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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Would Entrepreneurs Work 80 Hours A Week

it is extremely important that entrepreneurs understand that they need to work 80 hours in a week for success says Edmonton business coach. While entrepreneurs can work less than, the most successful business owners put more time in their business than the average employee business and their place of work. Building a business is extremely hard, and takes a lot of time. By understanding this as soon as they get into the business, entrepreneurs need to spend a significant amount of time, to build a stable business. If they do not, business owners put their business at risk of failing early. Industry Canada says that 50% of the businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by your 2, and 50% fail by year 5. As the author of the one thing, Gary Keller said about putting time onto a task,î time on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time.

If business owners are going to put their entire life on the line to build a business, they should be motivated to do whatever is necessary to achieve success, and that means working 80 hours in the week. If an entrepreneurís motivating factor is to be in charge of their schedule so they do not have to work long hours right away, Edmonton business coach says they should not start a business. It is not the right motivation, and they will end up failing in business due to the lack of dedication.

When business owners are starting a business, and are devoted to working 80 hours a week, one of the most important things that they can do in their business is keeping all of their goals in mind when they are working. Some entrepreneurs want to eventually have a dream retirement, someone to accumulate wealth, some want to be able to work significantly less in their future, whatever the reasons are entrepreneur starts business, they need to keep that in mind, because those goals are going to help them stay motivated when they do not want to work any more hours, or when their days get difficult.

Something else that business owners can keep in mind to help them stay motivated is by celebrating the small accomplishments that they have in their everyday life. Instead of celebrating only the large holes, if business owners celebrate the smaller instances and find something every day, they can create motivation in their brains. 10 business coach says that people get to motivation from seeing the progress of their hard work, so by acknowledging their hard work every single day, it can help business owners stay positive. Whatever we send is that they are celebrating, whether it is simply getting one more Google with you in their business, or a client making a meeting on time, every possible reason to celebrate can help an entrepreneur stay motivated they can encourage them to keep going when the days are long, they feel like they want to quit.

The most important thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are starting their first business, is that the most successful entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week on average says Edmonton business coach. If people are getting into business to have more free time in their schedule, this is the wrong motivation. While it is possible for business owners to eventually develop freedom of time, that usually comes several years after they have started their business and have a stable business.

One of the reasons why it is so important for entrepreneurs to work so many hours in their business is because everything that a business owner needs to do in their business requires either time or money. Edmonton business coach says since most new entrepreneurs have very little money, they need to leverage their time to accomplish the strategic priorities of their business. The good news of this is that this is only temporary, as they build their business. The first year in business is always the year that they are going to spend a significant amount of time. However, once they have their first year under their belts, business owners still need to spend a significant amount of time in their business to continue growing it until it stable.

Working 80 hours a week is a huge time commitment, and many entrepreneurs will need to figure out what activities they need to cut from their life to help them focus only on the most important things. Edmonton’s business coach says that by having longer workdays, a business owner will only have time to focus on the most important things in the time from work, and most often spending time with their family ends up being the most important thing. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind, because spending time on the most important things outside of work, can help an entrepreneur feel rested and relaxed to go back to work refreshed and ready to tackle another extremely long and difficult day.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur should keep in mind when they are spending time with their family, is to unplug more often. Unplugging will allow an entrepreneur to be able to be present and at the moment when they are spending time with their family says Edmonton business coach. Part of cutting out the unimportant things in their life to make room for the most important things can be using electronics because that can distract business owners from what is most important. Not only will it help entrepreneurs connect with their family, but unplugging will also ensure that entrepreneurs are not tempted to check business email, or work on any business activities, while they should be focusing on their family, says Edmonton business coach.