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Edmonton Business Coach | Why It Is Inefficient To Change Meetings Last Minute

Most business owners who do not have efficient schedules fall into the trap of when they get busy, they start canceling appointments says Edmonton business coach. They do not realize that by canceling appointments actually makes their time shortage far worse. As Zig Ziglar said, if you do not plan your time, someone else will waste it. Instead of allowing themselves to cancel appointments when they need additional time, entrepreneurs should instead create a schedule that will allow them to get all tasks done on time and then adhere to that schedule strictly.

Because an entrepreneurís time, like everybody elseís is finite, they will never be able to make more time, just figure out a way to use all of their time efficiently. By creating a schedule ahead of time, entrepreneurs can figure out all of the most important tasks that need to get accomplished each day, week and month, and figure out how much time as needed to get each task accomplished. By working this out ahead of time, an entrepreneur will be able to see if they need to work more hours than they typically expect. This might mean coming in an hour early or staying an hour or two later, but if that means they never run out of time to accomplish each priority, then it is worth it. Entrepreneurs on average work far more than eight hours a day five days a week anyway, and creating a schedule will allow them to see how they need to spend their time.

Once an entrepreneur is working on a schedule, they need to ensure that they have time built in that schedule to allow them to deal with sudden circumstances that can come up in a business from time to time. One way that they can accommodate this says Edmonton business coach is by ensuring that their schedule has blocks of time for longer than it would take to complete each task. When they have time at the end of their tasks, they can work on things that have come up in their day. Another way that entrepreneurs can ensure that they have time to deal with these events, is simply by creating small blocks of time in their day with nothing scheduled, so that whatever else an entrepreneur needs to work on can be addressed in that time.

It is very important that entrepreneurs create this schedule and then adhere to it strictly. By refusing to cancel appointments for any reason, entrepreneurs can end up creating an environment where everyone values and respects everyoneís time, and that they have clients that do the same. By adhering to these time blocks, an entrepreneur can ensure that they are making the most efficient use of their time, so that they never have to steal time from somewhere else to finish a task. By doing this, entrepreneurs can get into the habit of working efficiently and effectively, and without falling into the trap of having to cancel meetings to get tasks done.

Edmonton Business Coach | Why It Is Inefficient To Change Meetings Last Minute

If entrepreneurs believe that they can buy more time in their day by canceling or rescheduling appointments, Edmonton business coach says they actually are costing themselves more time without even realizing it. While it might be tempting for entrepreneurs to cancel appointments in order to deal with urgent matters, it ends up causing an entrepreneur to waste more time in their day, that they may never make up.

Once an entrepreneur starts to decide that they should reschedule or cancel a meeting, that is already starting to waste an entrepreneurís time. Because an entrepreneur has a certain amount of decision-making power each day, trying to figure out if a meeting is an inefficient use of their time, then they are already wasting time. An entrepreneur has time set aside for this task, and they have previously identified it as important enough to give their time to, therefore it is the most time-efficient for an entrepreneur to simply go ahead with the meeting and get on with their day.

Even if an entrepreneur has something very important that needs to get done, the active canceling and then rescheduling the appointment will actually take far more time than an entrepreneur realizes says Edmonton business coach. They will have to contact the person that they are meeting with and cancel the appointment and call them back at a later date to reschedule. This might take a little amount of time, but it also might take several phone calls and emails back-and-forth. Not only will this waste time, but this is usually going to happen when entrepreneurs trying to accomplish other priorities, causing them to waste time accomplishing that task by being constantly interrupted.

In order to help an entrepreneur avoid canceling appointments, they should be very picky about what tasks and priorities get an entrepreneurís time to begin with. If it is so important that a business owner has put it into their calendar, it is important enough to get done in that moment. And ultimately, an entrepreneur should take this into consideration that if they are so busy that they feel they cannot make an appointment, then their time is at the most valuable, and it is the most critical time to not cancel and waste even more of that precious time.

If an entrepreneur is canceling the appointment in order to complete a task by a deadline, they should take into consideration that finishing on time is a much better prospect than finishing perfectly. This does not mean that an entrepreneur should do a poor job says Edmonton business coach, but if an entrepreneur can save time by getting their task very close to perfect, then that is better than missing the deadline in order to complete a task to absolute perfection.

By learning how to make every task a priority, entrepreneurs can ensure that they never want to cancel appointments, because of how necessary it is for their business. Edmonton business coach says that by getting into this habit early on in their business, entrepreneurs can avoid the trap of canceling appointments to create time because they will already be working as efficiently as possible.