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Edmonton Business Consultant | Benefits of the Same Values and Interests

Edmonton business consultant | aligning employee interests

At Spurrell and Associates charter professional accountants, our Edmonton business consultant are dedicated to giving small businesses their business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation needs. Our website contains more educational articles like this one. You can find our website at If you want to book an appointment our email is and our phone number is 780-665-4949. Beat the odds of business with us.

Statistics shows that the first five years is all it takes for 50% of all businesses to fail. The third most common reason for this failure, according to 23% of business owners, as hiring the wrong team. This article will help business owners how to find the right staff and how to keep them longer.

The hiring process is a huge time commitment. This can take precious time away from growing the business. The hiring process consists of recruiting, training and transition. The recruiting process alone could span a few months, especially if you don’t conduct group interviews. If employers decide to have group interviews instead of one on one. They have a chance to meet more people this increases the odds of finding the right candidate to fill the job. Once the new hire is found, they need to go through training. This could span a few days to as long as a few months. It depends mostly on the job and how fast the employee can learn. The new hire also need to settle in their role. This could take as long as the training.

A bad employee can cost as much if not more as a new hire. Business owners often fail to see how expensive it is to keep them around. They practice bad work ethics and suboptimal workflow. This leads to lower productivity and worse work performance. Over time a bad employee can cost more than a new hire. Realizing this can help your business grow faster.

Our Edmonton business consultant suggests to constantly hire. Proactively hiring can reduce the time commitment to the recruiting process. Businesses should be ready when employees leave. We also suggest having two employees familiar with one role. If ever one of them leaves or sick the other can take their place.

Hiring based on company values and beliefs can be beneficial. However most employers right there mission and values to appeal to everyone. As to get Edmonton business consultant, having employees that agree and believe in your company mission to stay longer. Companies need to write their mission and the leaves to be clear and polarizing. This is that there is potential bad candidates for your company. People who don’t agree with your mission and values usually will not apply. Employers are also more likely to find the right employee. If you write your mission and values this way, employees with the same values and beliefs will apply. These employees are more likely to stay longer. They are more tenacious and draw inspiration from your company mission and beliefs.

Edmonton business consultant | benefits of the same values and interests

As the Edmonton business consultant for Spurrell and Associates charter professional accountants our mission is to help small businesses to beat the odds. We offer business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation services. More educational articles like this one is available in our site at We offer new clients free consultation on their first visit. You will also receive a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. Contact via email at If you prefer to talk over the phone you can call eyes that 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

The first five years is all it takes for 50% of small business to fail. Our Edmonton business consultant is dedicated to giving small businesses the right coaching, marketing and consultation to help them survive and beat the odds. One of the most common reason for these failures is having a bad team. This article will give you tips and tricks on how to keep employees longer and how to find the right staff.

Business owners often underestimate the cost of losing an employee. The hiring process takes too much time and effort away from initiatives that grow the business. Employers need to go through with the recruiting process, trying to find the right candidate. Then one is they have a new hire, they need to train them after that they need to settle in the role.

Our Edmonton business consultants believes in the benefits of group interviews. Conducting these types of interviews can save time and will allow you to meet more people at once. This will help you raise the chances of finding the right employee. However they still need to go through the training process which could take months or a few days. They also need to adjust to their new role. This can take as much time as the training.

We believe that keeping employees forever is impossible. At Spurrell Associates CPA we are firm believer of hiring potential candidates with the same values and interests. Although most business owners write their company mission and values to please everyone. We believe that having clear and polarizing mission and values can be more beneficial than if it tries to please everyone. Polarizing mission and values can help raise the chances of finding the right employee. While it’s true that it can deter some people from applying. These potential candidates are usually opposed to your company’s mission and values thus, are more likely to be a bad fit for the role. On the other hand said company beliefs and values can encourage the right people from applying. People with the same mission and values as the company often makes for tenacious and loyal employee. They are more likely to stick around longer and will push through even when difficult situations arises. Although some business owners sees polarizing company mission and values as a bad thing. Having them is more beneficial than you think