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Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Need To Role Play More Often

No for that one at a 100 person who loves that abrupt get down, there’s 99 others who just want to call someone else instantly when they, they instantly ever regretting calling you. Uh, when you answer the phone like that, I’m sure the person who answered, yeah, they probably didn’t get your business this weekend, so I know. No, that’s a, that. That’s probably how it works. So you know that’s not going to work. We think it’s maybe saving time in our day saving time, but it’s costing you customers and if you have more, if you don’t have enough time to answer the phone properly, properly, and you are generating enough income, guess what? Hire someone to answer the phone properly. Don’t just be rude to your Edmonton Business Coach customers to make the interaction shorter.

Yeah, I can see why I can be because it’s not.

Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask for spurl CPA. Today we’re talking about having a business coach for why you need to roleplay again, Edmonton business coach for why you need to role play. I have Trevor with me from inspired method Chevy. You’ve been part of some of our role play sessions. I’m sure you’ve done lots and in other other businesses as well. Yeah. And uh, you know, it’s always interesting doing role play because at first it’s kind of uncomfortable and awkward. Um, but you know, once you, once you get into it and you make a game out of it, then it, it becomes a lot easier to do. And I think it’s a, a vital role for any business to do some kind of role playing. Yeah. Especially when it comes to a customer interactions and, uh, you know, just doing what you do on a daily basis.

Yeah. So, uh, it’s not just seventh grade drama school, it’s a way to make more money. So, uh, so the quote that we have here is Michael Gerber, author of the e myth, and he says, the entrepreneurial model has less to do with what’s done in a business and more to do with how it’s done. The commodity isn’t with, it’s important. The way it is delivered is so you know, it’s less about, you know, the commodity that you’re delivering in, the more about the way you are delivering it. That’s what the customer values the most. And the statistic that we have here is 50% of all Canadian small business. We’ve got a business in the first five years, 42%. Again, we’ll go out of business because of their inability to onboard enough customers, uh, making it the most common reason why businesses will fail. And the story that we have here is business owners.

You know, the optimistically think that either, you know, how they answer the phone, does it matter or if the answer they phone in an abrupt, you know, get down to business, uh, started poem that the customers don’t get excited about their professionalism and just be so excited to do business with them. This guy’s abrupt and down to business. Um, no, maybe a couple, but for the most part that’s not gonna work. So well. So Trevor, what are the questions that these business owners need to be asking? Um, well before I ask the first question I had and very person when I, uh, made a phone call the other day, it’s a business. Yeah. They answered the phone like this. Yeah. The best way to answer a phone. Let me tell you, I was excited to talk to this person anyway. Question number one, Josh, how would the average person react if their friends were abrupt on the phone?

So if your friends, or if you should have had this one friend and you’re calling this friend up all the time, this, yeah. What do you want? Yeah. You’re, most people are going to eventually grow tired of that and they’re going to stop calling up person. You know, it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience. So, you know, you just look in your personal relate relationships. When you call people if they’re negative or abrupt, when you call them all the time, I bet you you’re probably going to call them lesser. Not at all. Yeah. Now we’ll customers almost also react negatively if the tone is abrupt. Yes. Most customers, you know, for that one out of 100 person who loves that abrupt get down, there’s 99 others who just want to call someone else instantly when they, they instantly ever regretting calling you. Uh, when you answer the phone like that, I’m sure the person who answered, yeah, they probably didn’t get your business this weekend.

So no, no, that’s a, that that’s probably how it works. So you know, that’s not going to work. We think it’s maybe saving time in our day saving time, but it’s costing you customers and if you have more, if you don’t have enough time to answer the phone properly, properly, and you are generating enough income, guess what hires someone to answer the phone properly. Don’t just be rude to your customers to make the interaction shorter. Now why is it important to smile on the phone call? So you know, people don’t realize is that it’s not just sounding pleasant. It actually, you know, the reaction on our face that we’ve just been preprogrammed, that we can actually hear the difference on the phone if someone is smiling or not. It’s just, you know, our genetic programming and we’ve been interacting by voice for our entire lives that we know when someone is pleasant or fake pleasant, we, if they’re smiling on the phone, even though you can’t see that person, you can actually pick up the differences in the pitch of their voice and you’re more likely to be receptive to what they’re saying.

Now, Josh, why are some companies always good on the phone no matter who answers? So the companies who are getting on the phone, you’ve had them, you’ve had those experiences where it’s just Yap and then you have these other experiences where you call some companies in there. They’re good on the phone if you get the right person. And then there’s these other companies you get on the phone and they’re good on the phone no matter who answers the phone. Yeah, they’re only good for one reason. It’s not because they have some magical hiring process and that’s usually what a lot of business owners think. Well, I’m just going to find the right person that says, oh no, they’re good on the phone because they practice being on the phone. They really don’t. They role play about what’s being on the phone. And they do it over and over again with all of their staff.

And that’s why they’re good at is not because they found one magical person. Uh, it’s because they’ve practiced it. Just like any other thing in life. If you’re good at it, you’ve probably practiced doing it. Yeah. Now why is it ideal to have three people to do call training? Three people at acculturating? We’ll let you do some role play. So you can think of, you have the one person who’s actually calling their, you know, playing the role of the client and the person who’s actually working the business. And then you have the observer, right? Uh, because sometimes you’re going to see things from different roles. If you’re always just doing the talking or pretending to be the client, you might see different things. But if you have someone who can also just function as, you know, just that they’re watching the interaction, they get a little bit of a different perspective and they might have some feedback onto you.

You know, how you can make it better. So I think the ideal scenario is you have three people, you know, the, the person who role playing, the prospect, the person who’s actually practicing being on the phone and the Observer. Now, if you don’t have three people can use friends or family to practice the role play. I think it’s fine. You know, this is a very basic interaction because you’re a lot of times in most businesses you’re not trying to interact with other professionals or you’re not an electrician trying to interact with other electricians or a lawyer trying to interact with other lawyers or an account and trying to interact with other accounts. Your Edmonton Business Coach, uh, you know who you are in an electrician trying to interact with someone who knows nothing about electrical being an electrician. That’s why they want to hire an electrician. So yeah, friends, family will be fine on, you know, role playing that a thing.

So if you’re a one man organization, get two of your Edmonton Business Coach buddies together and go over how you answer the phone. And, and people who are maybe a, you know, a nice enough to be pleasant about it but not, not too, too nice that they’ll be fake about it. So they’ll actually give you some constructive feedback. Now, Josh, should you have a phone script next to every phone? Yeah. I think it’s so important that you can have this script of what you want to say and your plan of attack. Well that’s great. You got to have it where you need it. It’s gotta be at the phone, you know, I’m big on, uh, a paperless office and we try to minimize paper as much as possible, but you can go down to our phones and it’s like the one piece of paper that we have there sometimes is a laminated cheat on, you know, what our phone template is and what the checklist that we would have if it’s a new client calling in.

So even if our computers are down, we can still get that one. We can’t get anything else, but we can at least answer the phone. Right. And try to get appointments for, for new potential clients. Um, so, you know, that’s the one thing that you just need to have it, you know, first and foremost, it can’t be buried in a file cabinet somewhere. It’s gotta be raped by the phones because that’s where you need to use it. Now, why should you practice a new client inquiry scenario? But it’s probably the, the lifeline of your Edmonton Business Coach business. You know, a lot of people think that, um, you know, they’re, they’re dealing with difficult situations and a lot of the difficult situations that they’re having is because they don’t have enough customers. That’s why they’re running out of cash. Right? You know, they’re consistently dealing with a difficult customer because they don’t have an ability to fire that customer.

So that customer becomes their boss and then a customer. Right? Um, so you, you need to practice that client inquiry scenario is so costly to get the phone to ring, to get that initial inquiry email to get that initial appointment and then you lose it by not practicing it. Right? You have a fantastic service. But for most business owners, you have to realize that you were trained. I was trained to be an accountant. Someone was trained to be a plumber. Someone was trained to be an electrician. Probably none of us were ever trained to be receptionist. Right. Um, and you know, believe it or not, there is no receptionist school out there that has constantly, you know, supplying the market with reasonable price people to answer the phone. So your Edmonton Business Coach choices are to pay through the nose for someone who has been doing it for years or you know, find systems that you can actually onboard people in a reasonable price and teach them how to do it effectively.

Now, Josh, should you have standardized ways to handle objections from potential clients? Yeah, you should. I, I mean some people are going to object. The first objection is always giving you a price. Now give your Edmonton Business Coach price and you need to way to handle that because in most businesses you, uh, you know, if you’re a dentist, you can’t quote the price on the phone. I don’t know how much of your tooth hurts. That’s great. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to fix it. And if you can’t move them off of that, what’s the price and start communicating the value. Um, you’re just setting yourself up that the only person, people that will do business with you are the ones that are looking for the cheapest price. And believe it or not, the ones they’re looking for the cheapest price, probably the least likely to buy anyways.

They’re usually just tire kickers and you know, uh, you know, they’re, they’re probably the least likely people to buy and probably the, the people that you don’t want to do business with anyways. Yeah. So almost better to get those people off the phone anyhow. Yeah. So, but if you don’t have a way to answer that question, what’s your price? And you communicate why it’s impractical to give you a price over the phone or start communicating what the value of your Edmonton Business Coach services and in addition to, you know, will lie. And maybe you’re not the lowest price, but you know why it’s not the lowest price and why they shouldn’t go with the lowest price option. Um, you know, you’re, you’re going to lose those, those, uh, those standoffs if you want to call those interactions, right? Uh, you know, why do I have to give this information and why do you want to do an initial call unsold?

Why that’s important. You don’t want to have to think about that on the fly. You just have them there. They’re going to ask the same questions over and over again. You know, why can’t I get the owner of the business on the phone right now? Uh, that’s usually the other one too. Once you start to scale. So it’s a, you know, why can’t I get the price of the phone and why can’t they get the business owner on the phone right now? You better have scripts if you want to diffuse that and then I’ll help you, you know, uh, I move those situations for but do so in a way that’s not stressful and, uh, you know, confrontational with the person who’s a, you know, asking those difficult questions on the phone. Now, Josh, once you grow, should you practice ways to avoid interrupting the owner?

Yeah, hundred percent. So that’ll be like I touched on a little bit earlier, it was just you, the people have that price objection. Probably the next most common one is people calling up to always ask for the owner. It could be a question where a lot of times the owner does not need to get involved. This is a telemarket or trying to sell you something and the owner is getting interrupted in their day, was trying to make systems and templates to make their business better. Working on the complex process, you know, problems to help their customers more. They’re making content that make that phone ring more often and we’re interrupting them because someone wants to sell them an Internet connection. Um, you know, we need to make those go away. Or even, you know, as the team grows your ideas as to, you know, to empower your Edmonton Business Coach team.

So as soon as a customer calls and they go straight to the owner, now the owner is just, you know, they’re the help desk. Can you imagine if Bill Gates was the help desk at Microsoft? What would happen and when they have better products, right? You think apple built the best phones because Steve Jobs took the, all the technical inquiries that came in and he built the best phone because he was spending his time building the best phone and not answering the question that probably half of his team could answer themselves. And a lot of times your Edmonton Business Coach team can answer the question better than you can because they’re more up to date on what’s happening currently in that situation. So you need to be able to find a way to transition that person, especially as a small business owner that they normally deal with that other person, but they’re comfortable in dealing with it.

You know, you’re trying to transition them to the team that you have in place in a way that says most comfortable as possible. Uh, so they feel like they are getting, you know, taking care of. So, um, so I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for tuning in. As always, you don’t. Please leave some comments so we know what you’d like to have addressed in future videos and you’ll place it, the light can subscribe button so we can continue to deliver your Edmonton Business Coach tips on how to beat the Aza business. Thanks very much.