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Edmonton Business Consultant | Aligning Values and Interests

Edmonton business consultant | employees 101

If you need business coaching, marketing strategies and consultation services, our Edmonton business consultant are happy to help. At Spurrell an Associates charter professional accountants we strive to help small businesses to beat the odds. You can find more articles like this one in our website at If you want to get in touch you can email us at or if you prefer to talk over the phone call 780-665-4949.

Small businesses have a 50% chance to fail during the first five years. One of the most common reason for this failure is having the wrong team. In fact 23% of business owners agree on this one. This article will help you, the business owner, to keep employees longer and help you find the right staff.

The hiring process can usually take a long time. This process is usually recruiting, training and transition period. The recruiting process alone can take an hour per employee if you don’t conduct group interviews. Having group interviews reduces the time spent on the recruiting process. It will help you see more potential candidates. It also allows you to read less resumes. And once you hire someone you need to train them. The training process can take as short as a few days to as long as a few months. The same goes for transitioning to a role. Having said that business owners often underestimate how expensive it is to lose an employee. Having to go through the hiring process again can take precious time, resources and energy away from growing your business. On the other hand employers also need to realize when employees are costing them more than a new hire. A bad employee can oftentimes be more expensive than a new hire. They accumulate bad work ethics, suboptimal workflow thus leading to worse work performance. Over time these cost pileup and eventually become more expensive than a new hire.

Knowing that the hiring process can be costly. Our Edmonton business consultant have a few tips to help business owners retain employees longer. Employers need to realize that they need to constantly hire. This reduces time trying to find the right candidate. Over time you are more likely to find the right fit for the role you are looking for.

As the Edmonton business consultant we firmly believe that having her clear and polarizing company interest in values can be beneficial. Most business owners write their values to appeal to everyone. However if your business values and interests are polarizing, you are more likely to find the right candidate for the role. Polarizing company values and interest can deter candidates that are bad fit for your company. These people are usually opposed to your values and beliefs thus making them unhireable. On the other hand this will attract people who have the same values as the business. They are more likely to be the right fit for your company. They draw inspiration from your corporate values and beliefs thus making them more loyal and are more likely to stick around longer.

Edmonton business consultant | aligning values and interests

At Spurrell and Associates charter professional accountants, our Edmonton business consultant specializing on giving excellent business coaching advice, marketing strategies and consultation services. We believe in small businesses. However they have a big chance of failing and we are here to help with that. If you find this article informative and educational feel free to browse more of our articles and website at You can contact us via email at or if you want to call us her phone number is 780-665-4949. We are excited to hear back from you and help you beat the odds.

Our Edmonton business consultants found shocking statistics. There is a 50% chance that small businesses won’t survive their first five years. Often times 23% of business owners blame their failure on having the wrong team. This will help you find right team and how to keep them longer.

The cost of new hires can vary. However they are usually expensive. Employers often fail to realize the cost of losing an employee. They would have to go through the long and painful recruiting process again. The recruiting process can take precious time and an energy away from growing your business. Once you found a potential candidate, you need to train them. Training a new heart can take as long as a few months or short as a few days. Employers also need to take into account the transition period. New hires need to adjust to their new role. In the other end of the spectrum there are certain employees who are more expensive than a new hire. Business owners are often fail to realize how much a subpar employee cost them. A bad employee has formed suboptimal workflow, and bad work ethics. This results in worse productivity and performance. Over time set employees can cost the business more than a new hire.

Losing employees are expensive but it is also impossible to keep him forever. Our Edmonton business consultant have a few tips to alleviate this problem. Business owners need to constantly hire to reduce the time of hiring process. If you are constantly hiring this means you are seeing more people and are more likely to find the right fit for the role. Employers should also assign one role for two employees. This lessens the impact if ever one needs to leave or sick. They can take each other’s places.

Employers need to hire based on their corporate mission and values. Often times corporate values are written to appeal to everyone. However we believe that corporate values need to be precise and polarizing. Said values can deter certain people from applying. People with opposing views and interests thus it are most likely to be the wrong fit for your company. Having clear and polarizing corporate mission and values also attracts the right candidate. They are more likely to agree with your mission and values and have a higher chance to be the right employee for you.