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Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Should Not Read Resumes

Many entrepreneurs spend a significant amount of time reviewing candidates for the interviews even happen according to Edmonton business coach. And while they may think that the more time they spend reviewing resumes. Means they will end up with better candidates.

This is not actually true, because no matter how much time spent reading resumes a business owner puts in. The problem is that they are not meeting enough candidates. Because they should meet about one hundred people. In order to find one who is the right fit for their business.

One of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail in their small business in Canada. Is because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. And it is a large struggle for most small business owners.

However, the traditional method of hiring staff. By reading resumes, and then holding one-on-one interviews. Does not give small business owners the advantage. Of being able to meet enough people. To hire the right person for their business.

The reason why one-on-one interviews work for large corporations. Is because they have the time, as well as the resources. In order to meet enough people even if they are conducting one-on-one interviews. Because they have an entire HR department at their disposal.

Therefore, business owners need to change how they interview candidates. In order to meet more people, in a shorter period of time. Which is why Edmonton business coach recommends group interviews.

In a group interview, the first thing that saves an entrepreneur time. Is that they do not have to pre-read resumes, in order to shortlist candidates to interview.

Instead, a business owner simply sends every single applicant an invitation to the interview. And ensure that they have a spot in their calendar every week to host these group interviews.

By being able to meet a group of people within the same timeslot of an interview. Can save a significant amount of time. As well as help an entrepreneur avoid having to see the same information multiple times.

They will only have to talk about the company overview once. And give information about the job once. As well as answer questions from all candidates. And since many will have the same questions as each other. That will cut down on repeat questions.

Since many business owners are going to be able to spot a suitable candidates in a very short amount of time. They will be able to figure out quickly. Who would be someone they are interested in learning more about within this group interview.

After they have concluded the interview. And have decided that there is someone that they would like to learn more about. That is the time where business owners can read the resumes. In order to see if they are qualified and suitable for the organization.

By saving time, as well as meeting more people. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneur’s will have an easier time finding the right fit for their business. Which will help them avoid failing, because they are unable to staff their business.

Edmonton business coach | why should not you read resumes

Many business owners think they are unable to find the right candidates for their business, because they are not asking the right interview questions says Edmonton business coach. However, it does not matter what questions they are asking. If they have the wrong people to interview.

This is why the traditional one-on-one style of interview. Is not beneficial for small business owners. Because they need to be able to meet a larger number of people. In order to increase the chances of meeting a person who is the right fit for their business.

Not only is it a large waste of time for business owners to pre-read resumes. But it is also a lot of time spent, trying to connect to the successful candidates. In order to schedule an interview time with them.

And this point, an entrepreneur has most likely spent a few hours already. And when it comes to the interview spot itself. A percentage of the candidates will not show up at all. While some will show up late.

These candidates will automatically not be considered for the job says Edmonton business coach. Or at least they should not, because that is typically an indication of how seriously they will treat the job.

Therefore, out of all of the candidates that a business owner does interview. They may not find one that is suitable. However, they feel compelled to hire one of them.

Because they have committed so much time to the process. And are most likely feeling the urgency to hire someone. Because they are either busy and need someone. Or because they have been short staffed for so long.

This is why many business owners are unable to find the right person. Because they are not hiring the best fit for their business. However, many business owners struggle at trying to find the right candidate. Because trying to interview everybody on a one on one basis is not possible.

However, business owners will be able to meet a larger amount of people. If they hold group interviews. However, business owners will still not be able to meet enough people in the right amount of time. If they only hold group interviews when they are looking for employees.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs host these group interviews on a weekly basis. Whether they are actively hiring in their business or not.

And when they identify candidates that would be a great fit in their business. They can draw from this list. When the need arises. And most often, business owners do not know when they are going to need someone in their business.

So being ready with a list of great candidate’s, can help minimize the time. From when they need someone. To when they are able to hire someone who is going to be a great fits in their business.

It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand that this can make a huge difference in their business. As well as help them overcome the obstacle of not being able to find people to work in their business.

And help them stay in business longer. And be able to grow and be successful.