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Edmonton Business Consultant | Ask One Question During an Interview

Often, in order to find better quality candidates, Edmonton business consultant says. Entrepreneurs spent a lot of time choosing which questions to ask during the one-on-one interview.

However, rather than spending time doing this, business owners should set up a meeting with their Edmonton business consultant. In order to find better interview techniques.

So that business owners can meet more people. And increase the chances of one of those people that they meet is actually a good fit for their business.

Chances are extremely good that the reason why entrepreneurs are struggling to hire someone in their business. Is because they are not meeting the people who would be a good fit for their business.

And even though many business owners understand this. When they get the end of their interview process. They feel pressured to hire someone.

Especially because they have likely been without staff for several weeks. And are getting desperate, which is why they often hire one of the candidates. Even if they are not the best fit.

However, Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs asking one question during their interview. Because the right one question can help them identify who is a great fit for their business more than any other question.

However, business owners need to ask this one question in the right interview setting. So that they do not have to waste a lot of time doing this in one-on-one interviews.

The group interview is an extremely effective way of meeting a large number of candidates at the same time. In hopes that a business owner will be able to increase the number of people that they meet.

So that they can increase the chances of one of those people being the right person for their business. However, since owners can ask the one right question during a group interview.

They needs to ensure that the group interview is structured properly. They can do this by starting the interview off going over the company overview. And reading out the companies problem, mission and vision statement.

So that all of candidates know what the business stands for, and what they are trying to accomplish. The next thing that will happen in this group interview. Is that the business owner will ask if candidates have any questions.

They should be looking for candidates who ask any question. Because that shows that they are engaged, and are curious. And often, candidates will have very valid questions that several people will have.

In my asking questions during this group interview. Can save time, with only one candidate having to ask a question that many people might have.

And finally, after all of the people have asked whichever questions they need to. The entrepreneur can ask each candidate the one right question.

And this question is: why do you want to work here? They are not looking for why people on the job, why they want to be in this industry. But rather if they align with the mission and vision of the business themselves.

The candidates that do align with the mission and vision of the business. Will make it known that they do. And these the people that business owners should consider to hire. Because they are going to care about what the businesses trying to accomplish.

When entrepreneurs are not able to find the right people during a one-on-one interview, Edmonton business consultant says they often blame the questions. When the quality of questions is not why they are not able to find the right people to hire in their business.

Instead, they need to meet a larger number of candidates. In order to increase the chances of one of those people being the right fit for their business. And Edmonton business consultant recommends meeting about hundred, before there able to meet one right person for their business.

In fact, this is such a prevail and problem with small business owners in Canada. That according to industry Canada, while half of all small business owners will fail within five years.

23% of the failed entrepreneurs will say. That not being able to find or keep people in the business. His reason why they failed as an entrepreneur in the first place.

However, with so many entrepreneurs struggling with finding people. They should learn how to conduct interviews differently. Instead of trying to change the interview questions that they are asking.

Because with the right interview style being utilized. Business owners only ever have to ask one question. In order to find the right candidate to hire in their business.

The interview style that business owners need to learn how to utilize. Is a group interview. Simply because that will allow entrepreneurs to meet enough people.

They will be able to increase the chances. Of one of the people that they meet will be the right person to hire. Which is why business owners should contact Edmonton business consultant in order to learn this technique.

Instead of reading through each resume individually. Which can waste a lot of time itself. Entrepreneurs simply need to invite every candidate to a group interview. No matter what the resume looks like.

And since a large percentage of candidates live on their resume anyway. A resume is a very poor tool for figuring out who is the best candidate to interview.

During the group interview, business owners will be able to talk about the business, and the mission and vision. And the right people who are going to be the best fit for the business. Will align with those values that the business owner has.

Therefore, when they ask the one question. Which is: why do you want to work here? The people who align with the values as well as the mission and vision of the business. Will indicate that as their answer.

While the people who are not the right fit will talk about why they want to job, or why they want to work in the industry. These will be the most common answers.

And that will help entrepreneurs find the right people higher in their business. By identifying the people who share values with the business. And share values with the entrepreneur. And will work harder, longer because of those ideals.