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And uh, you know, no one kinda handed them anything. And my dad was the type of guy who, you know, he would come home from steel shop after 10 days, 10 hours a day, and, and you know, anyone who’s worked in non air conditioned skill shop before, and then he would come home and hammer and you know, have you throw a hundred pitches and have her a hundred ground balls at me and have me take a hundred cuts in the cage. And, and I just thought, wow, this is fun. I like doing it. Right? Uh, but I didn’t realize that he had already worked 10 hours. Like, now that I’m an adult, I, I kind of start to appreciate it with a Edmonton Business Consultant?

So I was probably exposed to that, um, a little bit more differently. Uh, when I was a kid, my parents were maybe a little bit more intense in some other, um, some other brands. So, um, that’s a good answer for that. So why is it that so many businesses fail and how you prevent it? Number one, you stop believing all of the myths, um, tapped agenda.

So number one, stop leading all the myths. Like, stop watching youtube, get rich quick videos. Uh, stop attending these seminars that say you’re going to be a millionaire. Like stop listening to that stuff. Just start listening to people who are building real businesses that you can search and you can find their team and you can find a lot of them. Don’t even, you know, put on any content whatsoever, right? But just be really mindful of the content you’re actually consuming. Do a Google search on that. Um, and see like, is this similar? You know, this guy’s telling me to outsource my life, but I’m a dentist. I can’t outsource my life. Um, I need people in the chair and I hire hygienists and it’s a real live business. So I mean, you know, stop listening to that sort of content. Um, then set up your calendar for a Edmonton Business Consultant!

Like number one, set up your calendar is not going to be right. You’re not going to get it right the first time, but just set up your calendar and try it. Block out your days, block out your time. Actually set your calendar and do it. Um, that’s number one. Um, and you don’t really this entire seminar, like if you look at these eight things on it, do these eight things. You know, you have to make sure that you have enough to pay your bills while you’re running this business. You have to make sure that we can actually pay our bills. Um, you know, make sure that we have a business plan in place. Um, we actually want to have some semblance of a marketing strategy that’s not just, I’m going to call everybody I know. Um, that’s not a marketing show. Um, you have to start writing checklists and templates are boring and you think they don’t work and they do with Edmonton Business Consultant.

And then you have to have a strategy for, to, to start to building your team. And that strategy does not involve, I’m going to post an ad when I need somebody that’s not a strategy. Um, do those eight things. Um, especially that calendar. You get that calendar set up. Just do it. If it works once, do it over and over and over again. Um, you know, we talk about content and a bit, and you know what I was talking with Matt one time and I realized that weekly content work so well doing one piece of content a week. Call us now at 780-665-4949 or head over to for more info!

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When did I tell you Matt works once a week, when I do it every day? See what happens. You have it once a week, so let’s do it every single day and see what happens. Right? Um, so that’s those. If those eight days, just look at these eight sections, do those eight things and you’re going to reduce your chance of failure without a Edmonton Business Consultant.

Uh, but the heavy emphasis on that founder, when do you find pride for family and leisure? Um, I’m not taking project home, so when I get home at seven 30, maybe seven 30 is, is, is this kind of the time like I’m actually going to spend that time, you know, so, um, and that’s not a lot of time, you know, but how many people here will get home at five o’clock and then they’re going to watch game of Thrones for two hours or they’re going to play some video games. Um, my schedule is intense, but I actually don’t do anything else other than working badly.

Like I’ve really, I used to go watch other games I used to place as far as I really don’t do anything else. And that’s the sacrifice. You don’t have to do that. Um, you know, you could have a slightly less of a workout and not some social life, but you know, I would, I would challenge people and say, I need more family time be sure to call us now for Edmonton Business Consultant.

Well, what does that family kind of look like? Does that look like with you parking from the couch? Is that really family time and they sacrificing or what have you actually come home and spend two hours of actual quality time? You’re actually engaging, you know, the, the rip off another little lyrical miracle, but being present, is it present? Um, or are you just sitting there on the couch? You don’t have to doing a project and happy engaging with your family? I don’t, I’d rather two hours of uninterrupted time than four or five hours of TV time. Um, and then I, I’d never work Sundays so I don’t work Sundays as a Edmonton Business Consultant.

So, um, and if you really do have to do something else to do it earlier, so don’t increase you have this sort of regimented schedule, do it earlier. So we recently onboarded, uh, uh, real motivated clients and, uh, we didn’t have any slots in there ready to go over. What did they tell you guys? We could meet 6:00 AM and they showed up at 6:00 AM I’m like probably every other hairdresser in the planet who can’t show up before 10 these [inaudible]. Please check out as you are able to see how awesome we are! Just call us now at 780-665-4949 as soon as you can!