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Edmonton Business Consultant | Best Practices in Business Plan Writing

Palo Alto – Businesses that complete a business plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue says Edmonton business consultant. There is no reason why businesses should not have a business plan in their business. The reason they may not take the time to create a business plan is simply they do not know what information needs to be in one. They also may not understand the importance a business plan plays in their business. Since businesses are more likely to succeed with any business plan, having a great business plan will make them even more likely to succeed. What are the most important aspects to include in a business plan to make it a great one? The experts recommend addressing three common pain points in a business plan.
Another pain points to address in your business plan is coming up with a concrete human resources strategy. Without a strategy in place business owners may not be prepared to hire staff when needed, either to expand their business or to replace an employee who has suddenly left. Best practices are to constantly be interviewing, so you have your pipeline filled with great candidates should the need unexpectedly arise. Employees will move on from your business when the timing is right for them, not when the timing is best for your business. Have plans in place to train your staff, so that you can have your team with the best people, working most efficiently.
Business owners to complete a plan are less likely to run out of cash. 29% of business owners say cash flow is a major problem they face in business. This is easily avoidable by having a proper plan in place. Include in your business plan cash flow projections, as this will help you prepare your business for the future. It’s a myth that only start up businesses and feeling businesses have cash flow issues. If you are not properly planning, any business can experience the cash crunch. As a business grows and expands business owners need cash to scale up. An entrepreneur might need and new building, need to renovate an existing space, need to buy materials for a large contract, all these things will lead to more business but if they don’t have the cash flow to fund them makes growth impossible. If you are unable to create cash flow projections yourself, Edmonton business coach recommends contacting your accountant to able to help you by taking your business plan and your vision to come up with conservative cash flow projections. Regular reviews of these help you stay on target.
Once all the important information is included in the business plan, schedule time throughout your year to review and adjust your plan as needed. You may need to reset goals, update information and change your cash flow projections. Spending a maximum of four hours per year is all that’s needed to get the most important information into your business plan.

Edmonton business consultant | best practices in business plan writing

Great business plans don’t need to take a lot of time says Edmonton business consultant. In fact that is often a waste of time. Business owners are already short on time, knowing the best practices in business plan writing can help business owners come up with a great plan efficiently. But why is it important for businesses to have a business plan? Simply put, businesses that complete a business plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue than businesses with no business plan at all. That alone is reason enough to create a business plan, but imagine how much better it could be if it was a great business plan. Knowing what to put in your business plan is key to creating your perfect plan. Business plans should address the three most common pain points all businesses face. Two of these pain points are running out of cash, and unable to hire the right team. Once you have addressed each of these problems, you will be better able to face all of the other variables you will see in your business.

The inability to generate revenue is a problem that can be addressed with a sales and marketing strategy recommends Edmonton business consultant. Entrepreneurs tend to think that every person is their best customer, and this is not true. No matter what your product or service is not every person is going to purchase it. You may have the tastiest hamburgers in town and there will be someone who doesn’t like to eat meat, lactose intolerant or gluten-free. Identifying who your best customers are is the first step to figuring out a marketing plan on how to find them. Figure out the best way to reach them, and then create a strategy to do that consistently. A great sales and marketing strategy also includes how to keep your customers once they’ve purchased from you. Just because they’ve used you once doesn’t mean they’ll come back unless they have a reason to. Also your competitors will also be marketing to them and you want to ensure they come back to you and not someone else.

23% of business owners saying their greatest business problem is the inability to find the right team. Without an HR strategy businesses tend to react and set of approaching staffing proactively. This is called the start stop method of hiring, and it can lead employers to hire a less than ideal person because they feel forced to hire in order to fill a gap due to time constraints. Rather than wait for an opening in your business to start interviewing, creates a plan that includes constant interviews of potential candidates and having a prescreened selection of suitable candidates for when the need arises. Whether it’s sudden business growth, or sudden employee departure, having great people that are ready to join your team will eliminate hiring and suitable candidates.

With the proper information to include in your business plan, you will now be able to create an effective business plan to help lead you and your team through your coming year.