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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Hire Staff Without Reading Resumes

When business owners need to hire staff in their business, Edmonton business coach says they may think that reading resumes. Is one of the most necessary aspects of finding the right people.

This is because most business owners utilize a one on one interview method. It requires them to read all the resumes that they receive. In order to create a short list of all of the people that they are interested in scheduling an interview with.

However, this is not the best way to choose candidates for a business. Because according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. Which means a resume is a poor indicator of who the great employee is going to be.

And when entrepreneurs consider that a lot of the most important skills were an employee to have. Is not going to be represented on their resume. Such as the ability to think on their feet, overcome adversity. And being coachable as well as a dedication to lifelong learning.

Therefore, when considering both of these facts. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneur’s should understand that a resume is actually a very poor indicator of who they should interview.

And a giant waste of time, as entrepreneurs can waste hours of their day reading resumes. And not being closer to choosing a great candidate to interview.

This is one of the reasons why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize a group interview method instead. Because it is eliminates an entrepreneurs need to pre-read resumes.

Not only will this save a significant amount of time. But it will allow entrepreneurs to meet all of the candidates. And be able to determine face to face, if they would likely be a good candidate for their business.

And they can do this all within one hour per week. Because they will be able to meet everyone during this group interview. All they have to do, is invite every candidate to the group interviews.

An Edmonton business coach typically suggests giving them the choice of three different interview dates. So that they can choose the one that is most beneficial for them.

That way, an entrepreneur does not even know who is likely to show up to an interview. Which means if someone fails to show up. Or shows up late, an entrepreneur is never in the know. And all they have to do is choose from the pool of candidates that have actually shown up to the interview.

However, if none of those candidates look like people that they would like to have in their business. They do not have to feel pressured into bringing any of them in for a second interview.

Or even hiring them. Because they know next week, they will have even more candidates showing up. Who might be the perfect fit for their business.

Therefore, business owners can save a lot of time by avoiding the one on one interview. And moving to a more efficient group interview process.

But they will be able to meet a lot more candidates. And avoid trying to figure out who the best person is based on their resumes.

When You Are Looking For The Edmonton Business Coach?

Many business owners struggle with finding people in their business according to Edmonton business coach. And in fact, many business owners say that these of the reasons why their business was not successful.

According to industry Canada, not only do 50% of all small business owners in Canada fail. But 23% of those failed entrepreneurs. Gave the reason for them to fail in business, as being unable to find or keep staff in their business.

Which typically would end up with entrepreneurs either blaming the interview questions, or the quality of candidates as the reason why they could not find the right person. When the actual problem is that entrepreneurs were not meeting enough people. In order to have the right person interviewed.

According to studies, in order for a business owners to find one good candidate for their business. They must meet a hundred people. And this simply is not possible if they were utilizing a one on one interview method.

The reason why large corporations can use the one-on-one method. Is because they have the time as well as resources. To conduct one-on-one interviews on a regular basis. Until they have found their one good candidate.

However, small business owners do not have the resources to be able to do that themselves. And in fact, they have even fewer resources and the last time. Which means they should find an interview strategy that is far more effective.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize a group interview method. Because not only can it save a lot of time. By not having to read resumes, as well as avoiding having to call multiple candidates and schedule interviews.

But the interview itself, they can interview as many people that show up at the same time. Instead of having to hold one hour one-on-one interviews. Which can save significant amounts of time.

But also, during that group interview. Business owners can meet all the candidates face-to-face. And see who is likely to be a good fit for their business based on first impressions. As well as their mannerisms, personality, and how they interact with the business owner and the other candidates.

Once they have met one or more candidates that they are interested in learning more about. Edmonton business coach says that when they will actually read the resume. As well as verify the information within it. And call references.

If after all of that, they are still interested in the candidate. That is when they can call them back for a second interview. Or to do a job shadow. To see if they truly fit into the business. And how they will interact with customers as well as other staff.

By utilizing this style of interview. Not only can business owners save a lot of time. But they also will be able to have better quality staff hired. And do that a lot easier as well.