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Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Websites Important

When developing their online strategy, business owners often believe that one of the most important aspects of the strategy is creating a great website says Edmonton business consultant. While websites can be an important an effective tool in online marketing, the first thing that businesses should do in order to develop a great online strategy is by getting a Google my business page.

80% of ideal customers look at a businesses Google reviews before making a decision. If a business does not have a Google my business page, or any Google reviews, a business could lose those potential sales. Instead of having a website, the most important thing for businesses to have his Google reviews. In the way they can do that is by creating that Google my business page. Edmonton top business consultant says that itís extremely important online strategy, not only because purchasers will be making their decision based on how many reviews of the business has, but because when business is ready to have that website, the way they will be able to rank higher Google searches is through having the most Google reviews. By working as soon as possible in their business to generate Google reviews, they can be ahead of things when theyíre ready to have a website, they already have weekly Google reviews to optimize search engine results

Many business owners donít realize that simply by having a website doesnít mean that they will be automatically ranked higher on Google search engines. Even by having a great website says Edmonton business consultant, if they do not have the Google analytics supporting that website, will end up on page 2, where nobody will ever see them. When businesses are ready to create that website, already having Google reviews will be extremely important, but another way that businesses can generate higher search engine results is through having the most HTML content. The more content a website has, the higher it ranks in Google. A starting point for businesses can be a webpage with 6000 words. You can be fairly easy for a webpage to get that 6000 words simply by having six different pages with a thousand or more words on them. We can do this on their homepage, having a page showing their entire team, the services, why us, contact page. But 6000 words is merely the starting point says Edmontons business consultant the more content a website can curate, the better.

How businesses can create that content can be easy with some planning says Edmonton business consultant. If the business can create videos, then transcribe them that can create words very easily. Since itís much easier to speak words than to type them, a 10 minute video can easily transcribe into a thousand words. For every 10 minute video they create, they can also create that thousand words of content that can help them increase their ranking in Google. By using this strategy, business owners can ensure that the money they spend on a great website will go to good use because they will be able to be seen.

there are many different online marketing strategies that business owners can use in order to grow their business says Edmonton business consultant. Many businesses think that creating a website is the first place they should starts. While websites are an important tool, they shouldnít be step one for a lot of reasons. Thereís no point in having a great website, if is not seen by many people. Thereís many ways to create website geared towards getting high ranking like Google in their search engine. By learning how to get high ranking in Google, business owners can then create a website geared towards getting lots of clicks.

One of the ways that Google ranks websites, is by the most Google reviews. Edmonton businesses consultant says itís extremely hard for brand-new websites to have lots of Google reviews, which is why businesses should work ahead of time before they create their website in order to generate a lot of Google reviews. The way that businesses can do that, is to create a Google why business page. Not only is that the fast and easy way to be ranked on the first page of Google and search results, but most importantly it will allow customers to start leaving reviews business.

The reason why itís so important to have reviews to their business on Google, Edmonton business consultant says because 88% of ideal and likely buyers look at a businesses Google reviews before making their purchasing decision. If the business has no Google reviews or very few Google reviews, consumers will decide not to spend their money with that business. Because a business with you Google reviews may be seen by consumers as either not good at their job or not serious about what they do.

More Google reviews means converting more likely buyers and customers. Even businesses that believe they can do all of their marketing through word-of-mouth, even those word-of-mouth referrals says Edmonton best business consultant will likely to Google that business and make the decision to proceed with that referral based on Google reviews. If a business can increase the number of referrals coming into their business because of positive Google reviews, the better.

Many businesses mistakenly believe that they will be able to bypass having Google reviews by buying Google ads in order to appear at the top of Google search engine results. Unfortunately while this means that businesses add will appear, and may even be click done by potential customers, once they go to the Google my business page, and see that the business has few reviews, they will also choose to not purchase from that business. Even worse says Edmonton business consultant, is they may click on a competitor who has more Google reviews to their name. Ensuring that business owners by the Google ads and then not end up with that customer.