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Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Google Ads More Effective Than Google Reviews

Many entrepreneurs understand how important online marketing is says Edmonton business consultant, they may not know the best places to put their time and money in order to get the best return on investment. Therefore, helping entrepreneurs understand what areas of Internet marketing they should focus, and what they should focus on first is an important way for them to start getting customers in their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs think they should do is by will ads so that they can drive traffic to their business. However, spending money on Google ads only works if an entrepreneur is able to consistently convert the leads that they get into customers. Recommended they have done that is were a business to get Google reviews for their company. The reason why Google reviews, is because studies were done that showed consumers were looking at Google reviews prior to visiting a business and using those reviews to make their decision on what to purchase and from where. An overwhelming 88 percent of customers found to have done this. Therefore, before an entrepreneur spends any money on Google ads, they should get Google reviews in their business is that when they drive the traffic, there are more likely to convert it into buyers.

The great thing about generating Google reviews is an entrepreneur does not need an expensive website in order to do that. In fact, it is absolutely free. Business owners should set up their Google places or Google my business page. The only is this absolutely free, but it allows businesses to start ranking in search engine results and getting Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs do that prior to spending money on Google ads and getting a website for their business.

Once they have a Google my business page, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are working hard to get reviews for that page. Once it is set up, and it should take less than day business owners will be able to start receiving Google reviews customers. Therefore, as soon as the site is set up, businesses should start soliciting reviews from all the customers that they have previously sold to. Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs can start with friends and family, and even employ methods like giving discounted rates in exchange for reviews, or offering advice in their field of expertise in exchange for a review.

Once an entrepreneur has received a large amount of Google reviews, they then have a greater chance of turning leads into customers. Not only should businesses ensure that they get Google reviews first, but only after they get a minimum of forty, will they need to spend money on a website or Google ads for their business.

By learning how important Google reviews are can help entrepreneurs put the work in to get as many as they can for their business. There is not a lot of shortcuts, but when an entrepreneur is able to get reviews, they will be able to turn more leads into customers and be able to grow their business and become profitable.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Google Ads More Effective Than Google Reviews

When entrepreneurs start finding that their revenue is slipping says Edmonton business consultant, they often think that the answer is cutting expenses, or spending more money on marketing. The actual answer to this question is more about helping an entrepreneur generate more sales by converting more leads into customers. This is extremely important because 42% of all failed entrepreneurs say the reason why they failed is they were unable to find customers for their business. Therefore, learning effective ways to convert leads into purchasing customers is extremely important.

The reason why a knowledge been or pouring money into advertising is not going to work is because 88% of all customers are actually doing Google searches and looking at a business’s reviews as part of their decision to buy from a business or not. Therefore, it is a matter of how much money and entrepreneurs putting into their marketing if it is not being backed up by Google reviews. In fact, before not are even spends any money on marketing activities, they should generate a minimum of forty reviews for their business.

Forty reviews are the number where customers start taking the reviews seriously and giving them weight in their decision-making process. Under forty reviews are taken less seriously, because consumers assume that those reviews were friends and family or faked. However, the more reviews business has, the more likely those reviews are real in the eyes of the customer says Edmonton business consultant.

In addition to having more weight with customers, having a minimum of forty Google reviews is important to the Google algorithms used in ranking their search engine results. When not nor has more reviews, they will appear higher in Google search results. Meaning, the more reviews business is able to get, the more customers will see their business. Even entrepreneurs who think that they can skip this step and simply by Google ads in order to peer on the front page of Google are wasting their money if they are not getting Google reviews before buying ads. The reason is that Bill spends all the money driving traffic, and not having the Google reviews to give customers the confidence to buy from them.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs create scripts in their business to help them and their staff learn the best ways to ask their customers for reviews and to ask often. I also recommend that entrepreneurs follow up with all of the people that they have asked to give them a Google review because they might not do it the first time they are asked. While there is no shortcuts to getting Google reviews, with how effective this is, and how it can help all of their marketing activities, entrepreneurs should put their time and efforts into this first, because this will help them in all other marketing efforts to grow their business.