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Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Google Ads An Effective Way To Grow Businesses

Many entrepreneurs understand how important it is to be seen on Google says Edmonton business consultant. Unfortunately, if their plan is to start their business and spend as much money as they can on Google ads, they may find is in an effective strategy in selling their product in growing their business. While it is very important for businesses to rank high in Google search engine results, business owners are not able to buy their way to the top of the list and have it be effective.

The reason why this is not effective according to Edmonton business consultant, is because when consumers are making their purchasing decisions, the one thing that they look at more than anything else that guides their decision-making process is Google review. Therefore, if a business does not have any Google reviews, or if they only have a few, their ability to convert leads into customers is compromised. Even if an entrepreneur spends all of their money on Google ads, they are simply driving traffic to their business in order to get those leads to go to their competition because they do not have the Google reviews to close the deal.

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs tend to want to spend money on Google ads rather than getting Google reviews instead is because getting Google reviews is harder says Edmonton business consultant. Business owners are very busy, and if they can pay someone to do the job for them, they want to. However, there is no shortcut in business to getting Google reviews. An entrepreneur simply must put in the work to ask their customers to leave a review for them. By learning how to do that efficiently and effectively and teaching that to their entire staff can help ensure that entrepreneurs are capturing as many Google reviews as possible. Edmonton business consultant says that business owners can even create a script for each one of their staff so that they know what to say when asking every customer for review.

One of the most beneficial things of Google reviews according to Edmonton business consultant is that it does not require an entrepreneur to spend any money. Setting up a Google places site is free, and when customers leave reviews on those places, it also cost them absolutely nothing. Therefore, this is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs that are looking to maximize their results for as little money as possible.

One thing that business owners need to keep in mind is the number of Google reviews that they are aiming for. Not only is this number important for Google algorithms to rank them higher in search engine results, but also because it gives significance to the reviews to potential customers looking at their listing. This number to shoot for is forty reviews. Once an entrepreneur has reached forty reviews, they will be able to convert more leads into purchasing customers and be able to consistently rank higher in Google search engine results. However, once they get to forty, they need to continue getting reviews, so that they continue to rank high in search engine results and be more relevant to consumers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Are Google Ads An Effective Way To Grow Businesses

One of the problems that entrepreneurs often have, is when they start seeing their revenue dropping in their business says Edmonton business consultant, they start to look at ways they can cut expenses. However, this never works, because no matter how many expenses they are able to cut in their business, if they are not able to generate more sales, they will not be able to grow their business.

In order for an entrepreneur to convert the leads that they get into purchasing customers, entrepreneurs need to be able to rank higher in Google reviews. Business owners believe that the way to do this is to spend as much money as they can afford on Google ads in order to appear on page 1 of the Google search engine results. However, this is not effective, because it does not matter how many people see their ads, if they do not have any Google reviews to look at, an entrepreneur will be able to convert consumers into their customers. Therefore, purchasing Google ads is an entrepreneur spending money for their customers to go elsewhere.

Not only is spending money on Google ads not effective, but Edmonton business consultant also recommends that entrepreneurs avoid spending money on a website until they have a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business. The reason why is because it does not matter how much money a business owner is spending in order to have a gorgeous website, if they do not have the reviews that are going to allow them to convert leads into consumers, that website is merely a beautiful waste of money.

Even businesses that say they generate leads only through word-of-mouth can benefit by having Google reviews in their business says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why is because it does not matter how many leads business gets, or how they get those leads, those leads are still going to look at Google reviews in order to make a purchasing decision. The fewer Google reviews a business has, even if those referrals are word-of-mouth, they will simply close fewer of them.

Once entrepreneurs understand how important it is to get to forty reviews, they can start asking their customers consistently and regularly to get them to leave reviews for them. Business owners need to be aware that there is not a lot of shortcuts to this, they simply need to ask. The good news is, it costs them money to ask and be consistent, but how it can impact their business is significant. By getting into the habit of asking everyone and asking often, can help entrepreneurs convert those leads into customers and then begin to grow their business even larger than they thought possible.