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Edmonton Business Coach | Working Smarter Not Harder

Business owners are very busy people, working very long hours in their business confirms Edmonton business coach. But they are not accomplishing their strategic goals. Therefore they are putting in a lot of work but there businesses are not growing. Does not have to be this way businesses can learn how to work smarter not harder, get everything done that they need including their strategic goals and grow their business. By learning how to use time blocking and what tasks they can share with their staff, entrepreneurs can become masters of their time.

Most business owners believe that the most important task at the start of their workday is email. Unfortunately says Edmonton business coach this is not true. Customers rarely have your needs in mind when the email you an urgent message. It’s urgent for them, but not you. But you need to be working on as a priority are tasks that will help your business grow and be successful. Use time looking strategies to set aside a specific time to work on email or train your staff how they can answer email and create time blocks for them to do it. Answering email never grew anybody’s business.

A lot of business owners think they know what time block as but what it actually is is setting aside specific blocks of time in the future dedicated to specific tasks time blocks should have a specific goal, and should encompass everything that is important to get done to the business owner. Edmonton business coach recommend that this includes time for marketing, creating efficiencies in a workplace, administrative duties and even recruiting, training, and HR.
Business owners believe that they should always be available to take a call from a client, when a salesperson or customer walks into their office says Edmonton business coach but this isn’t true. It’s completely reasonable for business owners to be unreachable for certain periods of blocked time this will help the business owner work more efficiently because constant interruptions means that a business owner will not reach peak productivity. Which reduces the amount of efficient work time a business owner can have in a time block. Also by switching tasks unnecessarily, a business owner has to remember where they left off to get back up to speed to continue working on that project. Being available is definitely acceptable.

Marketing time should always be set aside, especially when a business is busy. If a business is busy, chances are the marketing efforts have been working which means you don’t want to stop them. The only effective marketing strategies are the ones that are done on a regular basis and business owners not want to stall out there business growth. Edmonton business coach says if business owners imply the stop start method of marketing, they will need to spend far more time on that method than if they were marketing regularly.

By knowing the most important things time block and how to do it ensures that business owners can continue to work as hard as they ever did, but achieve more.

Edmonton business coach | Working smarter not harder

Business owners have a reputation of being some of the hardest working people in the country says Edmonton business coach. But if they are not accomplishing their strategic goals, are they spending their time wisely? By learning how to time block business owners can make the most of the 168 hours that they have an week and continue to grow their business. Time blocking is a strategy that includes setting aside specific time in the future dedicated to specific tasks and then locking them in. It’s a great way to ensure that all the important duties and tasks that need to get done in week have a scheduled time to get done. The next thing to know is what is the most important tasks to be working on. For a business owner should be their strategic goals as that’s going to help them drive their business forward.

One of the most efficient things to dedicate to time blocking is for the creation of checklists and templates. The reason for this is creating efficiencies that the entire company can use will save far more time overall then the time it takes to create them. Checklists help reduce errors, templates help save time. Any company would be able to benefit from having more time, so creating efficiencies is a great way to give companies more time.

Not blocking administrative duties is a huge mistake business owners can avoid. By thinking administrative duties will take care of themselves or that they can be fit and elsewhere is a sure fire way to make sure that those tasks don’t get accomplished. Creating a time block for administrative duties will ensure that businesses can continue to operate smoothly. It is also important that business owners schedule enough time for these duties, since they are often not a major passion for business owners they tend to not realize how much time it takes to do them. Schedule enough time than a day for business owners or their staff to take care of the tasks will not only ensure that they get done at all but also efficiently.

There is such a thing as being overscheduled. When business owners don’t take into consideration unforeseen events that can crop up throughout the day, it leaves them unprepared to deal with those events. Either through scheduling time blocks in a day to deal with unexpected events, or by scheduling more time than should be necessary for tasks will allow business owners that additional time to build anything that needs their immediate attention. This will ensure that business owners don’t get interrupted during their blocked time, but important matters that pop up can get dealt with efficiently.

By implementing these great strategies, business owners can be sure that their hard work is not wasted and they can continue to grow their business, and accomplish all of their goals.