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Edmonton Business Consultant | Branding Strategy Effectiveness is A Must?

Edmonton business consultant | effective branding strategies

If your business needs an Edmonton business consultant please feel free to get a hold of us for top notch business coaching, effective marketing strategies and professional business consultation. Our goal is to help small companies succeed and beat the odds of business. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accounts employs like minded people who are dedicated to helping out our local small business owners. According to Canadian business statistic that 50% of small business owners fail within the first five years and 42% of entrepreneur agree that the reason for this failure is due to the inability to attract clients. This makes for the most common reason for business failure. In order to help lower these odds we are offering first time clients free consultation for one month and a copy of the best selling business book ìE-mythî by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more please contact us at or 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

The biggest corporation out there has developed their brand to a point that almost everyone, including people who havenít used their products, know who they are. As the Edmonton business consultant, we believe that one of the most important factors to generate clients is having a solid brand identity. Branding is the identity of your company, what itís known for stuff like that. It is closely tied to marketing this is a different topic for another time. Business owners underestimate the importance of brand building. They think itís just the logo or color scheme of a company, however it is an important factor to client intake.

A successful business will have a solid brand around them. This will help them sell products and services. Having the solid brand within only for popularity. This brand also needs to be trusted and reliable. These are the main factors why people come back your business anyways. It’s important to note that branding initiatives is not just an overnight project. If you look at big companies they usually have been around for years or even decades. They have built their brand your point that a lot of customers trust and rely on them.

It’s important to know that it’s difficult for small business owners to compete with bigger companies. It is almost ingrained in psychology. People are usually more inclined to stick with what they know and avoid the unfamiliar route. This is especially true for business. Big businesses capitalizes onthe fact that their brands are more popular than the smaller ones. This means more business for the big companies unless for smaller ones. An example for this is through the food industry. Would you rather go to a smaller unknown local restaurant or unestablished fast food chain? People are more likely to choose the familiar experience are fast approaching over the local restaurant.

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Edmonton business consultant | branding strategy effectiveness

The industry leaders have very recognizable brand that most people know as observed by our Edmonton business consultant. They can generate business even without marketing, unless itís a new product. These brands can sell almost anything. Industry leaders like Microsoft started as an operating system company. However now they have the Xbox gaming division and the service line of devices. Since they have avid fans, they already have a large client base. In order to create a recognizable brand it is required for the business owner to spend a lot of time cultivate this brand.

However if you need other services such as business coaching, proven marketing strategies and professional consultation service contact our Edmonton business consultant at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants. We have a team of like-minded individuals who are inspired and dedicated to our goals. Our goal is to help out small business owners to succeed and beat the odds. According to statistics 50% of small Canadian businesses do not last for more than five years and most common reason for this failure is the inability to attract clients. This is the main reason why we created however free consultation program for new clients. If you return no more please contact us that 780-665-4949 email us at

It’s impossible for small businesses to compete with larger brands. This is due to their overall popularity in brand value. It is important to note that consumers tend to go for the more familiar brand and does giving small business the disadvantage according to our Edmonton business consultant. This holds true in any industry. We will take the food industry for example. If you are on a trip and needed a bite to eat would you rather go to an established fast food chain or a local diner? Statistics have shown that even if people know that the fast food chain as average food, consumers are still more likely to go there due to the consistent and familiar nature of the franchise. The same cannot be said for local diner. Unless people are looking for local delicacies, they are less likely to gamble for an unknown experience.

Industry giants never started out big. Just like any businesses, according to our Edmonton business consultant, they also started out small. Letís take Microsoft for example. It is important to note that they are one of the biggest tech companies in the world right now. However even Microsoft started small. The company was started at the CEOís own garage. Bill Gates developed windows operating system and he worked his way up from here. Slowly but surely did the operating system became mainstream. Even up to this day, Windows is the most popular operation system out there.

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