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Edmonton Business Coach | Workplace Productivity

Are workplaces using the most efficient strategies to get the most out of their day asks Edmonton business coach. Learning how to use time blocking is a great strategy to help business owners as well as their staff the most out of their day. Can help not only make their time more efficient, but time blocking can help ensure that all the most important tasks of the business are getting accomplished on a regular basis. Time blocking very simply put is setting aside certain blocks of time in the future for specific tasks that need to get accomplished. By scheduling tasks ahead of time business owners can ensure that they are not forgetting important tasks, as well as ensuring that they make time for their strategic priorities.

Entrepreneurs often think that they’ll find time later in the day to work on some of these strategic tasks, the time isn’t actually set aside for them, these tasks are much less likely to get done. Will accomplishing the most important tasks such as marketing, recruiting and training for example the business suffers and doesn’t grow as efficiently and effectively as it should. Business owners also need to know when they are scheduling these important tasks not to schedule too short a time. They need to understand how much time it will take to complete the task and put in that much time towards it. A great strategy is also to slightly overestimate the amount of time it takes to accomplish that task. If there is free time at the end of that task, business owners can use that to take care of unforeseen events that pump up throughout the day.

If a time block is too short, what ends up happening is switching tasks too often. This unnecessary switching of activities leads to decreased productivity because the switching of the task takes time. In addition to actually taking more time, it also takes a brain about 20 minutes to reach its peak productivity. 20 minutes several times over the course of the day leads to a lot of lost time. Schedule time blocks for as much time as is necessary to complete task to avoid this downfall recommends Edmonton business coach.

It’s also very important that business owners time block for staff training and coaching. If the staff knows they will be seeing their business owner on a regular basis, they will know that they are getting face time, which will teach them to ask all of their important questions in that time, rather than interrupting several times throughout the day. By having predictable blocks of time, staff will know when they will see you and can schedule their day around that. It’s important to have regular time to train your staff, because properly trained staff leads to increased efficiencies in the workplace as well as increased customer satisfaction says Edmonton business coach.

Learning how to properly implement the strategies business owners get far more out of their day then business owners who don’t do time blocking. As well time blocking assures business owners that they can achieve their strategic priorities which will help drive their business forward.

Edmonton business coach | workplace productivity

One simple thing that businesses can do to increase the productivity within their workplace, is learning how to time block says Edmonton business coach. Blocking is a simple and effective strategy that includes setting aside blocks of time that are dedicated to specific tasks in the future. It’s not simply just scheduling in client meetings, but everything that needs to get accomplished within a business should have a time block for it.

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake that they don’t need to continue to market when their businesses are busy. This is common mistake although it doesn’t make any sense to stop an activity that has helped a business get to where they are. Marketing efforts need to be consistent in order to be effective. Whatever the marketing strategies are for the business, it’s very important that businesses needs to schedule them so they are accomplish on a regular basis says Edmonton business coach. In fact it’s very important that anything that will help grow the business gets time blocks. Recruiting and training staff or to very important time blocks as well

So what are some of the other things that a business can time block? Edmonton business coach says everything that needs to get accomplished in the business should have a scheduled time. Marketing, creating checklists and templates, administrative tasks and duties, staff recruiting, staff training and coaching, as well as HR activities. It’s important that time is set aside to do administrative tasks because as good as the business owner’s intention is, without actually scheduling time for these duties they just don’t get done. It’s unlikely the business owner will find free time in their day at work, and even less likely that they will accomplish that task at home.

By creating a time block for checklists and templates, business owners help themselves creating efficiencies within their business. Checklists help business owners and their staff as well as their clients eliminate mistakes, and know what is needed. Fewer mistakes with the staff means less time fixing mistakes and more time with the business. Fear mistakes with the clients leads to increased client satisfaction. Creating templates is also an effective way to spend time because templates can help create efficiencies for anyone who has a task that needs to be repeated at any time says Edmonton business coach. Business owners often don’t think of creating time blocks for improving efficiencies, however it is a very effective use of their time.

These are some great time blocking techniques. However if the business owner needs to learn more ways to use time blocking to create effective workplaces, they can always contact their Edmonton business coach for more tips and tricks. By effectively using this method, business owners can work as hard as they ever done their business, but accomplish much more than they ever did.