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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Reading Resumes Is A Waste Of Time

When entrepreneurs are ready to start hiring people in their business, Edmonton business coach says they usually schedule one-on-one interviews. And the reason why, is because that is the only method of interviewing that they know about. And so that is the one they utilize.

However, while large corporations can conduct one-on-one interviews very effectively. That is because they have large HR departments. Who have the time and the resources to meet dozens if not hundreds of candidates on a one-on-one basis.

However, for small businesses to meet hundreds of candidates this way. Not only do they have to read dozens and hundreds of resumes. But for each person they interview, that will take time to schedule. And then an hour to interview.

Which is not realistic for business owners to be able to do says Edmonton business coach. Even if they wanted to meet a large number of people. In order to choose the right person to hire in their business.

And while studies show that business owners need to meet about hundred candidates. Before they can be likely that they found one candidate that is right for their business. This is just simply not possible for small business owners to do. While utilizing a one on one interview method.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize a group interview method. Because not only can it save time. But it can help them meet a larger number of candidates. And be more likely to choose someone who is the best fit for their business.

The first thing that helps save an entrepreneur time. When they start utilizing the group interview method. Is that business owners no longer have to read resumes ahead of time. They simply send an email to all candidates. Inviting them to the group interview.

And then whoever shows up, is interested in the position. And a business owner no longer has to spend time calling candidates to arrange interviews. In addition to the time that they have saved not reading resumes.

If candidates are not able to meet during the group interview. Then they would not be a suitable candidate for the position. And if an entrepreneur locks the door at the interview time. Anyone who shows a blade, is also no longer a good candidate for the position.

Therefore, business owners do not have to waste any time. On candidates who are a no-show, or candidates who show up late. Because they simply do not arrive to the interview. And are not considered for the job.

By learning how to do this interview method. Can significantly help an entrepreneur save time. But also, it will help entrepreneurs find people a lot quicker. And if they utilize group interviews. Even if they are not hiring their business at the moment. They can develop a pool of great candidates.

This is exceptionally beneficial says Edmonton business coach. Because business owners never know when one of their employees is going to give notice. Or when they suddenly are going to get busy and need someone quickly. So learning this interview method can help a business finds the right people.

If You Are Looking For The Edmonton Business Coach?

Many business owners do not enjoy reading resumes in order to find a candidate to interview according to their Edmonton business coach. But do not know different way to find someone to interview for an opening in their company.

And this is why entrepreneurs should learn how to implement the group interview in their business. Because this will ensure that they do not have to read resumes prior to meeting candidates ever again.

In fact, according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. This means looking at resumes in order to narrow down who an entrepreneur should interview. Is in and of itself ineffective.

And by choosing someone to interview based on their resume. Can end up with an entrepreneur making the wrong decision. And not interviewing someone who may be the best fit for their business. This is why they should utilize the group interview method.

Because they can simply meet everybody who is interested in the position. And to determine who would be a good fit in the business based on the interview, and their interaction with that candidates. If after the interview, the entrepreneur likes what they see. They can then read their resume.

They can verify all of the information on that resume. Including calling references. But Edmonton business coach says one of the best reasons why entrepreneurs should not count on the resume. Is not just because people lie on their resumes.

But some of the most important aspects of how suitable a candidate is. Is not going to be communicated on a resume. For example, while a resume shows skill. Coachability or ability to overcome adversity is actually more important than skill.

But nowhere is an entrepreneur going to be able to find on a resume. If candidate is coachable, or if they have the ability to overcome adversity. They may be able to determine these things by having a conversation with them. But they would not be able to determine this from the resume alone.

Another example of this, is while education is important. Edmonton business coach might consider a commitment to lifelong learning even more important. To ensure that they are always going to be improving their skills in their craft. And yet lifelong learning is not likely found on a resume either.

Therefore, while a resume can show many great skills about a candidate. Once an entrepreneur has identified that they are interested in a candidate. They should bring them back, and asked them questions.

To allow them to get a sense of if they value lifelong learning, or if they are coachable. Or able to overcome adversity at work. By doing this, they will get a much better sense for who would be a good fit for their business. Without having to spend dozens of hours to get there.

This process will have taken about an hour in its entirety. And will result in an entrepreneur either having some potential candidates. Or knots, and at which point they can simply repeat the process the next week. And see if it yields better results.