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Edmonton Business Consultant | Business Boot Camp Intro Part 1

No, get rich quick here. Okay. Whoa. I can see with these two cause it’s mad. Welcome to the bootcamp. Round of applause. You’re already showed up at 8:00 AM in the morning, so we’re gonna go through like the, Edmonton Business Consultant, agenda. What were you doing? A little bit here. We’ll say we’re going to have a little bit of a demonstration. I encourage you guys to keep a bit of an open mind. I do ais. Don’t get playing. [inaudible] see seeing in the middle seat. Yeah, the other ones. [inaudible] heads up about this. Ready? Shake it all out. Feeling good. All right, we’ve got the music ready. Okay, let’s talk about bit.

Yeah. What were you feeling? You feel? We’re just going to take money from the air and put it into ourselves. That’s [inaudible] Whoa, whoa. [inaudible] coming into your Edmonton Business Consultant body. That’s, that is dope. You just ignore it. I actually got to join. We all rich yet. Whoa. Okay. Okay. So it totally long size this. So much work, right? This is like, this is, this is what he tells you to do. You feel a sense of peace. Yes, no, he’s still type moment, but it makes you motivated right now. Sale. Heard him. [inaudible] excitement, energy, passion, more excitement, more energy, more [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

we’ve, we’ve, Edmonton Business Consultant, Kinda Kinda set the mood for this year. This is not how many of you been to other business conferences or seminars before? So what we have here today, I’ll tell you what we don’t have today, is we don’t have breathing and fluffy motivational material that you can’t deposit at the bank. That’s not what we’re going to do here today. Um, we don’t have bankers and software sales people who are masquerading as entrepreneurs where they’re really just trying to sell you a product and they’ve read a couple of headlines. Okay? That’s not what we have here. Day eating. We don’t have consultants or coaches. They don’t have a team. They might have half a secretary, but they’re going to try to teach you team building. That’s not what we have here today. Um, and don’t have advice that only works if you buy our thousand dollars course at the end of it.

That’s also not what we have here today. We have an advice that you can use a Monday morning, whether you do business with us or not. So the agenda that we’re going to have here is a, first of all, the kind of housekeeping little things here. The bathrooms are down the hall. That way the emergency exits will Cecile right on the corner. Okay. The second gestures, I work on my plate. Um, and Edmonton Business Consultant, lunch break, you have to go across the pedigree. Is there anything that could’ve been right? Great. Thanks. So the first thing that we’re going to do is, you know, I’ll give you the, we’re going to pass out the handout with the agenda on it. Okay. Um, the first part is we’re going to spell some of these common myths of entrepreneurship. There’s too many people watching too many youtube videos and the guys next to rented Lamborghini’s pretend that they know how to run businesses and it’s ridiculous.

Um, we’re, we’re, then we’re gonna look at, you know, how to organize your Edmonton Business Consultant calendar for business success. Then we’re going to look at, you know, making sure you have enough cash for life and ensuring you pay the least amount of tax when you’re operating your Edmonton Business Consultant business. Okay. Um, and then we’re going to talk about all the benefits of business planning and how you can do an effective business plan and likely four hours. Okay. Uh, then we’re going to break for lunch and then we’re going to come back and talk about small business marketing strategies that actually work. I will tell you today for free how to get to the top of Google for free and it works every single time and I’ll show you how to do it. Okay. Um, I will tell you how to read financial statements quickly. Even if you hate accounting, I’m a CPA, but some of you, I’m guessing Kate counting.

And then we’ll tell you how to write checklists and templates so you don’t have to work 12 hours a day for the rest of your Edmonton Business Consultant life. And then we’ll finish it off with the human resource strategies, how it’s going to happen, what we’re going to start off with something else. How many of you got a ticket on your Edmonton Business Consultant way and ticket on the way? Where is the, where does the hat someone give me the, have you always gone to get it? So, so who got the ticket? Put up their hand. Who has the ticket here? So we’re going to have a draw for the people that were here. I’m only going to read the last three numbers, that ticket, cause I think that’s the only thing that are going to matter that much. Okay. So the first job and the first draw today is $100 $100 first draw today. And Edmonton Business Consultant, the last three numbers of ticket or zero? One. One. Yeah. Okay.


Okay. First, first lesson in business. Those are, you weren’t on here on time, didn’t get a ticket. And we’re going to run that with every session. There are going to the, um, there’s going to be, uh, you’re going to have the evaluation forms at the end of each session. And if you fill out the evaluation form, you’re going to be given a ticket. But the draw is going to be done at the beginning of this essence. So if you’re not back on too bad, so sad, we’ll move on for the next ticket. That’s how it’s going to work today. Okay, so who I’m going to have first? Everyone’s got the handle on sexual one? No. Okay. I’m going to have Chris Wilkie. Hey, Tony Robbins, not that tall. BMW your Edmonton Business Consultant the door, and we’re going to talk about some of the common myths of entrepreneurship.