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Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Word-of-mouth Referrals Effective

Most entrepreneurs understand how important it is to engage in as many inexpensive or free marketing efforts when they start their business says Edmonton business consultant. This often means that entrepreneurs are doing sales calls and cold calls, they’re also doing things like attending networking functions and setting up online presence wherever they can. There is also entrepreneurs that believe that one of the most effective ways of doing business is to use word-of-mouth marketing systems.

While word-of-mouth marketing systems like learning how to ask for referrals can be very effective for businesses agrees to Edmonton business consultant. However, there is something that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind no matter what they are doing for marketing in their business. What they need to learn is, the number of customers that are googling businesses, and looking at their reviews as part of their decision-making process. This number is extremely high, with 88% of all consumers saying that this is how they make their purchasing decisions. Therefore, no matter what marketing efforts an entrepreneur engages in, an entrepreneur should ensure they have Google reviews first.

The way that an entrepreneur can start generating Google reviews for their business is by setting up it is called a Google my business page, or a Google places page. What these are, are pages that an entrepreneur can utilize for free, that show up in Google search results when a customer Googleís the business. Not only will they appear on page 1 of the search results, and give customers a map to an entrepreneur’s location, but an entrepreneur is able to put information on that page such as a list of their services, what their business hours are, and pictures of their business.

In addition and even more important then that says Edmonton business consultant, is the ability for entrepreneurs to start generating Google reviews for their business. The sooner business owners can get their first Google review, the better. As consumers Google businesses, and make their purchasing decisions, did not have any reviews that will affect how many leads an entrepreneur is able to convert into customers.

However, this is owners do not need to focus on simply getting one Google review, there is actually a specific number that business owners should aim to get that is the most beneficial to new businesses. That number is forty. Edmonton business consultant says one reason for that, is because when customers are doing a Google review of a business, they will give more weight to businesses that have more reviews. If they only have one or two, or even a dozen a customer may be skeptical about the validity of those reviews. It can be very easy for a business to get a few quickly from friends and family for example. However, when a business gets to forty, that can influence consumers’ decision to purchase from that business, because they are more likely to consider those reviews valid.

When entrepreneurs are looking at ways that they can increase the effectiveness of their marketing, Edmonton business consultant recommends that if they have not already set up a Google my business page, that they do so, then spend a lot of their time asking for in generating Google reviews for their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Word-of-mouth Referrals Effective

There are many things that entrepreneurs can do in their business that are effective marketing activities says Edmonton business consultant. Not only are there lots of things that business owners can do, but a lot of these activities are completely free. However, business owners need to be aware of which ones they need to do first in order to ensure that the rest of their marketing activities are effective.

Since 88% of all consumers factor in the Google reviews that they see if businesses into whether they will purchase from that business or not, the sooner a business can start generating Google reviews the better. In fact, Edmonton business consultant says before an entrepreneur puts any amount of time or effort into any marketing strategies whether it is word-of-mouth, websites, or purchasing ads, but entrepreneur gets the Google reviews first. The reason for that is because no matter what an entrepreneur does to generate leads for their business if those leads are looking at the Google reviews and leaving even for a business owner is aware of them, that is not helping them increase their sales. Since 42% of all failed entrepreneurs say the reason I failed was they were unable to find customers, this is extremely important.

When complaints that Edmonton business consultant often gets is that they when their clients are working on this, is very difficult. While getting Google reviews is not hard, it does take time and diligence. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of shortcuts to this. There are some automated services available, they are not nearly as effective as a business owner asking their clients themselves. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs do not pay additional money for this until they are generating a lot of sales in their business.

The recommended way of getting Google reviews is for an entrepreneur to come up with a great script, that they share with their entire business and staff so that not just the business owner but everyone can get into the habit of asking for Google reviews. One of the best tips that they can suggest is entrepreneurs should make the assumption that if they have asked once, that clients are actually going to give a review. Therefore they need to ask consistently and follow-up. Even offering to teach people how to leave a review can overcome the barrier of why some customers might object.

Entrepreneurs learn how to ask for and get Google reviews, they will be able to unlock the effectiveness of all of their other marketing activities including websites and word-of-mouth marketing. Once they get into this habit, they can continue to receive and build the number of reviews that they get, increasing the number of clients that they will be able to attract to their business.