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Edmonton business consultant | Boost efficiency with checklist and templates

It is common for Canadian small business owners to completely ignore creating standardized client intake process as hoops to buy our Edmonton business consultant. Often times they prefer talking about information on-the-fly. However this could be extremely inefficient and it could be inconsistent for your clients. Having standardized client intake process can drastically boost your efficiency. This article will discuss the importance of efficient client intake process and how to use checklist and templates.

We believe in our Canadian small businesses. Our firm is inspired by our passion and values to help small businesses to beat the odds. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we have developed ways to help small businesses succeed. One such way is to provide free consultations for first-time clients. Said clients can also receive free copy of our favourite best-selling business book “e- myth” written by Michael Gerber. If you wished to know more please contact him via email at or talk to is over the phone at 780-665-4949.

An efficient and simple client intake process is important for your business. You will start seeing a pattern from new clients. They will usually ask the same question over and over. It’s important to learned pattern recognition skills. You can use these skills to create important checklist and templates. An efficient and simple standardized client process can be created from these checklist and templates. Having a standardized client intake process will make it easier and simpler for your clients to understand and make employees relay more consistent information.

As the Edmonton business consultant, we believe that the most efficient way to talk to clients is over the phone. Calls usually require a person’s full attention. You can create phone questionnaires from these checklist. A good phone questionnaire can give and extract necessary information from your clients. However clients often derail these questionnaires by going off topic. You develop a few lines to help with this issue. What effect award however is “absolutely I can help you with that but first let me ask you…” Is almost guaranteed to work and get the conversation back on track.

If ever phone calls are unavailable, it’s important to realize that emails can be an alternative way to communicate. Business owners should also make multiple email templates for different situations. However it’s harder to maintain the client’s full attention. Having multiple confirmations can help with this issue.

Email driven business appointments is possible. However you need to set multiple meeting times, preferably at least ten times. Having multiple meeting times can create flexibility for clients and better experience. It’s important to have another template to immediately confirm information relayed after the meeting. This can prevent this information from occurring. The sooner you confirm, the more likely clients are to respond if this information presents itself. After that there is one more important template to create. The template to confirm the meeting the day before. Confirming for the meeting day reduces the chances of client no-shows.

Edmonton business consultant | standard process using checklist and templates

If you need professional business consultant services, feel free to contact Spurrell Associates chartered professional accountants. Our firm is dedicated to helping small Canadian businesses succeed. We employ like-minded people who are passionate and share the same values. We realize that small Canadian businesses have a 50% failure rate during their first five years and 42% of entrepreneurs blame the reason for their failures not having enough clients. We would like to help small businesses beat these odds. Spurrell and Associates CPA has a free consultation program for new clients. They will receive our top-notch consultation services and a free copy of “e- myth” best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. If you wish no more you can contact us via email at or if you prefer to talk over the phone call us at 780-665-4949.

It is important to for businesses to have an efficient client intake process. The average small Canadian business owners underestimate the importance of having standardized client intake process. Most of them prefer to relay information on-the-fly however this can be inconsistent and if they have employees can cause confusion. In this article we will talk about the importance of an efficient standardized client intake process and how checklist and templates can help create these processes.

The questions ask by new clients are often similar. It is important to realize this pattern and create checklist and templates from them. Once you created these checklist and templates, you can use those to create FAQs, questionnaires and other important factors. Having good templates and checklists can make for an efficient workflow. It will make it simpler and easier for clients and create more consistent information for employees.

Our Edmonton business consultant believe that phone conversations are the most efficient way to talk to your clients. Creating phone questionnaires from these checklist can be important for your client intake process. A good questionnaire can extract and relay the necessary information to your clients. However often times clients find ways to get off topic. They could talk about unnecessary things or off-topic questions. We have a mind that works almost every time. If you say “absolutely I can help you with that, first let me just ask you…” It will most likely get the questionnaires back on track.

While phone calls are the most efficient way to get a hold of clients, sometimes clients are not available over the phone. It’s important to create email templates to ask these questions. It’s good alternative way to relay and extract information from your client. Email conversation requires the business owner to send multiple confirmations to the client.

Appointment email templates can be common. It’s possible to set appointments over email but it requires will meeting times for client flexibility. Our Edmonton business consultant suggest giving 10 meeting times to your clients. Another important email template to have his immediate email confirmation. This email should consist of the brief outline of the meeting. The last important email template is a confirmation before the meeting day. This will raise the chances of client participation.