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Edmonton Business Consultant | A Great Online Presence Starts With Google Places

While most entrepreneurs understand how important it is to have an online presence according to Edmonton business consultant, that does not mean the same that it meant several years ago. In fact, a lot of the things that most entrepreneurs understand about online marketing are not when they assume it to be. There are many things that business owners can learn about developing an efficient and effective business presence online that not only can help them attract more leads, but convert those leads into paying clients. Industry Canada says that being unable to find the right customers in their business is actually the number one reason why businesses fail, developing an effective online presence is one way that most entrepreneurs can significantly overcome that reason.

Ultimately, one of the first things that businesses assume they need to have an online presence is a website. And while this was actually the case several years ago says Edmonton business consultant, that is not the case anymore. Not only is there a plethora of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube just to name a few, but they are also actually other online marketing initiatives that entrepreneurs should do first even before they get a website, or engage in any of those online social media sites. In order for the rest of a business ownerís online marketing to be the most effective, there is actually one thing that businesses should do first.

This one thing is what Edmonton business consultant teaches their clients when they come in asking for help with their marketing. That is, getting a Google my business page, or Google places site. But these are said Edmonton business consultant, is the map results that come up before the organic results someone does a Google search and a business comes up. Not only does this ensure that an entrepreneur is able to start showing up in Google searches right away, but even more important than that, setting the site up will allow businesses to start ranking in Google searches.

The reason why it is so important for a business to start getting Google reviews before any other online marketing is because a study was done that showed 88% of all customers actually Google businesses prior to visiting them, and not only were they googling businesses, but they would look at reviews and those reviews factored into their purchasing decision. Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs set up the ability to start generating those Google reviews as early in their business as possible.

Business owners need to understand that there is no shortcuts to being able to obtain these Google reviews. They need to just be very diligent and persistent in asking customers for reviews. They can start with their friends and family, and work their way to customers that have previously used their services, and from there, as long as they develop a system that will allow them to consistently ask for those reviews, can help an entrepreneur start building. I am lamenting this in their business as early as possible, and entrepreneurs maximizing their chances of getting to that important number of Google reviews as quickly as possible.

Edmonton Business Consultant | A Great Online Presence Starts With Google Places

One mistake that entrepreneurs often make, is if they see that their business is starting to struggle after looking for their cash flow, is that they have a problem with expenses says Edmonton business consultant. However, that is not likely the case, when an entrepreneur sees that they are starting to have a decline in their revenue, it usually has more to do with attracting more customers and generating more sales than it does with cutting expenses.

One of the first things that Edmonton business consultant will do when clients contact them day helps them figure out how they can fix their revenue issue is to look for their Google my business page. If they do not have one, the first thing that they recommend entrepreneurs do. The second thing they will do is looking for how many Google reviews they have. Most of the time, if an entrepreneur is having trouble with declining revenue, chances are they will also have a lack of Google reviews in their business. Therefore, they will recommend entrepreneurs start generating Google reviews for their business as quickly as possible.

One of the pushback set Edmonton business consultant says they often get from clients is that they do not need to spend time getting Google reviews, because they are very active on other review sites, and they have many reviews there. Review sites like yelp, or even social media sites like Facebook are actually not a substitute for Google reviews. Looking at the effectiveness of yelp or Facebook reviews, an entrepreneur would need to have an extremely large amount of those to equal one Google review. And ultimately, entrepreneurs think that they have many reviews but it is not as large numbers as they think.

When it comes to Google reviews, the recommended number is forty. While forty is not unattainable, it is also not possible without an entrepreneur putting work into it. Even entrepreneurs that think that they can bypass this system by purchasing Google ads so that they can appear on the front page of Google, need to understand that even if they spend a ton of money driving business to them if they do not have the Google reviews to give customers the confidence that they need to purchase from that business, they will be wasting their money.

By being able to focus on what is most important, getting Google reviews consistently and often, business owners can put their marketing efforts where it is most useful so that they can not only generate leads but generate leads that are going to turn into customers. The most important thing that entrepreneurs need to remember, however, is that the more customers they get is another Google review they have to ask for. Once they get into the habit of asking all customers, they will be able to grow their business.