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Edmonton business consultant | Automate Onboarding Clients

When you are looking for in Edmonton business consultant look no further than Spurrell and Associates CPA. We have proven systems checklists and templates that we use on a daily basis to help our clients become more efficient in their onboarding processes.

The first thing you should ask yourself when thinking about onboarding new clients is what is the process you need to take in order to make it easier and more efficient for yourself. You also want to make sure that any employee that you have taking inbound phone calls has an easy system on how to answer those phone calls gather customer information and enter them into your system.

Some of the things that you want to talk about in your onboarding document is what article common objections that your clients are going to have. When you have this list of common objections and you have set answers for those objections then there is absolutely no question as to what your employees or whoever’s taking that phone call is can answer it simplifies the process makes it easier and it makes the customer feel like you’re actually addressing their questions. As in Edmonton business consultant we always share the these valuable tips and tricks with all of our clients.

Now sometimes a customer may ask a question that will trying to draw someone away from the were sitting on inbound call script and it’s quite easy to get them back on track number one you have to address their concern and thank them and then quickly asked them a question back so it looks like this.

You say absolutely I can definitely help you with that first let me ask you this. In that little line will get you back on track with your call script and help get your clients in that onboarding process. Being the most reviewed Edmonton business consultant we use these systems every day to make our lives easier.

One template that you should always create is an email that you send out to clients after you’ve gone through your onboarding document. The reason why you want to make this a template ties email is because if you are constantly re-inventing the wheel for each client number one it’s not scalable number two you may miss out on valuable information in that email to the client number three you may not have the same person always answering that phone call.

Now the perfect time to send out this email is immediately after the phone call and once you send out that email you should have a confirmation that they received that and it makes it feel like they have been hurt that you’ve addressed all their concerns and they are scheduled in for their appointment.

In the next thing you have to do in the list is send out an email the day before the appointment is also a good idea to give them a call to ensure that they are going to show up the appointment.

Edmonton business consultant | simplify client intake

the tools tips and tactics we use as the Edmonton business consultant at Spurrell and Associates CPA not only help us become one of the top CPA firms in Edmonton but also has made us the top rated CPA firm in Canada.

Having a system for onboarding new clients is absolutely vital to the life of your business simplifying tasks for employees and making it super simple to get people into your system and buck those appointments.

The problem with a lot of companies is they reinvent the wheel every single time they have a new client calling into their office this causes chaos a lot of headaches and the worst possible case you don’t get to schedule that client and help them with their problem.

What we help clients with as the Edmonton business consultant we help them to develop templates and checklists that simplify the onboarding process for new clients. Now some of the most common questions that you need to ask and ensure that you have answered is the customer’s name their phone number or email address because once you have all this information if you get disconnected you can call them back or email them and still stay in touch with them. The next thing you should do is create a list of common objections that your ideal and likely buyers will have when they’re calling on the phone.

This is especially useful if your business is one that relies on in person meetings. Because all you want to do is get that appointment. You’re not trying to sell anything on the phone. The goal of the phone call is to get people into your office so then you can make that sales pitch.

So some of the common objections are easily overcome by simply repeating to the client these words when they have a question you say sure I can help you with that. But first let me ask you this and that little hack will allow you to get the client back onto task and you can ask all the questions that you need to finish out that intake form and start scheduling that appointment.

Some people might ask why as Edmonton businesa consultant, do you have clients create systems templates and checklists. The reason we have clients create systems templates and checklists is that they can create an automated system in their business that will be scalable and in the future help their business become saleable as it is not guaranteed that your employees are going to stay with you forever the average employee only stays with the company about 2.3 years.

So it is in our client’s best interest as the Edmonton business consultant to instruct them and help them create systems templates checklists and this client intake form is the number one template to start with.

If you’re looking for help with accounting outsourced CFO services or if you’re looking for in Edmonton business consultant look no further then that’s Burrell and Associates chartered professional accountants you can visit us on our