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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Multitasking Is A Myth

Business owners need to consider what happens when they and their staff multitask says Edmonton business coach. Many business owners believe that multitasking is the key to getting things done in their business, without taking into consideration that not only does the quality of work suffer when they multitask, but it also reduces productivity. Why so many people have believed this multitasking with for so long is a mystery, when the science has figured out that not only is multitasking not productive, it is actually doing more harm to a business then good. Scientists have done studies that have shown that it takes the average person about 23 minutes to reach their peak productivity on any task. By switching that task, or being interrupted, their brain needs to take the same amount of time to reach its peak productivity again. Many people think they will be able to be interrupted and then get back into the flow of work very easily, but the science does not support that.

Multitasking is so prevalent and so many businesses, that it can be difficult to persuade business owners to avoid utilizing it in their business, but many business owners donít know how to stop multitasking or donít know how what the alternative is says Edmontons business coach. But the opposite of multitasking is focused uninterrupted work. Businesses can easily create an environment for uninterrupted work to happen with some forethought. Entrepreneurs are often already utilizing time blocking to schedule their day, so all they need to do is create time blocks in every single day dedicated to uninterrupted work. Not only should they create this for themselves, but ensure that their staff also has this time as well. This uninterrupted work time should be the same for every person in the workplace. Edmonton business coach says this is in order to minimize the distractions staff may have with each other, and itís much easier to eliminate all the distractions and workplace at the same time for everybody.

Once business owners can create this time thatís dedicated to uninterrupted work, they will be able to discover that they will be able to get any more things accomplished in the same amount of time. Edmonton business coach says that they will also discover that the quality of work has increased because people will be able to work in their peak productivity. Business owners should ensure that during these focused work times, they are also working on the tasks they made to accomplish in order to grow their business. Using this time for marketing and strategic priorities as well as continuing to increase the productivity of their workplace are important and should be done during this time in order to ensure they can get the tasks completed.

Once business owners have created this extremely productive workplace, they will be able to see that their customers are extremely happy with the quality of work that they are getting from the business. And happy customers not only create less problems in the business, but also tell everybody why theyíre so happy.

Many entrepreneurs have utilized multitasking in their business without much thought says Edmonton business coach. There are theyíre not sure why they multitask or they are unaware that there is a alternative. Many business owners started in business needing to get many things accomplished and having few staff in order to help them accomplish those goals, so they believe that they can get more done by multitasking. Unfortunately multitasking is not productive in business and in fact is harmful to businesses productivity. As Gary Keller once said, ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a timeî by multitasking in their business, entrepreneurs are ensuring that they are not accomplishing more in their business, they are accomplishing less and doing a poor job of it.

Entrepreneurs should learn what the alternative to multitasking is in to truly unlock the potential of productivity in their business. Edmonton business coach says the way to create extremely productive workplaces is by creating blocks of time every day dedicated to uninterrupted solitary work. By setting aside blocks of time every single day dedicated to uninterrupted work, business owners can help facilitate an environment where everyone can work uninterrupted and reach their brains maximum peak productivity. One of the keys to ensuring that this time is uninterrupted, is by minimizing distractions. While it may be impossible to eliminate every single distraction, business owners can do a lot in their business to ensure that most distractions are eliminated. They can turn off their phones, or can have an answering service take care of phone calls during this time. Have entrepreneurs also need to be very steadfast in their resolved to not check email during this time in order to not get stuck in answering emails and not working on their tasks at hand. They can remove email notifications from their phone, and even close their email software when they are in focused work times, knowing that they will always be able to return phone calls and deal with emails when theyíre focused work is done.

Edmonton business coach says once the workplace is used to working uninterrupted and alone, entrepreneurs will start to see that their staff becoming happier. Studies were done between interruptions and happiness and discovered that staff members who had fewer interruptions at work had significantly increase happiness in their life. On the flipside of that, the more interruptions that occurred in a workplace, equaled staff members who were far less happy. This is a great by product of increased productivity in a workplace. Entrepreneurs will see that not only are there stuff happier, but to their customers will also have increase happiness because the quality of work will have gone up, ensuring client satisfaction with the company. Entrepreneurs should eliminate multitasking in their business in order to truly unlock the potential of productivity in their business.