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Edmonton Business Coach | Working 80 Hour Work Weeks

Even though many people believe that entrepreneurs as they choose their schedule, Edmonton business coach says that it is not the reality of the situation, because most successful entrepreneurs work approximately 80 hours every single week. If entrepreneurs are not prepared for putting that kind of time to their business, they may find it difficult to grow their business. 15 percent of businesses fail in their first year, 30 percent by their 2nd year, and 50 percent by year 5. While the goal of most entrepreneurs is to eventually gain significant amounts of freedom in their schedule, to put in a significant amounts of work working 80 hours a week for several years for them to have a business stable enough for entrepreneurs to be able to choose a shorter work schedule or have more time off of their business.

When entrepreneurs are building their business, a great rule of thumb says Edmonton business build a business the reason for this, is because is to be much easier for them to work is very long hard hours, when a person does what they love, they can work longer and harder at the job because it will feel quite so much like work. The passion they have for what they do allows them to tolerate the grind. Encourage a business owner to develop the discipline to keep their schedule, business owners will have it built-in because they love what they do.

Another way that entrepreneurs can tolerate such a grueling schedule says Edmonton’s business coach, is by celebrating and taking pride in the small accomplishments in victories that they encounter in their everyday life. The reason this is important says Edmonton business coach, is because human beings get motivated by seeing the progress of their hard work. Instead of celebrating only the large goals that are few and far between, and find something every day to celebrate, entrepreneurs can create the motivation within themselves to stay motivated when the days are long, and the work seems hard.

Another important factor that business owners should keep in mind when they are putting in the extremely long days, is that being able to spend time with their family after work, is extremely important. They need to ensure that they create their schedule so that they are scheduling time home with their loved ones, and by putting their schedule and sticking with it with the same rigidity that they stick work, not only can the business owner ensure that they are spending ti with their family, but that their family can anticipate when the entrepreneurs going to spend time with them, which helps everybody be prepared and able to be present at the moment says Edmonton business coach.

By doing what they love, keeping their eye on the goals, taking pride in their accomplishments, and spending time with family at the end of their day, Edmonton’s business coach says these can help business owners put in the difficult hours required of being an entrepreneur.

If business owners are not prepared to work 80 hours per week while building their business, they may find it harder to become successful says Edmonton business coach. The reason why entrepreneurs need to spend that amount of time in their business will build it, is because not only is it hard, but also business owners use their time to leverage the fact that they do not have money business. Everything from marketing initiatives, to developing their product and service, to customer service and developing processes so that they can scale their business up when the time is right, the first year is often the most year that demands the most amount of time for business owners, and after that first year, successful entrepreneurs should work about 80 hours every single week. To allow themselves to be able to work those long hard hours for many years, business owners for the small need to be prepared to do it.

Even by utilizing time-saving principles such as batching similar tasks together to create efficiencies, as well as utilizing the minimal viable product to get selling as fast as possible in their business, that is not going to enable a business owner to get away from working in 80-hour workweek. One of the ways that business owners can put in kind of time, is because they are setting a goal of being able to work fewer hours at some point future. Edmonton’s business coach says that a typical business should work towards being able to give some freedom of time to the owner several years after they have developed a stable business. Edmonton business coach says that the goal of being able to have short workweeks, and more days off can be a motivating factor for most entrepreneurs. They just need to understand that they need to work extremely hard and extremely long to get there.

When business owners are starting their business, and realizing that they are going to have to give up some of their leisure activities to work in 80 hour work week, Edmonton’s business coach says they need to take stock of the most important activities that a business owner can work on, to spend their free time on most important things. For most business owners, that ends up being their family. By thinking their family a priority this way, business owners can give up all of the lesser important things to ensure that they spend time with their family. This might mean that they are getting up banks with friends, or out of the pub to ensure their spending time with their family.

By spending time on what is truly important, and remember their motivating factors for starting a business, Edmonton business coach says business owners can be prepared to work very long hours frequently to achieve their goals.