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Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Their Steps to Build a Solid Brand?

Edmonton business consultant | building a solid brand

Branding is an important aspect of business and as the Edmonton business consultant we would like to discuss how to create a solid brand. Corporations with solid brand do not have problems generating clients. These corporations have formed customer goodwill and trust have been formed for years. It’s important to note that time is an essential factor for creating a solid and respectable brand. Big companies took decades to build up a solid brand. Take Microsoft for example. The technological giant that is Microsoft started in a garage. If you are a potential customer for operating systems, you wouldn’t go to someone’s garage to conduct business. As the popularity of the Windows operating system grows, so that the Microsoft brand. This is a lead Windows to become the most popular operating system and the 90s. They remained to be just as popular today as they did before. Over decades, Microsoft has created a trusted and solid brands. This has led them to branch out into different industries. They created the Xbox brand for gaming and the surface lineup for computers. To this day customers continue to support them in different numbers.

Huge brands are difficult to compete with and as the Edmonton business consultant we know the struggles of small businesses. The unknown is scary for most people. Potential customers often go to established brands rather than risk doing business with a small company. Picture this, you are hungry and then you see the big golden arches of McDonalds. Beside it is a small mom-and-pop diner. Which one would you go to? Would you go to the consistent but the average experience and McDonalds for would you rather risk going to the small diner that can either give you an excellent service or a bad one? As mentioned before, customers are more likely to stick to what they know. This takes away business from your small unknown brand.

In this article our Edmonton business consultant will talk to you about the importance of building a solid brand. Our firm is dedicated and inspired by our mission and values. The people at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants inspired by arm goal to help small businesses beat the odds. This has led us to create a free one month consultation for new clients. They will also receive a free copy of the best-selling business book “E-MYTH” by Michael Gerber if you wish to know more please contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949.

Providing a face for the company needs human element to your business. Big corporations often hire famous celebrities to associate certain products and services with. People associate these products with status. Small business owners often use their CEOs as the face of the business. They cannot afford expensive famous celebrities to represent their brands. The benefits of having the CEO was the face of the company cannot be underestimated. This brings a certain level of relatability in the human aspect business. Make sure to go to 780-665-4949 or check out as soon as you can!

Edmonton business consultant | steps to build a solid brand

Big brands do not start off popular and as the Edmonton business consultant we know it took them decades to build the brand. It takes commitment, time and resources to create a positive and trusted brand. Microsoft for example, is one of the top technology based company in the world. They have built up customer goodwill and trust over the years providing excellent service. They currently have the most popular operating system, the gaming division and computer hardware line up. This company did not take overnight to create. In fact Microsoft started in a garage. You wouldn’t expect one of the technological giants to start in a garage but they did. Over time the Windows operating system became more popular and mainstream. It became the most used operating system in the 90s. It’s still going strong today as they are still one of the most used to operating system around. They have branched out to different industry using this customer trust. You have created the Xbox division and the surface line of computers. Their customers trust the products and thus taking the other divisions successful.

As the Edmonton business consultant we know that creating a big brand is difficult. Small businesses can not compete with these brands. Customers often tend to stay in the familiar and away from the unknown. This can be proven in any industry. Take the food industry for example. Would you rather eat at McDonalds and there’s a small mom-and-pop diner beside it? You know exactly what your getting with McDonalds. Small diner can give you either the best experience or the worst. Would you rather take an average consistent food over a potentially good one. It’s more likely that people will choose more familiar route over the unknown.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, our Edmonton business consultant is dedicated to helping out small businesses beat the odds. Our firm is inspired by our mission and values and has employees that are like-minded. Our team created a free consultation program for the new businesses. Get a free month of consultation on the first visit as well as a free copy of the best-selling business book called “EMyth” by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more about the free month of consultation please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

One of the few ways that small business can create a positive brand is through creating a human element for the company. This can be done by having a face lead your company. Often times big corporations use famous actors and celebrities to promote certain products and services. Once they do, people often associate these products with these famous actors and celebrities. However it is almost impossible for small businesses. They lack the resources to hire celebrities to be to phase a very company. They often have the CEO step forward as the human element of the company. This create a genuine and relatable human aspect to the company. Be sure to go to or call 780-665-4949 as soon as you can!