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Edmonton Business Consultant | Balancing Personal Life & Entrepreneurship

Edmonton Business Consultant | Do You Want To Get The Best Services?

To me. I think I want to prioritize the family. Um, you know, that means some of the, the personal activity, the hobbies, they’re going to go by the wayside. Yeah, I can see why I can be [inaudible] cause it’s not, hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask Squirrel. CPA today is them to business consultant. We’re talking about balancing personal life and entrepreneurship. Getting to the end of your business consultant. We’re talking about balancing personal life and entrepreneurship. I have Mei here with me today. Call now for the most amazing Edmonton Business Consultant today!May Have you had to make any sacrifice spices. Yep. Pursuing the CPE programs. Yes. Anything cut out so far? Yes. Yeah. Time with my family. Time with my friends. I had to, even during my vacation I had to sacrifice some time just to study a CPA, make sure that my a lot falling behind. It really does require a lot of sacrifice and a lot of balance.

It does. Yeah. The CPA programs a lot. Like, you know, no going down that road of entrepreneurship. And the quote that I have here is a Michael Gerber Co author of the myth and he says with no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, how on earth are you going to live it? What is your primary aim? Where is the script to make your dreams come true? What does the first step to take and how do you measure your progress? How far have you gone? How close are you getting to your goals? And the statistic that we have here is, you know, from real businesses that entrepreneurs on average work 63% more, 63% more hours than employees in the same industry. And this story that we have here is business owners. They get into business thinking that their personal life will remain the same when they get into the business. Sometimes they get into business thinking that their personal, they’re going to have all of this free time. The four hour work week is going to kick in. Um, you know, they think that their personal life is going to be the same. Uh, you know, may one of the questions these business owners should be asking. Um, they should ask Kim business owners balance all aspects of their life or will sacrifices be made.

So I know the title of the video is, is, is a, you know, balancing personal life, but really it’s not really a balance. It’s there not work life balances their work life tradeoffs. Um, you were effectively trading one thing for another. There is no perfectly perfect harmony of equilibrium. It’s just you have to prioritize and make trade offs. Um, so there’s certainly going to have to be sacrifices that are gonna be made if you realistically want to be a successful business. I’m wondering in your own sway those odds in your favor and put in the time that’s going to be required, you know, to, to sway those odds in your favor. We’ll tie for press of all activities be different from od for entrepreneurs with families, I think it’s significantly different. I mean, if you’re a single entrepreneur and you have no family, you have no kids, you have no obligations like that, you might be able to get by with doing a lot of the personal items, right? Because you’re adding something big to your life. But you probably had a lot of, you know, fluff time in there anyways. Um, but let’s talk about the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur who goes from being an employee and then they had a, you know, a fairly well rounded personal life and they have a lot of financial obligation or a lot of family obligations as well. You know, they’ve got a spouse and a couple of kids and uh, they’re, they’re trying to, they’re trying to, you know, maintain all of those. So I would suggest to you that the entrepreneur who has a family is going to have a much rater, um, you know, there’s going to be a much greater to that entrepreneurs personal life. Then the one without the family and one without the family might still be, you know, accomplishing some of the things. They’re doing a lot of the same cast, but the one with the family, I mean they’re probably, they’re going to ignore their family or they’re going to ignore some of their hobbies, um, because if they want the businesses to see, that’s going to require a certain amount effort. So in general, do you prioritize family or personal activities? If you need the top Edmonton Business Consultant call us now!

Uh, to me, I think I want to prioritize the family. Um, you know, that means some of the, the personal activities, the hobbies, they’re going to go by the wayside. I, I mean, that’s just how it’s going to go from you. I have to be realistic that the time that you’re going to put into the business, it’s extra time. It’s time that was not in your life before. You’re not going to get this, this time freedom immediately after starting a business than even if you progressed through the business. You know, if you still want to grow it to different lace up and all that, it’s still gonna require, uh, more time than most people consider. Uh, so you’re going to have to cut something. And you know, for me it’s, it’s, it’s generally cutting hobbies, not family time. Should you try to combine family and personal interests activities, I think that’s good. So let’s say you don’t want to uh, cut family time, but there’s something that you can do with your family that aligns with your personal interests. Maybe there was a sport and instead of, you know, you’re playing it with the a a group of friends now you can get your family involved. Maybe it’s not at the same level that you used to do it or not at the same venues that you used to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means that you know, now you have to be more efficient with your time and sometimes if you can accomplish two things at once in and you’ll get your family involved with things that you used to do yourself. I mean that’s the power move where you’re probably getting, you know, more bang for your buck. What are some of the activities that you do not do anymore?

I don’t see other games anymore. I think there was one time I saw like over 40 or their games in person one year. Um, so there’s only like 41 home games plus a couple of preseason games. And I, I, I’m pretty sure I saw, uh, you know, 95% of them one year and this year the entire balance of our season tickets with the customers. Um, you know, I don’t think I saw a single one, uh, last year. Um, so there’s things like that and you know, I used to, you know, play in very softball leagues and I don’t do that anymore. Um, those are some of the, the activities that I’ve, uh, that I’ve cut out so I don’t have to do it at the expense of family activities. It’s been that trade off. Reach out now if you want Edmonton Business Consultant! Right. Um, you know, I’m sure I, I could have seen those other games or I could have, um, you know, I could have played in some sort of sports league or something like that. Grab your phone and call 780-665-4949 or go to as soon as you can!

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are You Wanting Top Services in Business?

Um, but it would come at the expense of a, do I want to put in the necessary time for my business and be, do I want to put in the time, uh, that’s necessary for quality, family life. Um, but I can’t have all three. And you have to make those sacrifices. If you love what you do, will the sacrifice be easier? Yeah. So if you have, like, if you find intrinsic reward from what you’re actually doing and you actually like what you’re doing now, giving up on those other games is not as bad because you actually enjoy the business. This is something that you might do for free anyway. So you would be interested in, you would read about it, you would, you don’t do it on the side anyways. Now that’s why people say it’s an, you know, it’s important to, to do what you love. Call now for the best Edmonton Business Consultant today!

Uh, especially when you’re running a business. Cause it’s incredibly hard and you’re going to, you know, probably have to take away some of those other things that you do that provide you personal benefit. So if you don’t love doing it, it’s going to be incredibly hard to stick to because now it’s just a, a war of wills rather than, hey, you, you, you desire this fulfilling activity, but you’re getting it from your work anyway. So you don’t feel unfulfilled is how you do things sometimes equally or more important than what you do. Yeah, I think if you do them with pride, you know, the way you onboard employees, the way you would try to deliver customer excellence. You know, there’s a lot of businesses where, um, the activity itself might be kind of mundane, maybe clean carpets. Um, and probably no one, you know, grew up thinking I want to be the greatest carpet cleaner in the world. That probably didn’t happen, but it can come down to that same sort of pride that you do, that same sort of care and the interactions that you have while you’re running the business. You know how you do it. If you’re doing them well and you’re striving for excellence, you might find yourself with the same level of fulfillment as doing tasks that you were doing, uh, for fun. Uh, because you know, the, the, what tends to be a important is, is doing them well, doing them ethically and doing them at a high level. And you start doing them that way. And sometimes you forget about, oh, I’m not doing this. These things that I is trivial, like trivial activities I used to do before choosing the right employees fulfill some of the lack of personal time. Yeah, 100%. You’re gonna spend so much time with the employees that you have in the office.

The worst thing you want to do is create an office full of employees that you don’t like. So now you’ve given up a bunch of hobbies. Do you, you, you made that trade off to hang out more often with people that you don’t like. But if your, the, you know, the, if you’re the business owner, that’s no one’s fault but your own, you’ve assembled that team. Um, so you have to realize that you’re making these sacrifices and it’s going to be a tough road. You know, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with people that you don’t like about choosing the right customers affect the quality of your life. Yeah. So choosing the right customers, I remember, it’s not just that we choose the employees, ultimately we choose the customers too. And that can be hard if you have less choice when you’re starting out, you gain more control of that as you move forward. And people think, well, how do I choose the customer? Will you choose the customers by, you know, what were the advertisements that you ran? Call now if you want Edmonton Business Consultant today! What was your branding? What were your differentiation factors? What was your pricing? Um, you know, were your, the, the, the, the cheapest guy on the blog or did you have a value proposition that you provide better service. So ultimately you, although you might not have the same level of control that you do with employees, you have a great deal of control of the customers you choose in any business as well. Um, and if you, you know, if you’re, you’re gonna realize you’re giving up some things, but if you’re giving up some things to work everyday for really good people on good projects and doing them at an excellent level, you know, it’s really gonna affect the quality of your life and help you, you know, balance those.

Um, you know, that that kind of equilibrium where you, you feel fulfilled and you feel like you’re not making too tremendous of the sacrifice that you can’t stick with. How can a comprehensive schedule help maximize your time? Yeah. Ultimately it comes down to that repeatable schedule. If you can get that repeatable schedule where you know everything that you need to get done in your business and you can put it on a calendar and you can do it over and over and over again. Now you know, when you actually have time off that it’s really truly time off that you can use to schedule for that family time. Or you can schedule for those hobbies because you have the confidence and knowing that everything that needs to get done gets done in that schedule. And it helps you avoid doing the things that are really, you know, kind of unnecessary, which, you know, tend to eat up a lot of time. Please call us now for all the top Edmonton Business Consultant!

Um, and it can also, you know, you can get you to a better place where you can even start to delegate those tasks that are taking up your time, you know, with more precision because you know exactly how much time it took you. Um, so you can begin to delegate those, those times. So it’s really gonna maximize your, the amount of time you have off and the quality of it too, because you’re not distracted, you know, knowing that you have eight things that are still not done, you’re checking your phone, your email when you’re, when you’re supposed to be having that, uh, that time off. So I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for joining us. As always pleased with the Lichen subscribe buttons so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds at business. And as always, when we look forward to any comments that you have so you can respond back so we can respond back and use any input that you have to help develop future content. Thanks very much. Make a point to call us now at 780-665-4949 or please visit us at !