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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Most Websites Don’t Generate Leads

Edmonton Business Coach | Are You Excited About The Top CPA?

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Would you pay less for a billboard that’s going to sit in the middle of the forest that no one is going to see?

Yeah, I can see the whole why with these two I can be you and cause it’s not.

Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ASPS, Burl CPA today as the empty business coach. We’re talking about how, why most websites don’t generate leads. Again, as the Edmonton business coach, we’re talking about how, why most websites don’t actually generate any leads. And I have Michael here with me again. So Michael, you have some experience in designing some websites. Yes, I do. Yeah. And that coveted first page Google listing, it’s a hard thing to retain, right? Definitely. After your, after you’re working with us, how many business owners do you think of there are drastically underestimating the number of content you need to get to page one? Definitely a lot. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a big misconception out there. That’s one of them for sure. And there’s many of them. Uh, but the quote that we have here today, it’s a Gary Vaynerchuk quote and he knows a thing or two about, you know, getting his message in front of people and he says, there’s no such thing as perfect.

JJ chasing perfect is the shortest road to not achieving it. And I say, uh, you know, 50% of all Cain business will go out of business and the first five years and 42% of these failed business owners, we’ll list the inability to attract customers. And one of the primary reason for their failure making the inability to attract customers. The most common reason for business failure. And I would throw another stat in there that’s just the Josh brothers, no source on it, but 90% of them on their resume would say they’re perfectionist to a, the ones that are failing a as if perfectionism is a successful trait for business owner, it’s not. So if you need quality Edmonton Business Coach this is the place to go.Um, so the story that we have here are business owners that they think any average website will generate some leads when in reality, an average or a below average website generally generates no leads. It’s like as if you didn’t do it for most businesses, you should either do it right or save your money and not do it at all. In my experience. So Michael, what are the questions that these business owners who think that an average website or a below average website will, will do? Okay,

Kenna missing. Oh, can missing a key website component. Be like missing a key component of a car.

Yeah. So if you’re missing a key component of a website is, this is the analogy, I’ll use the people. If you’re missing, okay, I sell you a car, but that car doesn’t have a transmission car going to get you to point a to point B. We’re not talking about it’s, it’s, it’s missing air conditioning. A or one of the blades is broken. We’re talking about if that car is missing the engine or the car is missing the transmission. Oh, wheels on the car. That’s what it’s like. I’m missing a key component in the website. It is completely useless most of the time. Why is the website that does not rank on Google?  Like a billboards in the forums? So I tell people, it’s was like, okay, I’ll build a website. I want to build a cheaper website because it’s cheaper. And I said, well, would you pay less for a billboard that’s gonna sit in the middle of the forest that no one is going to see?

You’ll feel good. There’s a billboard and it’ll be kind of cool to see it. You get a picture of it, hopefully if you can find it. Um, but no one else is gonna see it. It’s not going to generate you any business. So a business that does not rank on Google won’t generate any business. Why are Google reviews necessary? So Google reviews are necessary for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you don’t have enough reviews, you can’t rank high on Google or it’s very difficult to rank high on Google. So you’re just kind of tying one hand behind your back. And number two, even if someone clicks on your website or sees your presence on Google, but you have no reviews, you’ve just dramatically reduced the number of people who are actually going to do business with you because 88% of the purchasers and prospective purchasers will read the reviews before deciding whether or not to do business with you especially if you need the top Edmonton Business Coach.

What are the only three pages of a website that the majority of traffic will see? So a lot of people, you know, they build all these pages on their website and they think, oh, don’t worry, they’ll find this one here. I just reviewed one yesterday. And the client had, you know, some page after sub page and for some page on their services as if the client, the customer’s going to click and click and click and click. The problem is people are extremely lazy and they’re, no, they’re, uh, they’re kind of commitment to click around a website and keep searching for all the information that you drilled you put on there is very low. Um, so generally they’re going to see the homepage, you know, it’s far in a way the most, uh, you know, common page that they see it and they’re going to see, they like the team page.

Believe it or not. A lot of people talk with the team page and they don’t put the biographies and the pictures of the people who work in the business. And that’s one of the only ones that they want to see. Uh, and then they’ll probably, you know, if they’re going to click anywhere else, the services page. So a lot of them are only ever going to see the homepage and then if they’re likely to see anything else, that’s probably the team and or the services page. Uh, and that’s generally it. And everyone thinks their website is different, but there’s, you know, the apps that you can install a, like a lucky orange for example. It’s like a heat-sensing map of where people go on the website and what they clicked on the website. The problem is it’s the same story over and over and over again. Please use these guys if you need the best Edmonton Business Coach today!

Whether you’re a dentist or a plumber is they click on the home page, they might click on the team page, they might click on the service page and they don’t have an ounce of motivation to go anywhere else, so you better convince them on one of those three pages. What happens if you value, if your value proposition is not completely defined on these pages, they’re not going to do business with you because they’re only going to go to these three pages. So if you’re expecting that they’re going to go on all the web pages on your website to determine what your value proposition is to determine if they should do business with you. That’s a false assumption coming from an Edmonton Business Coach perspective. So you need to be clearly hooking them in and delivering them as a client on. You know, generally you should be making that decision right on the home page.

Everything that they need to know to decide if they can do business with you or not. Not the detail, not 100% detailed, but it’s enough to give them. It’s most people you should be trying to do that on the homepage. What are the risk of putting all your services on a different sub page? Yeah, a couple of risks. So number one, people are too lazy to click on them, so they’ll just click somewhere else where they can scroll. They prefer to scroll than they would to click. It’s extremely exhausting to click and click and click. I know people are just lazy. Uh, and we underestimate that laziness so they just won’t click. So they’ll never, there’ll be a service that they’re extremely interested in, but they didn’t want to click through 12 items on your services page to find it and read about it. Um, number two is, you know, you want to a thousand words of content on every page.

So if you’re trying to write a thousand words of content and every single one of your sub services, uh, that’s going to be a little bit difficult. So you’re making a, a, a challenging assignment for yourself or just combine them all. Put all your services on the service page. It’s all you need. Do most businesses underestimate the value of the team page? Yeah. People do not buy from faceless businesses. And if you start studying websites, they proves it because they click on that team patient. You know, even on small businesses, they’re more concerned about who’s doing the business sometimes and they are even what they’re doing before. A lot of, a lot of the patterns are, people will click on the team page, they’ll never even click on the services page. They’re gonna make their decision based on the home page and the team page. Uh, that’s like, that’s a common pattern and a lot of people avoid putting the team and the pictures of the team and the biographies of the team thinking that people are, are going to buy from this nameless, faceless business. Be sure to work with these guys if you are searching for the best Edmonton Business Coach!

And that’s not how it happens. I mean, it did another video about that where, I mean there’s a reason why even big companies, big established brands and they get spokespeople because they want to assign a face and a name a to the product and not just the brand. Will most website visitors only ever see the homepage? Yeah, far, far and away. Most of the time they are going to make their decision right from the home page. So they’re, they’re either deciding, yes, I’m doing business with you or I’m clicking the back button, right for the whole page. So we talked about home and team and services being three most common, but you have to remember the most common, uh, visitation pattern to your website is homepage decide yes or no. If yes, they’re gonna, you know, click the button or pick up the phone. If no, they’re hitting the back button. Do not was another minute, call now for the best Edmonton Business Coach!

That’s it. So you’ve got to convince them right then and there and the home page. Should you touch on every key component of your business on a homepage? Yeah. So if you’re trying to convince them, you’ve got to think, I gotta put, you know, a little bit about my offer. I got to put a little bit about my services. I got to put a little bit about the team or a little bit about, you know, who we are as a business. Like, you know, make sure I have, uh, enough calls to action on that homepage. Everything you need to hook them, it’s going to be right there on that homepage because you can’t depend on them clicking on other pages to make the decision. It’s gotta be enough. And you can’t put a hundred percent detail on the, on the homepage. Got To be enough for the average person to say, yes, I’m interested or no, this isn’t the one for me.

Why should you also use video instead of just ring words? Again, people are extremely lazy. Uh, you know how many people actually read books these days as the stats held that are extremely low? Uh, so you need words to rank for Google because Google doesn’t know if it’s pretty or not. Google doesn’t see videos, but people watch videos. Uh, if given the choice between watching a video or reading texts, most people will choose the video and Google will monitor, you know how long people stay on a page. Two. So if you want them to linger on a page, embed a video on the page. So, um, using just written word might get you, you know, might get you the content you need, but it’s not going to get enough time on page and probably you’re not going to get enough interaction or interest from your customers because unfortunately people don’t like to read anymore.

Why is what is above the fold and our homepage so important. So if we talked about the homepage being so important to a home page, team services, those are the three common ones. And homepage is ultra important. But here, here’s the kicker. People are so lazy when they visited a website that not only do they not want to click to another page, they don’t even want to scroll sometimes. So, so a lot of patterns are going to be, they’re going to make their decision based on what you have on the whole page above the fold. And when I say above the fold is before you even scroll anywhere. So what can you put on that home page above the fold that’s going to actually convince them? You know, most people. So if you’re thinking about the time you spend on your website and people are spending time on, on the 19th page, on their website, trying to make it perfect.

I mean, I spend my time above the four on my homepage making sure things are precisely right and I don’t even care if there’s a spelling mistake on page 20, because no one looks at it anyways. Uh, but I’ll spend hours and hours on how things, you know, look on different uh, devices or you know, a mobile different phones, you know, desktop computers above the fold on the homepage. You know, uh, making sure that no brainer offer that you have on that homepage is, is tight. Making sure that, you know, people can see some social proof, they can try to understand a little bit about your value proposition. A got to be really squish it down and you’ve got to pair everything away. And what’s the simplest way you can explain it and, and make an impact above the fold on the whole page. It matters the most. Um, so that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for joining us. As always, please hit the light and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds that your business, and, uh, please leave us some comments so we can respond back and know what you guys would like to see covered in future videos. Thanks very much.