do you a plan that everyone inevitably would know your name, but you just, you could market yourself the same way a plumbing company would. And anytime there was Edmonton events or Edmonton music, they would just, their face would show up in the interview. But for gigs, right. I actually think it would work not just for like drew, you would work if you were a singer. Um, you know, it might not make you, Richard wouldn’t get you that million dollar deal, but if you’re making a hundred grand a year instead of, you know, delivering pizzas and trying to sing every other weekend. So I’m sure not to slight easy delivery guys. Thank you. Rubies.

Um, how much time do I dedicate to Facebook ads? I don’t do many. I don’t, I didn’t do any. I think some day they’ll probably just say someone take all that long form content, chop it off and blast those, log onto Facebook where they’ll see my face. Sounds terrible, but that’s how they do it. Um, I heard another guy, I’m really successful. Right? I describe it as, you know, what is Facebook and Instagram is that it’s a garbage dump was like, what is it? Great garbage down for me? It’s like television should you be watching it at all? But people made a lot of money for a lot of years advertising it. Um, and you’ll see the people comment back and forth, whether it’s good or bad, what they don’t realize what, whether the comment good or bad. Now they’re now often vote, right? There’s the, uh, there’s the people who are, if you’re thinking about it this way, if you’re creating the content, you’re like the football player on the field. And if you’re commenting back on other people’s content, you’re like, that person in this dance,

I’m going to give you that. The person on the [inaudible],

um, AGLC rules for Google reviews. Someone told me,

uh, you can add and

[inaudible] okay, this is going to be as I get like an extra photo if they gave me Google review, but I was told to you in the you, yeah, here’s going be the, the mindset and I, and this is one, I can’t move some business owners off and sometimes I’d lose clients even if they like me. I actually can’t move their mindset away from taking risks here. No, I have no idea what AGLC rules and I’m not gonna read it. And, but here’s what’s gonna happen. Here’s how my day started today. We had to put all this chip, where was it? All that chip creek, huge 50 pound bay. I was like, are we going to carry it from the parking lot? No. I drove the raptor up on the sidewalk next to the Nate building. Did anyone give me permission for that? No. Not a chance, but I just do it like I’m just going to do it.

I don’t know how else to say that. Like you are going to have to take some risk and break some things and, and that, that, that’s what’s going to happen and you just got to get into a position where you think, is this going to be a catastrophic loss for me if it happens? Um, you know, is this probably going to result in nothing 80% of the time? Great. I’m going like, that’s kind of, you just got up, break things sometimes. Then you’ve got to take some chances. So love me or hate me. At least they’ve heard of. Yeah. I biggest problem with both businesses when they start out and be nosy. Right? Nobody knows you. This is how you getting home. I lost a client recently. It was, it was an urban farm because they got the ground down by the second minutes in and they hired a specialty contracting company to get all the permits that they thought were required in this company that they hired was a company specifically designed to figure out which permits they need. I’m just just build the thing and let the city come in and tell you what it is. But they spent the extra money that wasn’t in the plan and they ran out of cash and went bankrupt.

I couldn’t move Moffett. Now they’d still be here in the city, will probably going to come through and slap them with a $250 fine and gave them all the permits they needed to do for free.

Go ahead. I just want to point out, I do think it depends on your business. So for me, for example, I’m a psychologist. The regulatory rules that I cannot see testimonials, same thing as reviews, right? It’s part of the rules. I’m not allowed to break that. I can use my licensing. Yeah. It depends on your business.

[inaudible] really be really specific. The same optometrist that I was telling you, he had a $99. Uh, um, I’ve never read the rules of professional conduct or psychologist, but um, he had a $99 offer and he got a fine from the college, uh, because he wasn’t allowed to make a discount offer without a coupon. Like that’s how finite it was. So you put the coupons behind the desk and as operated in the next 20 years within the rules of the college. Okay. So I guess what I’m saying is your read the rules and go as close up to them as you

can. Cause I even like volunteered the testimonials were not allowed in. Yeah. So I was saying say, make sure you know the rules in your Edmonton Business Consultant own profession. Like just put five stars. And did you ever testify why? I definitely can ask for Q and. A. So three to, for example, there’s a company I’ve worked for where they’re not in profit and they had a fundraiser a few weeks ago and one of the issues that are happening is that the more tools you can from the body, the professional body, they cannot use any testimonies, even if it’s volunteer or anonymous. There’s laundries. Yeah.

Stuff that we like. We represent a whole host of doctors, both of specialty. And you, I’m telling you to go over the limits. I’m saying you know exactly word for word comma by comma what they are and go read up to them. Sure. But that’s what I’m saying. Maybe you have testimonials, but you can say, hey, we’re online and then you have the three, she, she went on Google, figure it out and 5,000 bucks on a lawyer and tell him how close can I get the dog going over? Tell me what it is. Don’t be afraid to ruffle the feathers. Play within the boundaries before freed up to though. That’s, that’s good because your competitors are, because if you search up into psychology, some people have got to go reviews. Yeah. Yeah. So like the nowhere you can go

and even within those lines.

And then also consider the, like a lot of it comes down to the taps to some people will ask me, hey Josh, what’s the rule on this? And the first thing I asked them, how significant is the transaction? This transaction at 100 bucks or is it $100,000? It’s a hundred bucks. I don’t care what you do, whatever you want and we’re going to classify it as whatever material. Right? So think about like, how big of or you know, uh, um, you know what you’re going after, what you could break them, one of them.


Um, are you using hashtags and [inaudible] are not religiously, why would it be able to speak? I don’t think it’s going to make a difference in Eugene description or not. Or program. APP or software. Are you using for transcription? Okay. Tiny, tiny, 10 cents a minute.

How do you spell it? G E M I n says per minute. So tender. Your Edmonton Business Consultant video cost you well that’s your salary.

Alright. [inaudible] videos on other platforms. I’m not, I’m not. I think if you, I wouldn’t even consider trying to do for probably most of your businesses, I probably wouldn’t even consider trying to do it until you can get daily content. Yeah. If you could get the daily content, great. Let’s, let’s start fostering that daily confidence on every social media channel, but better on [inaudible] that happen on a daily content. Are you putting the trigger youtube onto your Edmonton Business Consultant website? When you create a video, you take that one? Yes. Yeah, so no. Also for me to just on the website, yeah, I have the video. I didn’t mind because one of the Google search algorithm is they’re going to monitor how long people stay on that page. If people don’t like to read texts, texts ranks because Google can’t right pictures to call you a picture, but if they click play on that video, they’re going to leave her longer. So that video though,

awesome x really just map.

You can put your youtube videos on Facebook, but again, Facebook doesn’t like you to, they don’t like outside links, so anything, download the video to your Edmonton Business Consultant computer, upload it onto whatever social media platform. Right now, same thing with linkedin.

Facebook, the only um, one,

are you taking transcription, creating article? Um, I know, um, I, I just don’t believe there is. I have about like everything we put up. It’s not that we didn’t consider every single platform, it’s just I don’t believe anything has as high of a peo as the things that I’ve put on that conveyor belt. So if you can do those in addition to what’s on the conveyor belt, all the power to you, but I know how hard it is to put daily. You saw my schedule up on there. So, um, I would see guys, you probably have to do,

you got to do, um,

I love everything you do. What percentage of the revenue is overhead and what percent is going to degree problem that’s going to be so misleading. My One business to the next and even one year to the next. I wouldn’t be able to give you like that. This is your Edmonton Business Consultant, uh, stand fast. Uh, this has to be at, this won’t work. Um, I have some general rules in general. It was you who asked that one? Yeah. What, what industry are you talking about? What kind of franchise? This is also cool. Thanks mate. Mike. Mike. Okay. So you do restaurant Franchisee and you’re looking at the margins on a restaurant

business, not just anything in general. So how much, I’m just looking for how much effort are we going to put in here? Yeah. Um, and how much income do regenerate and then out of that in general, just in general, how much net profit are we going to get out of that just to, you know, perfect personal goals. This is how do you, yeah.

Are you helping other people franchise or you, you know, buying a franchise, bps that restaurant.

Okay. I’m just not clear where, uh, I’m franchises on that I’m working with and a services business so high get more clients. How clients. Um, and go ahead.

Okay. Um, in terms of like ads, like advertising, overhead Smith that I won’t go through. The whole vertical of the overhead could be different with like your costs, your rent and your Edmonton Business Consultant space and the employers that could be very different but specific to the advertising that does lend itself very consistently across a bunch of different industries. And on average most industries will spend 2% on advertising. Uh, and most of the top performers in every industry will spend a 5% or more. And it’s just like, like if you just look at, you know, who makes shoes, like Nike is spending more than 5% on their advertising budget and all the bottom feeders is spending 2% like the, so that 5% number on spending on it and people are scared to get there because the, the average will tell you too when really the people who are winning are spending five is, it’s just, it’s kind of bizarre.

Like the people who they think of what they want to minimize that advertising and you get it, you know, if everyone’s doing too and I spend three, I must be losing. It’s actually the other way around. The people who were spending the five plus are usually the ones winning. So maybe that’ll, that’ll help a little bit. Sometimes that can be tricky and advertising because they dictate how the franchise or is dictating how it’s going to go. Right. And they might even be habit and you know, certain advertising fee or certain advertising growth if evoked in there too. Um, but yeah, it’s usually that too. And that would vibe with that. It’s, it’s scary how, how much that uh, correlates if people want to get it low when really they should be is I look at it in the financial statements and they have no revenue. I’m like, we didn’t put any gasoline in the car. There’s nothing thinking that

Tyson. Um,

how much booze would marketing, dude, your Edmonton Business Consultant new business or business that is established already. I talked to a Vietnamese restaurant and then it test. So you go, uh, we do this one. That’s me. Okay. So yeah, two restaurants. Right.

Um, so here’s my question. If your a new business yeah. How much are you going to grow with your friends? Hell yeah. Or what if you have an established business already and I have been with you from yeah. For Marketing. Hell yeah. How much am I expecting? Yeah.

Um, you know, in terms of like expecting to grow like Trevor is, you know, their, their values. You know, we want to work with businesses for five years and helping grow. So when you’re five they’re doing more than they were in year one and we keep them for five consecutive years. Right. But to say, hey, we can guarantee that we grow you 30%. I just been lying to you. There’s other people who will, will, you know, say that sort of thing. Um, you want me to, you just got to ask yourself, how much is it costing you not to have reviews? How much is it costing you not to have the content? Um, even how much time it would take you to do the things that we’re doing. Like we can knock out seven videos of two hours and the two hour session via 10 yesterday. Yeah. 10 videos. The records, 11:00 AM 11 day today. You were there [inaudible]

it’s so loud in here. So I know that’s, that’s tough. Like to give like reasonable projections. Uh, normally on the scroll side, we’re trying to give you reasonable projections of what you can do, what you can likely expect if you executed this on the inspire site there, they’re normally executing those, right? They’re helping you execute those, those marketing initiatives. So far as the financial projections, let’s have a big meaty topic and how I can grow your Edmonton Business Consultant Vietnamese restaurant might be different than how I could do another one. How big is it? How many people, you know, let’s establishment what are the finances look like setting now, um, the big project to give projections on that, right? Uh, but you know, how much would it mean to you? You don’t, 88 is thinking about this. 88% of the people thinking of coming to your restaurant and reading the reviews here, right?

And then how many people are just not even seeing you even trigger them until the sleep? Um, you just look around at the restaurant. What’s our capacity? You know, uh, are we 30% full or are we 80% of all right? If you’re 80% at fault, I mean, I probably can’t grow your Edmonton Business Consultant business more than 10% because you’re never going to get to 100% it just the schedule getting on number of enables build. Right? But if you’re 30% full from going a long ways to go to get people into this restaurant, I would also look at the capacity that restaurant, um, how many can we see what hours are over? Makes Sense. Um, yeah. I think that any other questions on the marketing? I think we, we, there’s those, there’s a lot of time, I think new date of grabbed the next to [inaudible]

[inaudible] shocking that people want to spend more time on marketing their financial [inaudible].Edmonton Business Consultant Business Boot Camp Q&A Part 4