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Edmonton Business Coach | Why You Dont Need A Website Yet

Well from the Mafia and I’ve heard that the, the bottom of the river deep places in the river with the concrete works well. Um, but from a business perspective, uh, the best place to hide a body is page two of Google. Yeah. Page two of Google is the best place to hide a body.

Yeah, I can see why I can be because it’s not,

hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask [inaudible] CPA today. But better business coach, we’re talking about why you don’t need a website yet again Evan to business coach. Why you don’t need a website yet. I have Trevor from the Spire Method Marketing coaching here with me. Trevor knows this all too well. Visits owners put too much emphasis on getting a website up early. Yeah, they do. They think that is going to be the magic bullet to get them out there and get their name known and start magically drawing in those customers. Yup.  Edmonton Business Coach. So the court though we have here on this one, Peter Drucker wrote 39 business books. He says nothing happens until someone sells something. Neither business, nothing is happening until someone has sold something. Yeah. So it’s a statistic. 50% of Canadian business will go out of business in the first five years and 42% of these failed businesses will go out of business because of their inability to attract enough customers.

Making it the top reason why most businesses will do own a business. And the story that we have here, business owners think that simply by spending money on a website, any website will help them generate you business. I wish it was that easy, so much easier. We could charge so much more money for easy website. So, um, so the, the, the questions, Trevor, one of the questions you’ve been an owner should be asking, uh, Josh, now this could be a mafia question as well. Where’s the best place to hide a body? Well, from the mafia, and I’ve heard that the, the bottom of the river deep places in the river with the concrete works well. Um, but from a business perspective, uh, the best place thought hide to body is page two of Google. Page two of Google is the best place to hide a body.

Um, because you know, if you want someone, never find it, put it on page two of Google. A lot of times it’ll never get found. True Story. Now we’ll a new website show on page one of Google. Yeah. So people think that well and how they’ve come to the realization, hopefully they can come to the realization that people don’t look very far in the search results. The results, I mean there’s the odd person, but we’re not trying to, for the odd person, we’re trying to attract the masses. Um, so, but the new Ed site, just launching a new website, any old website, the chances of it being on page one of Google are, you might as well go buy your lottery ticket while you go by that website because it’s not going to show up on page one the first day. Now here’s your Google my business listing more likely to show up on page one of Google search engine’s results a hundred percent your Edmonton Business Coach Google places or Google my business.

It’s absolutely free. It can be done quickly. And if you do it right, that will show up on page one of Google. As soon as they type in, you know, Edmonton plumber, there’s a chance that you could be listed there. If you have that set up correctly, you haven’t spent nearly as much time or money to get that thing up and that’s likely to show up on the page one are the Google results page. What is x way undervalued? Yeah, absolutely. Um, what percentage of buyers will look at your Edmonton Business Coach Google reviews before purchasing? That is the hard ones. So now you’re listed if you know we spent $10,000 on a website, but you know, you realize that 88% of your ideal and likely buyers will look at your Google reviews before doing business with you, not your Facebook reviews, not your Yelp reviews, not your foursquare reviews.

88% of your ideal and likely buyers will look at your Google reviews before they do basis with you. Again, your Google reviews tied to your Google my business account. That’s what they’re going to look in. Now, does that percentage change for leads from referrals? Yeah, that’s one of the, you know, the, the, the kind of the misnomers that I get back out there. If people think that, well I do all of my business from referrals. I was like great, if you had 40 or more Google reviews you’d be converting more of those referrals because even those people who are referred to you, 88% of them will still look at your Google reviews before deciding if you’re going to do business with you. So even if your  Edmonton Business Coach main strategy of onboarding clients is getting, you know, referrals from people who’ve done business with you or referral partners.

Well I mean the name of the game is not to get more referrals. The name of the game is to convert more referrals. And if you want to convert more of those referrals, you know, we have to be aware that 88% of them are going to look at the Google reviews. So let’s get some Google reviews. And another quick tip, if those people are willing to give you a referral word of mouth, half of them give you a Google review. That’s hard cause it’s the same thing. It’s just on a different platform. Yeah. Yeah. It gives more strength to that referral because if they’re willing to say it’s one thing, they’re willing to put it on the web, inside their name to it, it’s another thing all together. Exactly. Now we’ll Google my business listing with 40 reviews. Outperform a new website. Yeah. Um, so you know the Google my business listing with 40 routes, that’s generally the magic number.

If all you had you take one business and they spent 1,005 thousand $10,000 on a website and they launch from day one and they don’t have a Google my business listing and you have another or they have them without any reviews and you have another business and they don’t have a website in the spend a dollar on a website and they just, you know, set up a good Google my business listing and gathered 40 reviews. The phone will ring more often in this second business who doesn’t even have a website, they just have a Google my business listing with 40 Google reviews, a couple of Nice pictures, a phone number to call. It’s going to work. It will work better almost every time in every industry. Um, you know, the, the 40 is the number to shoot for where Google starts believing that this is more than just your Edmonton Business Coach friends and family reviewing you, that this is actually legitimate customers.

Uh, there’s enough activity going on here that they’re going to place it and importance on it. So if you’re looking at, you know, which one to do first and which one, no website, 40 Google reviews. Good. You know, Google, my business listing has a good number of pictures and the correct phone number and an address listed there. You’re going to get more calls, like it will work quicker and it’s cheaper. Absolutely. Now, how effective are Google ads before gathering 40 reviews? Well, if you trust most of the people who want to sell you Google ads, they will tell you that they can sell anything on Google ads. Uh, coming as the CPA who seen the costs of these ads a year end and seeing how affected they were at generating new business is I would suggest to most people that in most situations that buying Google adwords before having Google reviews is a fantastic way to get business for your Edmonton Business Coach competitors, not for you because your  Edmonton Business Coach Google ad words, you’re going to get them excited to do business with somebody, but then they’re immediately going to check who has all the reviews.

And if you’re the one who paid for the ad, they’re going to get them excited, you’re going to pay to get them excited, and then they’re going to see who else can do it. They’re going to realize, hey, this guy doesn’t have any reviews. He’s got two reviews and his competitors got 68 reviews. Uh, I don’t care who posted the ad. I want to do mission with the guy at 68 reviews. So, um, you know, buying Google ad words before having 40 Google reviews is, you know, one of the quickest ways to let your Edmonton Business Coach money on fire. And a, I would suggest lighting on fire is actually just more entertaining anyways. At least you get to watch it burn. Uh, rather than people clicking in the middle of the night to do business with you. Unless you’re in a survival situation, you shouldn’t burn money for no good reason.

There’s a couple of other mechanisms that will burn quicker. Yeah. Yeah. Would might be better charcoal. I’m try those first. Now why do you recommend writing 6,000 words before launching a website? So we go back to the, the first, uh, you know, part where, you know, the being on page one of Google, if you’re on page two of Google, uh, no one’s going to see it. So what happens, you know, the way Google ranks websites, you know, there’s really four components of what it was going to be used to rank a website. And is the website well, wild compliant? Uh, does it follow Google’s canonical compliant rules, which is, you know, something a coder or you know, Trevor’s seen, can help you out with, um, and you know, do you have the most Google reviews or a lot of Google reviews as number three? And then number four is how many pages you have with a thousand words or more.

And some people will challenge sometimes and say it can be as to is three 50, but I don’t want to sometimes be on page one. I want all the time beyond page one. So we’re going to write a thousand words or more favorite page. Now the 6,000 words is we looked at the common pages for a website. You know, we have a homepage, number one, we’re going to have a homepage. So we need a thousand words for that homepage. So because we don’t want to just spend money on putting up a website that nobody sees, you know, we don’t want to just make a website as quick as possible so we can sit down with her mom and her brother and say, Hey, look at my webpage. And yes, we can feel good about it. Pat each other on the back end and the phone never rings.

It’s about getting in front of our clients and in order to get it in front of our clients, we need to get the page one. In order to get the page one, we had the most number of pages, a thousand words or more. So the six common pages. Let’s write a thousand page homepage. You’re going to need a thousand words. A more team page is the second most looked at page. People will look at the team page before they even look at the services space. They want to know who’s doing the work rather than what exactly you’re doing more. Uh, I don’t make up rules. That’s just what the stats say. So now we need a thousand words for the home page, a thousand words for the team page. Now we’re going to look at a services page. So now we actually have a services page of describing exactly what we do and the components of our, of our common projects or projects or services.

That’s a thousand words. Then you’re going to want a why US page. So now you want to, why us a of why they’re actually doing business with you as opposed to one of their competitors. Again, all of these go down in order of ranking. Most people are going to make the decision from the homepage, but these are the types of pages that they’re going to want to see the people who deal do drill through. Now we want a page on our website. The fifth page is some sort of content, you know, usually whether it’s a blogger of logging, we’d have other, other videos on here and why we always say it should be a blog instead of a blog because it’s more time efficient. But we need a page to how those, those blog videos and why we’re doing this. Patient number five and then simply our contact page.

And yes, I have a thousand words on my contact page. Uh, and before I knew that was important, I had like everybody else, I had my hours of operation, my phone number, and a couple of social media accounts you connect with. And then I realized that a thousand words get you to the top of Google. Now I’ve got a thousand words I’ll describe, but the parking is like with the and what they, uh, uh, the intake process is like, I even have, you know, a paragraph on, on what the coffee is like here, because I want my thousand words because that’s what’s going to ranked. So those are the six pages. So there’s no point in launching those pages until you have a thousand words of content. For each one of those page, you got to write 6,000 words. Now, Josh, last question. Why do you recommend doing 1410 minute youtube videos before creating the websites?

So again, we go back to those four factors. You know, Mo as a site, mobile compliant, there’s a follow Google Conoco compliance rules. Do I have enough Google reviews? And we’ve got more. We’ve got started gathering Google reviews for the web, the website, hopefully, uh, or we’re gathering Hoover reviews before paying any money to update the website. That’s step one. But now, you know, 6,000 words is going to get you to the top. So the, you know, when we talk about, you know, people will tell you the blog, but most people who were telling you to blog or probably not on page one of Google themselves, right? Um, you need an efficient way to get the most number of words. And one of the most efficient ways is to simply talk a thousand words just like we’re doing right now, talking a thousand words, I’ll have to get up on the website and I would say 1410 minute youtube videos.

Now you’re going to write 6,000 words. You’re going to have 14,000 words that can be extracted from your videos and transcribed and put on a website. Now you have 20,000 words to launch a website. That’s a website that might start getting to page one for some common terms. Um, and again, it also, it helps you, it has a secondary thing too. So it’s not just getting to page one. Now it’s going to start making you think critically of what your brand is trying to communicate. Because if someone makes you talk about your Edmonton Business Coach business for 10 minutes at a time for 14 times, now you’re more likely to actually assemble, you know, be the creative director on a website, being effective, creative director on at Western that actually communicates what you’re trying to communicate. It just forces you to talk about your business, to take a step back to look, you know, we’re caught up in doing our business.

Now we’re just talking about our business. Um, so that takes us, forces us to take a step back and now we can, you know, help generate you communicate type of brand that we’re actually trying to communicate because doing those videos and not just gives us the words, but it actually makes us think critically about, you know, who we are and we’re trying to accomplish as a business. Awesome. Thanks Josh. Yeah, so this what we have here today, thanks so much for tuning in. As always, we look forward to any comments that you have so we can respond back and you’ll help us out with the looking at what future videos you guys would like to see. And as always pissed of the lichens subscribe button. So we continue to deliver your Edmonton Business Coach tips on how to beat the odds of business. Thanks very much.